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Easy Sudoku for 6/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
06/Sep/17 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
06/Sep/17 12:01 AM
Finally back on-line...
(Our cable was out for 4 1/2 days. We had to get a new modem.)
06/Sep/17 12:06 AM
Andy's a beauty!
06/Sep/17 12:11 AM
To ALL!!
06/Sep/17 12:44 AM
06/Sep/17 12:48 AM
so close . . .
06/Sep/17 12:48 AM
06/Sep/17 12:49 AM
shosho dood it.
06/Sep/17 1:41 AM
DotCom - will the food & water be OK inside your home with 175 mph winds?? What kind of hurricane preparation do you need???
06/Sep/17 2:04 AM
Welcome back Shiela!
06/Sep/17 2:04 AM
DotCom - will the food & water be OK inside your home with 175 mph winds?? What kind of hurricane preparation do you need???

I'm reposting this since I tagged this a 'Sudoku Question' - which it clearly is NOT!
06/Sep/17 2:06 AM
Here comes Irma.........>
06/Sep/17 2:06 AM
Hello to the other early posters- Wolf, Plum, Denny, Shosho & Keith - best wishes to all who follow
06/Sep/17 2:08 AM
Peter has an ECCO puzzle & I'm off to try it!
06/Sep/17 2:09 AM
Time to go. Bye.
06/Sep/17 2:41 AM
What an adorable face you have ,Andy. It's a pleasure to look at.
06/Sep/17 2:43 AM
Ghost post.
06/Sep/17 2:43 AM
Cos I'm just saying gad not goodbye..
06/Sep/17 2:44 AM
Just arrived in Londonderry .
06/Sep/17 2:46 AM
Got back at the right time.
06/Sep/17 2:46 AM
06/Sep/17 2:46 AM
After visiting the Giants Causeway and Bushmills Distillery
06/Sep/17 2:49 AM
Hi Keith, wasn't racing cos I didn't have a clue what the count was. Glad you got back in rime.
06/Sep/17 2:52 AM
I didn't know I was, either. I just lucked out.
06/Sep/17 2:56 AM
CP, I've booked my trip to see the Giant's Causeway - one of the places on my 'must see' list.
Should I see Bushmills as well??? Of course, I should!!!
06/Sep/17 3:03 AM
Oh, that adorable & innocent-looking Border Collie...hope by now he's not totally in control of his home-folks; but they sure are very clever dogs!
06/Sep/17 3:52 AM
Your travels CP, sound amazing - nice of you to check-n occasionally! Keep having fun!
06/Sep/17 3:53 AM
...and thanks, Hal, for keeping us updated with your Great Lakes cruise - thought you'd be passing us, but mis-remembered your destination; it is Toronto & not Montreal!
06/Sep/17 3:59 AM
-smart idea, Shiela - CP will give you pointers when she returns!
06/Sep/17 4:00 AM
06/Sep/17 4:33 AM
Morning all,Andy sure is a nice looking dog.
06/Sep/17 6:50 AM
Hoping the hurricane doesn't do too much damage and all our sudoku friends stay safe.
06/Sep/17 6:57 AM
Isn't it wonderful with today's technology our friends can keep in touch.
06/Sep/17 7:03 AM
And it's all about US towns /cities.

So this weeks ECCO......go for it.

B--------- (10) – Connecticut. The largest city in Fairfield County
------- (7) - Arizona. The junction of Interstate 19 and Mexico Federal Highway 15 is in this city.
--------- (9) – Florida. The welcome More...
06/Sep/17 10:29 AM
And Sarah wins the prize for spotting my deliberate mistake - The first two names are out of step. So the first town ends in 'T' and the second starts with 'N'.

Sorry about that, I'll blame it on old age!
06/Sep/17 10:32 AM
all. We are presently in the Welland Canal/Locks. Went to Niagara Falls this AM.

What's the difference between Niagara and Viagra?

Are you ready for this?

Niagara falls.
06/Sep/17 11:19 AM
Oh, groan, Hal!
06/Sep/17 12:00 PM
Good one Hal.
06/Sep/17 12:06 PM
End of page one, but I'll let someone else start page 2.
06/Sep/17 12:07 PM
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