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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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...So with a jerk and a roar the vehicle came to a near halt and I almost fell out the door. In a blinding flash I managed to rip my top off and knock the spider to the ground. With all the primitive force I could muster, I stomped on the damn thing until it was a flat, splattered mess. Just as More...
Good night Gob bless Catherine from F xx
Welcome to Phil From Alex near Eildon

After a couple of postings someone is bound to reply
It helps if you drink champagne and eat belgian chocolate.

Hope Andrè is ok
Typo God Bless!!
...just a bra and not knowing whether to laugh or cry - so I did both.

Golly that was long-winded wasn't it?
Gosh Chrissy i would have had a heart attack if that would have happened to me!!!
Bonsoir Catherine, merçi pour votre note, mais je ne comprend pas 'les dosages biologiques aux services des urgences'? Three sentences is ok. But, three postings will take me all night to translate. ?? (SVP rire)
bonsoir Bill. Il s'agit d'examens biologiques et des mesures des D-Dimères par exemple, ne m'en demandez pas plus, je ne suis pas du tout une spécialiste! Ici en France les urgences sont en pleine transformation: on est en train d'en faire un spécialité: il y a maintenant des médecins'urgentistes'
Comment faites vous le petit signe avant le carré?
Gosh i wish i could write or even think bi-lingual!! I feel im missing out on something!!!!
I guess i should have tried harder whilst at school. Oh well too late now!!!
Ah ive remembered one Ou est Andre? Maybe ive got that wrong!!!
this is the first puzzle I've completed.

my name is Shina. Nice to meet all of you!
Hi all. Didn't time myself today, but must have been around 4 min mark.
Have a great day everyone.
Great Joey, there very funny to watch around that age.
Hi Shina welcome, glad to hear from you, welcome to Sudoku!!!
Yvette, I agree with you. wouldn't it be nice to learn other languages, and then remember them??:)
thanks Yvette.I wake (a little!)up for you say:it's never too late. I hope it and I try with difficulty to learn english, I am often ridiculous but you are all so nice that I continued!
Cathrine I couldnt converse with you if you English was not so excellent you should be proud of yourself!!!
Yvette I don't understand 'proud'!
Catherine(f) your English is very good for someone learning.
Keep up your good work:)
Proud: Pleased with one self, I cant give better as i have had a few vodkas and havent got a dictionary near by. It is a good comment though!!!
Bill from Darwin (not far from me) please explain proud!!!
Thanks Bill and Yvette. I am very asleep: it's no good for my english!See you tomorrow!
4:18 for this beautiful baby kangoroo
What is it with the women from OHIO. All they do is sudoku and shop. At least most of them !!! It finally got cold here in the south. WOO HOO !!!
Still no season change. We do have 4 seasons though, SUMMER, DECEMBER, JANUARY and FEBRUARY.
I don't know how everyone does this so fast! I'm so methodical about it. Maybe if I didn't double check everything... Did anyone see my photo of my chicken yet? I missed a few days.
to Bluey from PK - you are supposed to soak your brocolli and caulifower in slated water to remove bugs prior to cooking!! Guess that is another thing that 'they' have taken out of instruction books. Susan from I, Qld, don't know if I told you - I hate cane toads but I used to love kicking them More...
Oh how i long for two seasons, summer and hotter!!!
1.49 no way never been under 2 minutes the timer must be playing up!
Chrissy don't no how you didn't have a heart attack. I would have collapsed.
storma were awesome here around 1am massive lightning and thunder but not much rain. spared this time.
cont'd.. Found out later that it had a marvellous side affect. Our backyard was almost clear of cane toads, so we used to play backyard cricket of a night, but the neighbours' yards were crammed with them. Luckily, they haven't reached Sydney as yet. Horrible things, YUK! Poor Chrissy from Canb, More...
3:22. It seems a few of the younger set has found the site to be boring and feel the need to swear. You can tell they are young because of their miserable writing skills, the poor things can't even curse without using four letter words. May they receive all their dreams: no more schooling (a job in More...
Gosh when you are 16 that sounds great. Wait until they are 25 and wish they could turn the clock back. I know i wish i could !!!!!!
3:14 nice baby kangaroo - very hot today, too hot to do any work, except the absolutely neccessary stuff.
Bluey, my 11-y-o son found 'half' a worm in my homegrown broccoli....and ate the rest!
Whats worse than finding a worm in your broccoli? Finding half a worm!!!
3:27 getting better
Watch what you wish for ma'am. The only place I would ever go back to was Hawaii. Never too hot never too cold. Italy wasn't too bad though except for winter which I would assume is similar to what you deal with on a regular basis.
I can do cold, i can do rain but please someone teach me to drive my MG TF in the snow!!!!!
Please someone relocate me to Hawaii!!!!!
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