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Easy Sudoku for 6/March/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Now there is a couple of inches of snow here.
06/Mar/15 12:10 AM
gorgeous little girl. We are expecting our first granddaughter in June :) Can't wait!
06/Mar/15 12:12 AM
, y'all! 2:05, definitely a sweet baby girl!
06/Mar/15 12:40 AM
Yes she is!
06/Mar/15 1:01 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Mar/15 1:51 AM
Wolf, Man avoided your side of Texas last night. The company finally got smart around midnight and stopped sending all our trucks in your direction.
No worries, I am guessing in a week or two, our warm weather will be here. But I have been known to be wrong a time or two.
06/Mar/15 1:55 AM
I think I really like the delay start. My girls were awake and had a warm breakfast, but I shoved them out the door, 5 minutes too early, into the cold.
06/Mar/15 1:56 AM
I wonder what got her attention.
06/Mar/15 1:56 AM
I was pushed but hi shosho.
06/Mar/15 1:57 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet
2) Jazz slang for a musical instrument
3) More...
06/Mar/15 1:58 AM
I know better, but had a lapse this morning, to throw anything away in front of these people. I was preparing for my favorite people of the week, and was picking up in front of my people, which is a major no-no. I cannot throw anything away, not even a candy wrapper. So, now I am a little behind on my morning routine, but I will catch up. Maybe soon. Hopefully.
06/Mar/15 2:00 AM
I did not push. I don't push. May shove, but never push.
06/Mar/15 2:01 AM
06/Mar/15 2:02 AM
It is gorgeous outside, though if you go out there, stay out of the wind. It is one of those straight to the bones winds. But glorious sunshine. Girls did not believe me when I told them to grab their coats and they just grabbed light jackets. Man had to come back to the house to get ones coat. One of these days they will listen to their mother. I have hope.
06/Mar/15 2:04 AM

It's snowing here....big surprise. Where the heck is Spring? Now, I usually like a nice, pretty snow. But, this is getting ridiculous.
My grandmother used to say it was ''Mother Nature's mantle of ermine''. Hubby's comment this morning was, ''sc*ew Mother Nature AND her ermine!''
06/Mar/15 2:28 AM
He has bundled and booted up and is out getting a head start on the snow removal.
06/Mar/15 2:30 AM
I somehow missed lonewoof when posting the winners yesterday. Sorry, lone....have a
06/Mar/15 2:34 AM
My guess ...
06/Mar/15 2:38 AM
Silvergal got approved.
06/Mar/15 2:38 AM
Too close to leave it ...
06/Mar/15 2:39 AM
as lady would say.
06/Mar/15 2:39 AM
06/Mar/15 2:39 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: ASK (askew, basket, flask, casket, mask)

Because I am SO ready to see Spring flowers, winners Judy, Jamie, Joyce, Greg, June, Serena, Hal, LONEWOOF, and Shiela are awarded this Think Spring Crown for their efforts.
06/Mar/15 2:41 AM
The butterflies are a bonus.
06/Mar/15 2:42 AM
Almost interrupted Keith's gallump again! I need to be more careful!
06/Mar/15 2:44 AM
It's all good.
06/Mar/15 2:49 AM
For most of the morning, I have had this huge urge to open the windows. It is just a gorgeous day out there. But then I went outside and was reminded it would not be such a great idea to open the windows, just yet. Brrrr.
I will just take my solar power through the closed windows.
06/Mar/15 3:58 AM
I have said this before and today I was reminded again, that I am right. I have always watched dogs and their reactions to situations. If you remember yesterday we had an escape kitty, thanks to me opening the back door and Man opening the garage door at the same time. We spent a great part of the More...
06/Mar/15 4:04 AM
The latest snowstorm that's affecting Kathy and all the TX people is missing Cleveland. Chances are Heidi's getting lots of snow and/or ice as well. We're just cold! It's 12*F at noon. And we still have more than plenty of snow on the ground and in piles everywhere. I haven't seen grass in a long time.
06/Mar/15 4:06 AM
Karen - It sounds like the cat finally came back. That makes it easier to live in your house now.
06/Mar/15 4:07 AM
The girls were not the only ones upset, Shelby and Pikachu were missing their friend too. I noticed each time I went out to the garage, Pikachu would go to certain spots and meow, so I started checking those places out, she went to the far wall most of the time, so I would look around there, behind More...
06/Mar/15 4:08 AM
I will get there eventually, Dottie. You know I have to tell a tale.

BTW, we, in the surrounding areas, have ice, no snow. Wolf may have snow.
06/Mar/15 4:10 AM
Well, I sent two girls off to school this morning, with the promise, I will keep looking for Furry. I admit, I really did not have much hope in finding our kitty, unless the neighbor we don't talk to had taken her in, they are that type. To take in strays and care for them, not just take animals and keep them, just to keep them safe.
06/Mar/15 4:12 AM
Well, Shelby and I, went out to take our offerings for my favorite men of the week to pick up. Shelby wanted to stay longer, my two minutes was really long enough, though it did feel good standing in the sunlight. Shelby finally came into the garage, but stopped and would not come when I called. More...
06/Mar/15 4:16 AM
The friends took about 5 minutes of reacquainting with each other and listening to Furry's adventure and making sure she was alright. Now two resumed their morning naps and Furry is warming herself in her window.
I did email my teachers, asking them to give the girls the good news and one responded that the normally quiet child in class, screamed with glee.
06/Mar/15 4:19 AM
Morning all, lovely photo for an easy puzzle.
I'm hoping Karen will have the rest of the story when I submit this. lol
06/Mar/15 4:29 AM
I love happy endings !
06/Mar/15 4:32 AM
06/Mar/15 4:43 AM
Well lookee, lookee, my timing it perfect!
06/Mar/15 4:44 AM
06/Mar/15 4:44 AM
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