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Easy Sudoku for 6/April/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Ewwww, to the top we go.
06/Apr/11 2:14 AM
No Sarah, you don't!!!
06/Apr/11 2:15 AM
I am mixing my noodles today. The plan was to prepare mac and cheese, when I went to the pantry, I had a bunch of bags with a little bit of pasta in each. So we have elbow, the twirling things and egg something pasta all in one dish. I believe in variety and the girls will like all the different noodles.
06/Apr/11 2:16 AM
I love mixing noodles! I do it intentionally when making spaghetti sometimes.
06/Apr/11 2:20 AM
Fiona... would you believe that I had the correct answers, but the computer service was turned off before I could send them to you? It's TRUE!!!
06/Apr/11 2:22 AM
Heidi, we have that discussion monthly. I will happily pay the phone/internet bill cause I use it a lot. The cable bill is a different story. I wanted to get a DVR that would give us the capability of watching different shows on different TVs. Right now, we only have one receiver, so what is on More...
06/Apr/11 2:39 AM
I was still "in the building," just at that ... other site.
06/Apr/11 2:50 AM
My problem is that IH (idiot husband) likes to pick up the mail. I never see the utility bills, and he lies to me about paying them. He particularly hides the phone company bill, ever since I saw one that was filled with 900# charges, and yelled at him.
06/Apr/11 2:54 AM
I have had numerous volunteers to help me dispose of the body.... including most of the neighborhood. We have figured out a couple of nearly fool proof methods. We're trying to iron out the few loopholes, still.
06/Apr/11 2:56 AM
Hello everyone...I don't post often as I play during lunch at work...but I wanted to tell Karen that I so enjoy reading about Thing I and II...it was 19 years ago yesterday that I had a similar experience to yours Karen...with me it was my first, but really made me realize that I did want to have a kid of my own...she's 17.5 yrs old now...hugs to you...enjoy the noodles with your Things!
06/Apr/11 3:00 AM
Hmmm...900#'s can be blocked. Son #2 made the mistake of calling one...gaming sites. This is the same child who downloaded AND PRINTED 200 page video gaming guides.
06/Apr/11 3:01 AM
Heidi, I would have packed up and gone to a hotel for the night, one with cable. But, then, I don't have all those critters depending upon me. BTW, I have a shovel if you need it.

I am taking a break from cleaning out "THE" closet. You know, the one where More...
06/Apr/11 3:05 AM
The general trend of the present conversation leads me to wonder how I lived long enough to be married fifty years. Actually it's not 50 yet, but only two months to go. I hope I make it.
06/Apr/11 3:07 AM
Kathy, due to my recent move, the house is still in that flux state. Thus TM's mantra..."Clean the house!" Gee, you'd think he'd never seen crafting supplies before. Remember the other day when I said "TWO boxes of sweaters". That implies there are more. How many of you More...
06/Apr/11 3:10 AM
JillaBsezGoNats, thank you, so very much.
06/Apr/11 3:10 AM
HalT, you have obviously lived by Ogden Nashes axiom..."If you are wrong, admit it. If you are right, keep your mouth shut."
06/Apr/11 3:15 AM
Well, not only do we have mixed noodles, but mixed cheeses too, which is not unusual. Though the next time, I get a hair brain idea to prepare food, I really should check to make sure I have all the ingredients.
This afternoon is T-Ball practice which I am sure you know, throws evening routine More...
06/Apr/11 3:17 AM
Heidi, if you get the chance, the Lifetime channel is packed full of successful ways of body disposal. No one would ever suspect a thing. I love that channel. Weekend movies are the best.
06/Apr/11 3:19 AM
BTW..... That is a MAGNIFICENT bird on today's puzzle!
06/Apr/11 3:21 AM
Oh, HalT, you are too cute.
I am sure Mrs. HalT is watching the Lifetime channel, it is all in the timing.
06/Apr/11 3:21 AM
Oh, I have figured out the perfect method of body disposal (I won't state what it is here in case I actually use it). It's figuring out the details with alibis that I'm still mulling over. I need to make sure that I'm not suspected, which will be a very tough thing to do.
06/Apr/11 3:23 AM
Marinating chicken in gingerale? I may have to try that. I usually do OJ, garlic and rosemary.
06/Apr/11 3:33 AM
I like to marinade chicken in italian dressing.
06/Apr/11 3:34 AM
JillaB[etc] -- nice to see you posting. Hope you do so again!
06/Apr/11 3:34 AM
Ok, done syncing. Off to clean!
06/Apr/11 3:38 AM
Good afternoon to all! That bird certainly can't do much to camouflage itself can it? It would stand out in the crowd.
06/Apr/11 3:58 AM
Karen, the fortitude you show is amazing. Take care and stay strong.
06/Apr/11 4:00 AM
I was quite disappointed with both teams in the basketball final last night, so much so that I turned the game off. It wasn't just the dismal showing from both teams, but the constant bombardment of TV commercials (5 or 6 each time) whenever there was a break in the action. C'est la vie!
06/Apr/11 4:04 AM
Well, at least I know three of the words, Fiona! Maybe if I finish cleaning out this closet, I can figure out the rest. Almost finished. It's been traumatic.
06/Apr/11 4:48 AM
Great to see you posting, JillaB! Not so sure about the GoNats thing, though, being from MD, and an Orioles fan.
06/Apr/11 5:00 AM
Good Morning All.
Karen thinking of you, big Hugs coming your way.
Oh No! one of the eaglets is out of the nest again.
06/Apr/11 5:08 AM
Eaglet is back in the nest.
06/Apr/11 5:18 AM
Phew!, drama over. What a brave little fella, he made it back all by him/herself!
06/Apr/11 5:19 AM
Um, is that "lunch" lying in the nest?
06/Apr/11 5:20 AM
I'm gonna work on the cryptogram later this evening. I love those things!
06/Apr/11 5:24 AM
Yes Sarah Beth, crow, rabbit and fish last I saw but have almost used my allowance for the month so there may be more.
06/Apr/11 5:28 AM
I'm glad I didn't see it again. That just about did me in last time. Mom and Dad need to build the "crib" side higher! Last I looked there was crow, rabbit, fish and a truly bloated muskrat. Good thing eagles have a lousy sense of smell.
06/Apr/11 5:35 AM
There was a muskrat on the nest early yesterday (before I lost my pooter service).
06/Apr/11 5:39 AM
Oops. Didn't read your post before hitting 'send' Kathy.
06/Apr/11 5:40 AM
They seem to have adjusted the camera angle. All you can see right now is crow feathers.
06/Apr/11 5:41 AM
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