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Easy Sudoku for 7/September/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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MaeN everyone
07/Sep/14 12:00 AM
07/Sep/14 12:00 AM
Five minutes and I miss Kayo.
07/Sep/14 12:06 AM
Good morning to all! Those two look like they know how to kick up their heels!
07/Sep/14 12:17 AM
Your weekend puzzle. Two days to work on it. Answers and results Monday (my time) and Tuesday (site time).

1. An overly excessive consumption of food –> this sweet red cherry is grown mostly in the US and Canadian north-west and Wisconsin
2. A decorative novelty that features coloured More...
07/Sep/14 12:20 AM

Perhaps a dad and son?

Nice to see you, fii!

Well, there goes my morning, Greg.
07/Sep/14 12:24 AM
Having a short siesta before apero's at a friends house. We have visited a local chateau today and got a private guided tour by the owner. Visited one of the biggest and best local markets. Anne then took Cassie (dog)for a vineyard walk and around the village. More soon.
07/Sep/14 12:46 AM
good morning all
07/Sep/14 12:53 AM
G'day mates.
No daffynition again today.
So, here's today's factoid:
England has an annual lying competition. Competitors from around the world have
five minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing lie they can. Politicians and lawyers are banned from entering because they're thought to be too good at it.
07/Sep/14 12:54 AM
Not sure if we need the rain but have learned to appreciate what we get when we get some rain.
07/Sep/14 12:55 AM
Kayo, I agree with who should be banned.
07/Sep/14 12:58 AM
, y'all! A good number run in the puzzle this morning. A good run in the n'hood too. My goal was to run for about an hour. I had to walk for about 10 minutes during the route (humidity, still sore from weight work), but a total of 1 hour and 11 minutes.
07/Sep/14 1:09 AM
Going to be some fast times today.
07/Sep/14 1:46 AM
07/Sep/14 2:05 AM
Woohoo! Broke my two minute barrier again this week!!! 1:48
07/Sep/14 2:08 AM

Ill give Keith a help along...
07/Sep/14 2:10 AM

He will never get to his number at this rate.
07/Sep/14 2:14 AM
still got a way to go....at least Ive bumped the numbers along a little......
07/Sep/14 2:14 AM

Now onto Greg's puzzle... I may never be seen again.
07/Sep/14 2:15 AM
Two guys in gis.
07/Sep/14 2:22 AM
Good luck, Lizzy. I have torn out several clumps of hair.
07/Sep/14 2:49 AM
Father and son?
07/Sep/14 2:58 AM

Jacalmi, we gave Keith long enough to grab his number!!

Your so right Kathy, Ive still got 5 answers of Gregs puzzle to find.
07/Sep/14 3:18 AM
Thx for giving me some time. Lynne had informed me she was hungry and my breakfast preparations were to come before my computer games ... the nerve ... I jumped right to it.
07/Sep/14 3:36 AM
I had a blue belt once. I liked it because it matched the colour of my bruises.
07/Sep/14 4:09 AM
Ive got Gregs puzzle down to two blanks, just as well I have a while to go til the deadline.(probably wont make any difference in my case!)
07/Sep/14 4:45 AM

For anyone who hasnt visited Fii's page make the time to go check out her gallery, there are a lot of absolutely brilliant pics to see.
07/Sep/14 5:07 AM
They do look happy.
07/Sep/14 5:07 AM
to all the Aussie Dads celebrating Fathers Day today. To those that no longer have their Dads with them remember them fondly today as you do every other day too.
07/Sep/14 5:10 AM
Happy Saturday!
07/Sep/14 6:01 AM
Or Sunday, as the case may be.
07/Sep/14 6:12 AM
Good morning.
07/Sep/14 6:31 AM
Fathers' Day here.
07/Sep/14 6:32 AM
Glad you guys mentioned it.
07/Sep/14 6:32 AM
No, I didn't forget the pressie.
07/Sep/14 6:33 AM
I just forgot to wrap it. Off to do that now before he wakes up.
07/Sep/14 6:34 AM
Good grillin' goin' on at the Silver Deck & Grill: pork steaks (Greek seasoned), new potatoes & one of those king-sized zukes!
07/Sep/14 6:58 AM
Sounds yummy, Silvergal.
07/Sep/14 6:59 AM
Good morning everyone.
07/Sep/14 7:00 AM
Taking a break from wallpapering, but I can announce that the first half of the bathroom is complete.

I'll let someone else make a run for the bottom/top.
07/Sep/14 7:00 AM
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