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Easy Sudoku for 7/December/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Kathy - Jack and I had similar 'misfortune' on our honeymoon cruise in the Med. Our ship was late docking so we missed our flight. The cruise line payed for dinner, hotel so we had an extra day in Barcelona. Loved it!
07/Dec/08 12:00 AM
07/Dec/08 12:00 AM
Well Good Morning Sudokuland! I intended to try for first, but I thought I could get in a quick comment on "yesterday". I guess I type to slow!
07/Dec/08 12:01 AM
Good Maen to everyone!
07/Dec/08 12:02 AM
And not very accurately! to=too
07/Dec/08 12:03 AM
Oooooooh - Eerie!
07/Dec/08 12:05 AM
. . . but beautifully mysterious!
07/Dec/08 12:07 AM
Can't stay and play today. Going to Grandma's house to bake cookies with cousins today. We'll save you some!
07/Dec/08 12:09 AM
I'm up for a little howl -- I love the Moon
07/Dec/08 12:12 AM
Okay, back to Earth -- early morn here and snow on the groud -- Dirty Dancing on TV - love that movie -- I watched this movie when I was home in labor with my youngest Son -- my husband was getting ready to go to work -- said I would be in labor More...
07/Dec/08 12:16 AM
maeN to all sudokites

Well remember your red cape Jill and don't talk to any wolves along the way.

IF any one would like to buy a total stranger a christmas present, this bloke needs a wheel barrow.

on another Christmas note, More...
07/Dec/08 12:17 AM
Snow is falling here! I thought it was foggy before daylight...... It is a good day to stay inside and wrap Christmas presents!

Have a great day everyone!!!!!
07/Dec/08 12:23 AM
2:18 good evening all. I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.
07/Dec/08 12:29 AM
Good maeN world.
Home late after having babies tonight. Just enough time to squeeze some sudoku's in before bed.
07/Dec/08 12:32 AM
Is it Saturday yet????
Maybe I'll land on the correct day today.
Debby - would love to be watching that snow falling!
Fi - Lovely youtube - thank you...and some wonderful youtube links, too. Really put me in the Spirit of the season!
07/Dec/08 12:36 AM
Mary - loved your story about Ryan's arrival...priorities, right?!!
07/Dec/08 12:37 AM
07/Dec/08 12:41 AM
Toowit toowoooo to you too,
07/Dec/08 12:44 AM
The wise old owl lived in an oak
The more he saw the less he spoke
The less he spoke the more he heard
Why can't we be more like this wise old bird?
07/Dec/08 12:45 AM
Good Maen, all!
07/Dec/08 1:03 AM
Where is everyone?
07/Dec/08 1:04 AM
07/Dec/08 1:04 AM
Gosh, it's not much fun winning when no one else is in the race! Guess I'll go back to bed.
07/Dec/08 1:10 AM
Good Maen Light snow this a m.
07/Dec/08 1:10 AM
07/Dec/08 1:24 AM
'Two Eagles' was right, Eve.
07/Dec/08 1:26 AM
John, Sounds like a good morning to cuddle...
07/Dec/08 1:27 AM
Well, mymare, "they" say "A Woman Always Knows". (It's hard to put the John Wayne Accent into words.)
07/Dec/08 1:31 AM
CP? Not! Time to do some puzzles...

07/Dec/08 1:35 AM
Just a thought... " "It's the weekend, And I know that you're free, So put on your jeans and come on out with me". We'll go motorbike riding in the sun and the wind and the rain ~~~~~~
07/Dec/08 1:40 AM
Good morning everyone, snowy, windy, and cold here today. I get to stand out in it tonight, it is our annual Holiday Lighted Parade benefiting the food shelf here in town. I get to start the parade and make sure units keep going. BRRRRRR!
07/Dec/08 2:22 AM
Linda - Better wear your long johns! (A hip flask might be in order, too).

07/Dec/08 2:45 AM
In case anyone is interested, I've posted a couple of new pictures in my gallery showing what autumn looks like on St. Simons Island. Yep, it's still fall in December here!
07/Dec/08 2:46 AM
Good morning everyone!
Mom's back in the nursing home in her own room. Whew!'
Now have to prep for tomorrow, judo club has invited both me and my dad (past presidents of club) to the Christmas-awards dinner. We've had two generations of boys in this judo dojo.
07/Dec/08 2:47 AM
Hi all. My oldest sons birthday today, he's 17. Wow, I still can remember his birth, he was born at 27 weeks(premature). He weighted only 927gm. Now he's a big boy, in year 11 at school.
07/Dec/08 2:51 AM
I want to thank all the people who have wished me and my mom well. I cannot tell you how much that has meant for me. It uplifts the spirit even when there is fear and sorrow. Really the true meaning of Christmas is here.
07/Dec/08 2:51 AM
3:01 love the moon. I'm currently re-reading astronaut Jim Irwin's "To Rule the Night." mymare - did you home birth or are you next door to the hospital? ganniemo - wise TFTD. John & Debby - major snow storm here in my part of Michigan.
07/Dec/08 2:53 AM
Shosho - so glad your mother is out of the hospital. Hopefully, you'll be able to get some sleep now!
07/Dec/08 2:54 AM
I think I can...
07/Dec/08 2:57 AM
Great photos Jane, I plan on a little peppermint schnaaps to keep the frostbite at bay tonight!
07/Dec/08 3:03 AM
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