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Easy Sudoku for 7/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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it's a beautiful day in OK
07/Oct/15 12:10 AM
My sister is up from Texas so I have been busy with family for the last few days.
07/Oct/15 12:10 AM
My computer has been acting up again, can hardly wait until I get the new.
07/Oct/15 12:12 AM
Have to do my talking early as Harry has a doctors appointment this morning
07/Oct/15 12:13 AM
Got the new car on Friday, haven't drove it much but so far I love it. Now I have to learn more of what all the buttons do.
07/Oct/15 12:15 AM
Since I am the only one here
07/Oct/15 12:16 AM
Have a great day to all

07/Oct/15 12:17 AM

Hi Sue! Bye Sue!
07/Oct/15 12:45 AM
Poozle time! And, thanks, Wombat, for taking over in my absence!

What single word goes with each of these listed to form a compound word or word pair? Example: volley, field, bearing = ball (volleyball, ballfield, ball bearing).

1. back, short, watch
2. blue, cake, More...
07/Oct/15 12:55 AM
07/Oct/15 1:24 AM
Doctor's office was closed.
07/Oct/15 1:26 AM
Ready for whatever.
07/Oct/15 2:13 AM
And I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
07/Oct/15 2:17 AM
Good morning people of the world.
07/Oct/15 2:49 AM
Good Morning.
07/Oct/15 2:51 AM
HalT, I knew you were having a little rain up in your area, but not enough to close down businesses.

That maybe a little frustrating not knowing what could have caused such a serious reaction a few weeks ago. And I am sure you are going to have to wait to reschedule an appointment. Sorry.
07/Oct/15 2:51 AM
Home but wide awake early again.
07/Oct/15 2:52 AM
Well, for the last few days, I thought I was back to normal, with the exception of that feeling if I move a certain way my body would punish me. I had resumed my normal duties, just not running any marathons to get them completed in a timely manner.
07/Oct/15 2:54 AM
After getting the darlings off to school, I returned home and saw my floors. Ugh. So, started machines in their duties, which showed me relief rooms needed attention...this set off a whole new ambition, so by 8:30 this morning, laundry was completed, relief room is fit for a queen's tush and the More...
07/Oct/15 2:58 AM
Good morning all - looks like some of SC's drenching has halted... but facing the aftermath is heartbreaking. Best to Silvergal, Hal, Lone, & others I may be neglecting.
07/Oct/15 2:59 AM
07/Oct/15 3:02 AM
07/Oct/15 3:02 AM
So, I thought I would take a little break and see what was happening in the world. I stopped in here and Sue was chatting away. Attempted to get up and refill my cup and I could not move. Ouch. So, I thought I would sit back and turn on the heating pad for a few minutes, maybe that would help. It More...
07/Oct/15 3:03 AM
Ugh. I was so trying Keith.
07/Oct/15 3:04 AM
Back again.
07/Oct/15 3:13 AM
Been reading some previous pages.
07/Oct/15 3:14 AM
I see both the naughty Peter and the cheeky Phantom have been making allusions to my being a dinosaur.
07/Oct/15 3:15 AM
07/Oct/15 3:16 AM
Stopping by to say a cheery hello!
07/Oct/15 3:21 AM
Funny though. When I had gusy hraduated as a very mature age midwie, I was allocated to Delivery Suite where there were quite a few very experienced midwives that I was the same age as. When asked a tricky question by a student or junior midwife, I;d say - ''I may be the same age as the dinosaurs but I don't have their experience, go and ask one of them.''
07/Oct/15 3:22 AM
Hi Cathy.
07/Oct/15 3:22 AM
...at lesst for 7 more minutes!
Happy Tuesday--Doctor's appointment this AM (radiation oncologist, annual checkup) was unremarkable, other than the Front Desk having no record of this appointment I made at last year's appointment but they managed squeeze me in before the doctor ran off to do a procedure at the hospital! All is well...
07/Oct/15 5:55 AM
A little rain, Karen? A LITTLE rain?? Over 17 inches in two days. Thousands without power, hundreds of homes flooded, schools closed... The president has declared SC a disaster area.
07/Oct/15 6:36 AM
Oh, he finally did it.

OK, HalT, a tab bit more.

I do realize what a scary and dangerous situation you are in.
07/Oct/15 6:44 AM
After several days of high 30*c's the change has come and it is 20*c and very windy.
07/Oct/15 7:01 AM
Morning all, 'surprise' is a funny name for a dog.
That sure is a lot of rain in such a short time, Hal.
I've been following Silvergal 's photos on FB, heartbreaking.
07/Oct/15 7:19 AM
Good morning everyone. Cooled off here too June. Only 18*C today.
07/Oct/15 7:29 AM
Maybe the surprise is that they were able to take a picture.
07/Oct/15 7:40 AM


In the today we have HalT, Doug W, shosho, Peter, Judy, Wombat, Pam, and Cake Lady. for all.
07/Oct/15 7:50 AM
It's been a while since I've turned the page. I will give it a shot.
07/Oct/15 7:51 AM
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