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Easy Sudoku for 7/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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07/Oct/14 6:37 AM
PhEW, was sure HalT or others would jump in.
07/Oct/14 6:39 AM
Steve Fossett's bones rest on a mountainside that I can see from my cabin above Mammoth Lakes, California ... about 5 miles distant. He crashed there in 2007. There were many search parties for over a year ... which discovered several other wrecks that no one knew about! ... but not Fossett's! More...
07/Oct/14 6:44 AM
I thought we might have heard from Jane, Sacky or Mamacita following their luncheon. Maybe they're still enjoying themselves! It's 4pm where they (we) are.
07/Oct/14 7:00 AM
Birthday greetings to YouKidMe! Hope you're enjoying a special day. I hope you lurk here occasionally so you'll see this greeting!
07/Oct/14 7:02 AM
Morning all, love the photo .
Sacky and Jane are certainly keeping busy while having a great time.
07/Oct/14 7:35 AM
Thanks, Judy. In looking up Fossett's plane, I saw some wreckage pics of a different Fossett plane. I don't follow celebrity/world record stuff close enough to remember anything about his demise. I guess it's part of living on the edge.
07/Oct/14 11:41 AM
Ah, my favorite beach banner photo is back!
07/Oct/14 11:42 AM
Last comment for tonight: I've restored everything needed from our network backup drive to my new laptop. Managed to lose the network connection for the entire SilverFamily when I reconnected the external drive to the router. Not sure how that happened, and to restore, I just messed with plugs for about 10 minutes. Didn't have the wherewithal to approach is with a modicum of logic.
07/Oct/14 11:45 AM

Judy, were you one of those unknown wrecks that the Fossett search parties discovered.......or maybe it was Keith or Hal, even?
07/Oct/14 12:06 PM
Judy and Keith, methinks it's about time to bring out the big guns. Better yet, a couple of well placed depth charges might be in order.
07/Oct/14 1:01 PM
Yep, Hal ... the submariner is going DOWN!!! Blast him out the water, Fly Boy!!
07/Oct/14 2:14 PM

Bring it on dudes!
07/Oct/14 2:51 PM
A man walked into work on Monday with a black eye. His boss asked what happened.
The man said, 'I was sitting behind a big woman at church. When we stood up to sing hymns, I noticed that her dress was caught in her crack, so I pulled it out. She turned around and glared at me.'
'Where did More...
07/Oct/14 3:00 PM
07/Oct/14 3:10 PM
Happy Birthday, birthday girls - marylinn and youkidme.
07/Oct/14 3:46 PM
I remember who sunk the Lady Sudoku.
07/Oct/14 4:41 PM
I went to lawn bowls today and for the first time since mid April I was able to put the bowl down properly. Slowly the problems with my neck and shoulders is getting better.
Mamacita (on SA 11) said she had a lovely lunch with Jane and Marg.
07/Oct/14 5:27 PM
Questions asked by people arriving at Heathrow Airport...

1. Can I bungee jump from your control tower?

2. I am heading to Tower Hill; can I try the Crown Jewels on there?

3. What's the difference between a toilet and a loo?

4. Are there ATMs in central London? Can More...
07/Oct/14 5:49 PM

Neil, I've recently been through Heathrow and I didn't ask any of those questions but I think No 6 is a valid question.
07/Oct/14 6:34 PM
Hi Peter,

True, but most tourists or business people would be a bit unlikely to go to areas where English was not understood widely.
07/Oct/14 8:09 PM
Hello everyone!
Haven't had time to get here for ages - too busy sorting this house for selling, should be ready before the end of the month!
Don't know how soon I'll be back - thinking of you all!
Glad I caught Sacky's messages re the USA adventure!
''See'' you soon, I hope!
07/Oct/14 9:13 PM
I think that is one of the drones that are flying over Iraq.
07/Oct/14 11:09 PM
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