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Easy Sudoku for 6/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy Labor Day and good morning all.
06/Sep/16 12:01 AM
06/Sep/16 12:10 AM
I'm as clueless about this photo as I was with yesterday's; surely someone will have an idea.......
06/Sep/16 12:15 AM
Good morning.
06/Sep/16 1:26 AM
Hello Joyce and Keith.
06/Sep/16 1:27 AM
I guess Wolf has headed off on his trip.
06/Sep/16 1:28 AM

It looks as though the branches fell and bent whatever that structure is? Some kind of tower?
Okay. I have no idea.
06/Sep/16 1:29 AM
I had a gastroscopy yesterday - all is well.
06/Sep/16 1:32 AM
My thought too, Kathy.
06/Sep/16 1:33 AM
I have finally turned the corner on the road to good health. I had a cold that developed into an ear infection. I don't remember EVER having an ear infection. I now have greater sympathy for babies and toddlers who suffer from that malady. It HURTS!
At any rate, that pain is gone (thank you, More...
06/Sep/16 1:40 AM
I'm happy to hear all is well, CP. I don't think I'd like that procedure too much.
06/Sep/16 1:47 AM
Better than the other end, Kathy.
06/Sep/16 2:00 AM
Best part was the sedation, I don't remember a thing.
06/Sep/16 2:01 AM
06/Sep/16 2:03 AM
Hi, CP and Kathy! Oooh only had the colonoscopy and thank heavens for the induced sleeping part! And Kathy, there's a lot of childhood ailments that you can get at our age! Eczema was a surprise for me coming home after a week in extremely hot and very dry Arizona (118ºF/48ºC). Besides the scare of dry glaucoma, I've learned a big lesson. Never, ever visit Arizona during the summer.
06/Sep/16 2:08 AM
Looks like the branches came down and destroyed the swingset?
06/Sep/16 3:10 AM
Bedtime again. Headed home tomorrow morning, so I need some sleep. Night all.
06/Sep/16 3:17 AM
Back from our designated wedding, had a wonderful time the weather was great and I did a lot more walking than I normally did and tolerated it OK almost made 10,000 steps one day. One of the little boys thought I was a Jedi Knight because I had a blue light saver a.k.a. my blue cane
06/Sep/16 3:19 AM
That's a ghost post.
all, from sunny S. Carolina.
We seem to have survived the recent storm.
06/Sep/16 3:28 AM
Looks like one of those square clothes line structures.
06/Sep/16 3:28 AM
Happy Labor Day holiday! Very seldom get a 3-day weekend.
06/Sep/16 3:29 AM
Hello, Keith?!
06/Sep/16 3:30 AM
Hi there.
06/Sep/16 3:44 AM
My thought was some kind of clothes line structure, too, except I don't see any clothes line. But whatever it is, it seems to have taken damage from those branches coming down.
06/Sep/16 5:49 AM
It looks like a framework for a tent with only two poles damaged and wood collected for a campfire.
06/Sep/16 6:17 AM
Morning all, I can tell you it is a Hills Hoist clothes line. On the side of the pole you can see where the handle was that you would wind to put the line up or down. Here is a link to see what they are. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hills_Hoist
06/Sep/16 6:34 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
06/Sep/16 7:46 AM

Life is treating me well in retirement (including having time to hang washing out on my clothes line just like the one in the picture today) as Im home in the afternoon to bring the washing in before it gets damp.
06/Sep/16 7:48 AM

Apologies for the above load of @#@$% about the clothes line, I shouldnt try and post while Im only half awake..........Mind you life is treating me well in retirement.
06/Sep/16 9:22 AM
1:49. Good evening everyone.
06/Sep/16 7:02 PM
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