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Easy Sudoku for 8/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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The MILL BAKEHOUSE on the cnr of Nolfolk St and Marine Terrace, Freo at 9.30am Saturday, Nov 11th - it's booked 'under' 'Billy'.
Hope you can make it...x
good morning
I can see why he is smiling!
3:05 good evening everyone.
He's a big tomcat in the photo.
Good moorning all.
but why shud he hide the poor cat!!
3.16 Lucky chap.
Thanks, LD, Dave and Mel for your Christmas tree ideas. My daughter has been amazed at the number of people who have offered suggestions, as I have been at other times when I've asked for help. Google let her down, but not the people on this site.
For those of you wondering about our strange More...
good Maen
3'16. been checking out the archives - what lightening speed...

G'Maen, all!
I do have a postcard of Ingham to send Robyn, but thought she'll probably get a heap now so will send it off in a week or two. When I went to uni it was only an hour or so from home, so I know all about the empty mailbox disappointment. If it hadn't been for my sister, then living in NZ, I don't More...
3:00 Hi to all. So who is the lucky man???

Thought for the Day:

Climate is what you expect...weather is what you get.. !!

Most British jokes start off:There were three fellows,an Englishman,Scotsman and an Irishman.
I'm not going to change the format.
An Englishman,Scotsman and an Irishman stopped at a bed & breakfast establishment for the night.
After settling them in the landlady said,'One thing i must More...
Susan - thanks in advance!

Robyn has been so thrilled about getting the letters and cards. She called yesterday and was so excited as she told me she had gotten six at once!
Cardiologist Funeral

A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral. A huge heart covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service.

Following the eulogy, the heart opened, and the casket rolled inside. The heart then closed, sealing the doctor in the beautiful More...
GLENN - sent some chocs to Linda on the same day I sent Robyn's card. Linda got the chocs today so hopefully the card arrived for Robyn too. Are you going to put up a list of all the different starting points for the cards one day? Would be very interesting to know where they all came from.
Lucky Guy! My yard is finally clear of leaves. Well at least until tommorrow whent the rest fall off the tree. It is the time of year when I talk to trees.

Thanks André!
so a season quote by Albert Camus. I don't knew that he can be so poetic...
Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Loved your thinking. Was it your Maths test circulating via email where the test had a triangle on it with the area and length of 2 sides given, and you had to find x, (the third side), and you drew a circle around the x and wrote 'here it is'?
Today is voting day here - Please get out the vote! Thanks
1:59 Maen
2:25 MAEN Smilin' studmuffin! :)
you could have it worse you know.....my name is Stinky Giggletush
Ou sont les chats? Et les chiens?
What a guy!

Don't forget to vote on Election Day! I usually chose the lesser of 2 evils, as there is no 'good' candidate!
Great. I just used my maiden name and it's Stinky Toiletchunks. What a way to start the day.
2:26 on an overcast day. Who's the blushing fellow in the photo?
To everyone who has sent me a letter or postcard, thank you very much!! I've recieved 8 as of yesterday afternoon, and I posted a list of names yesterday on page 3 of the comments. Just in case you missed it, thank you all again!
Good Maen everyone, One fat cat and two cute chicks, what a great photo. News Flash HUGH ERECTION today in the USA.Get out and vote for me because the other guy is a jerk.That about sums up American politics in the new millennium.Thanks to everyone for helping me see the world(and it's More...
Jolly old soul, and for good reason, too.
To Nisha from Thailand
I meant to say Hi(Sawasdee Kha) when I saw you post before, but I was always too late. Hope you see this and post again.
Where in Thailand are you? We've been doing business(work)/travelling around(holidays) your wonderful country since 1982)
I hope you don't get More...
5:18 going to vote
good Maen everyone
good pic anyone on sudoku?
The scene is a conference of professors of marketing. The keynote speaker is an eminent economist. The chairman, who sees himself as a bit of a wag, says,
'I would like to introduce my eminent colleague and friend. He's an economist, one of those people who turn random numbers into mathematical More...
'Haven't I seen your face before?' a judge demanded, looking down at the defendant.
'You have, Your Honor,' the man answered hopefully. 'I gave your son violin lessons last winter.'
'Ah, yes,' recalled the judge. 'Twenty years!'

That's what I call HAPPY!
4:06 - One of my best times. How come people don't put comments on the Easy pictures. I like to know who I'm looking at!!!!!!
Tech Questions..very innovative!!!!

Customer: 'I'd like a mouse mat, please.' Salesperson: 'Certainly sir, we've got a large variety.'
Customer: 'But will they be compatible with my computer?'

Tech Support: 'How much free space do you have on your hard drive?'
Customer: More...
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