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Easy Sudoku for 7/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Oct/14 12:00 AM
Good morning Hal from sunny Good Hope, Pennsylvania.
07/Oct/14 12:06 AM
Just a quick update on our travels. We stayed a night in Alexandria, Virginnia and spent a great afternoon at George Washington's Mount Vernon. What a fascinating place. I was particularly taken with the audacity of the Mount Vernon Ladies Assiciation to buy and rescue such a national icon from decay and then maintain the momentum to continue their good works.
07/Oct/14 12:14 AM
We spend last night in the cellar, of Olivia's Bridge Street Inn, New Hope, which turned out to be surprisingly comfortable.
sorry for the error earlier Good = New.
07/Oct/14 12:19 AM
Today we are meeting Mamacita for lunch at Peddlers Village. I wonder what new American taste I'll try today. Last night it was pumpkin icecream. I can't get my head around pumpkin being treated as dessert.
07/Oct/14 12:21 AM
Got to go now, because Jane and I are going to cross the Delaware River into New Jersey, being modern day George Washingtons.
07/Oct/14 12:23 AM
I'll post again when time allows.
07/Oct/14 12:24 AM
G'day Sacky, near Philly, are you?
Have you and Jane firmed up any plans for the 19th, yet?
07/Oct/14 12:24 AM
Jane will contact you this evening - can either do dinner the evening we arrive or have breakfast the next morning and wander around Charleston together afterwards, or could even be an early lunch. You are spoiled for choice as we are so accommodating!
07/Oct/14 12:39 AM
Good morning to all! Great photo. Who took the picture?
07/Oct/14 12:45 AM
Answers to the ‘NHL Hockey Season Is Starting’ puzzle:

1. sport and port
2. event and vent
3. Jeta (Amata) and jet
4. budget and budge
5. Mali and (Mohammed) Ali
6. Walter (Cronkite) and alter
7. crush and rush
8. brace and (Amazing) Race
9. (Neil) Peart and More...
07/Oct/14 12:45 AM
After preparing the results, I goggled 'crick knee' and decided it was a good answer. Those who answered crick all get an extra half point.
07/Oct/14 12:47 AM
No weekend puzzle next weekend from me. It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, always a few weeks ahead of the US holiday. I hope someone will fill in on puzzle duty.
07/Oct/14 12:49 AM
Cheers and a CP to boot!
07/Oct/14 12:50 AM
Jane and Sacky, we're pretty flexible, but would prefer breakfast or lunch.
07/Oct/14 1:46 AM
07/Oct/14 2:23 AM
Okay, but what is it?
07/Oct/14 2:27 AM
Sacky, check your PMs.
07/Oct/14 2:36 AM
So far, this time change is working out for me.
07/Oct/14 2:36 AM
I'm here on time,
07/Oct/14 2:37 AM
A large water tank has two inlet pipes (a large one and a small one) and one outlet pipe. It takes 1 hours to fill the tank with the large inlet pipe. On the other hand, it takes 4 hours to fill the tank with the small inlet pipe. The outlet pipe allows the full tank to be emptied in 5 hours.
07/Oct/14 2:37 AM
and in time.
07/Oct/14 2:37 AM
07/Oct/14 2:37 AM
... & Serena pushed me into it.
07/Oct/14 2:38 AM
I tried to beat you. You always say you are up for a good race.
07/Oct/14 2:38 AM
, y'all! I'm pretty sure that's Steve Fossett's plane, the one he used for the global flight record.
07/Oct/14 2:44 AM
Seems we both got each other off track.
07/Oct/14 2:45 AM
Yup, always more fun when I'm not racing by myself.

& I knew I'd seen pictures of that plane before, thought it involved some kind of record, but couldn't remember the details. Thx Silvergal.
07/Oct/14 2:47 AM
I think it's pretty cool that the pic's photographer actually saw it, or so the caption claims.
07/Oct/14 3:29 AM
The photo today is very interesting. It would be nice to know who is the photographer.
07/Oct/14 3:38 AM
Hal - sent you a PM.
07/Oct/14 5:07 AM
07/Oct/14 5:23 AM
07/Oct/14 6:15 AM
1:47. Good morning everyone. We're currently in a little town called Murchison, very much in the high country of the South Island. The weather's been terrible around here and the rivers are too swollen for jet boating to be an option unfortunately. We head off to Hanmer Springs this morning - More...
07/Oct/14 6:18 AM
Snap Jim!
07/Oct/14 6:18 AM
33. I replied, Sacky. If the msg was blank, let me know here.
07/Oct/14 6:32 AM
Good morning.
07/Oct/14 6:35 AM
Not so early a wake-up this morning.
07/Oct/14 6:35 AM
After a very disturbed sleep.
07/Oct/14 6:36 AM
07/Oct/14 6:37 AM
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