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Easy Sudoku for 6/May/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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06/May/13 2:05 AM
damned umbrella is in the car....
06/May/13 2:22 AM
Who, ME? Cranky? I'm a teddy-bear!
06/May/13 2:55 AM
That's right, dear.
You are a sweety.
06/May/13 2:59 AM
There for a moment I thought you referred to him as sweaty.
06/May/13 3:06 AM
I can still do that too, Kathy.
06/May/13 3:09 AM
In honor of the day, I am off to the store to get the ingredients for tacos and enchiladas. Hubby will be pleased at the menu for tonight. He loves Mexican food.
06/May/13 3:11 AM
Why am I reminded of the Jack Benny/Mel Blanc routine... Si. Sy. Sue.
For those of you who don't know... or remember, here's a link. (Check for spaces.)
http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=AsXSgZp6eJ_JwOyA7q5xrmubvZx4?fr=yfp-t-900-s&toggle=1&c op=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=jack%20benny%20and%20mel%20blanc%20skit
06/May/13 3:51 AM
We plan on making tacos tonight, too.

Enjoyed today's race. Heidi be sneaky.
06/May/13 3:53 AM
Happy 'sicko de mayo' to topsiders!
06/May/13 6:18 AM
1:44. Good morning all.
06/May/13 6:27 AM
Morning all, woohoo a pic with a caption.
06/May/13 6:40 AM
Will go and find Mr Cee's puzzle to see if it is a doozy or not.
06/May/13 6:43 AM
Cinco de Mayo is a secondary celebration in my house today. The primary one is Son #2's Birthday. James!
06/May/13 7:35 AM
I am enjoying time with Son#1, wife, and grandies. They are off visiting my Aunt today. I am doing errands and chores. Tomorrow I start my new job as a home health aide. Hopefully I can do this while i do my preceptorship.
06/May/13 7:37 AM
I didn't find Mr Cee's poozle too hard, but i did have to look up the band from Kansas. If is isn't the band Kansas, or Pot County Pork and Bean Band (real, look it up), then we are on to Martina McBride and Sara Evans in my knowledge of Kansas pop musicians.
06/May/13 7:39 AM
Hello everyone.
I haven't been here for so lng I missed all the many nice birthday greeting - for which I thank you all.
I have been indescribably busy.
The main task has been a massive project that I started 25 years ago and which is coming to fruition with a lot of groaning, grinding More...
06/May/13 7:54 AM
Hi Rayray, nice to have you back.
You have piqued my curiosity. When will you let us all know more about your theory?
(Hope you haven't already done that... and I missed it. )
06/May/13 8:32 AM
Hal, is it Pope AFB you live near? We are on I-95 & just passed the exit to Pope. Terrible weather!! We left home about 10 hrs. ago & still have another 2 or so hrs. to go to get to our NC daughter's home.
06/May/13 8:59 AM
I'm so grateful to Rob for buying a mobile hot spot which allows me to connect to the internet on my Kindle Fire.
06/May/13 9:03 AM
I've been anxiously waiting all day to see my Orlando granddaughter's prom pictures from last night. She will post them on FB. I did get to see my friend's granddaughter's photos from her prom last night in Japan! Young girls sure do wear sophisticated dresses nowadays - nothing like the ones in style back in my day!
06/May/13 9:12 AM
Oh, RayRay, what a delight to see you again. I am curious about your break through, also.
06/May/13 9:18 AM
After spending the day, trying to figure out sleeping arrangements for the night and clearing out the bedroom, I was ready to make the girls a grand bed. After deciding to make them a bed of pillows, which meant I would have to give up mine, but did not want them sleeping on floor, it is still cold in the mornings, I decided to take a nap. All that thinking wore me out.
06/May/13 9:23 AM
What seemed like, I had just closed my eyes, but I learned an hour later, my darlings returned, so excited, that Daddy bought a bed in a box.
After all my hard labor, it took him seconds to rearrage and minutes to blow up our new bed.
I have informed the girls, that they are going to have to get up first in the morning, so they can help me out of bed.
06/May/13 9:30 AM
Kathy, wow, Rob must be a glutton for punishment. I would never try to drive that far in one day.

Pope is roughly 100 miles north of us. I've forgotten if you mentioned where your daughter lives, but you must be getting close. Good luck.
06/May/13 9:34 AM
Never fear Karen. You will get lots of rest on your fruton.
06/May/13 9:36 AM

Hal, I think Rayray is building an ark!
06/May/13 9:45 AM
Is RayRay expecting some rain..?
06/May/13 9:54 AM
06/May/13 9:55 AM
Well good morning Pete! How are things waaaaaaay down under?
An ark, huh? Do you suppose there will be room for the both of us on it?
06/May/13 9:58 AM

Clear skies and a cool day, Hal.

If not we'll just ask him to put an extension on.....he's an obliging bloke.
06/May/13 10:06 AM

I see Jim snatched his favourite number again......
06/May/13 10:07 AM
I'm good with that, Pete. As long as you're the one in the extension.
06/May/13 10:18 AM
Hello everyone!
Is that photo of the ANZAC bridge one of June's?
06/May/13 10:20 AM
I was a bit devastated by something I found, actually didn't find, on my new computer that has been causing minor problems one after the other. Husband has been fixing them as they occur, but I'm not sure he can fix this - 2 years of photos have disappeared! 2005 & 2006. I have a few thousand photos on Flickr' for safety, but that started in 2007!
06/May/13 10:25 AM
My wonderful husband tried for a couple hours last night (after a hard weekend putting decking timbers on the lower deck of the river house). He's going to check the hard drive on his old computer that we both shared for a long time, & was retired early this year because its 2002 software wasn't compatible with the new Kaspersky anti viral stuff!
06/May/13 10:30 AM
We're both hoping the photos will be there & if so they'll go onto the hard drive from my old computer where the rest of my photos have been backed up!
06/May/13 10:34 AM
Sorry for raving on! Better get on & do some housework!!!
06/May/13 10:35 AM
Sorry to hear that, Kate. Hope you can get the photos back. I haven't been taking any chances; I back up my pix (all my documents, actually) in three different places.
06/May/13 10:37 AM
06/May/13 10:38 AM
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