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Easy Sudoku for 8/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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1:15 my best yet i think
3:15 easy one!
good morning AEN all. Have a good one!
I called a plumber yesterday around 3.15 pm. Explained my problem (losing water from water heater). He said you're paying to heat that water going down the drain. I'll be there this afternoon. WAIT FOR IT. It will be $120 but you can pay me when you have it.....

Doesn't that renew your faith in human nature?
Did you see the lad (lassie) on page one, section E of the St. Pete. Times?. He's no Brad Pitt. An example what we men will do.
it's hard!!! but cool
Hi Jaz, Rose, Suzy, have a good day - I'm just off to bed, catch you in about 8 hours!
Under 2:00, easiest easy I have seen in quite some time. Good mAen to all.
4:34! First time under 5 minutes. And that with interuptions. I never thought I could do it!
3:42 Good mAen all. On to the medium.
Good maEn everyone. I've been on the go all day & just got home. Had a wonderful morning on a beautiful 70 degree FL day doing my favorite thing - can you guess??.......playing tennis!! . It was a 'fun' doubles match, meaning we switch partners & play one set with each of the other 3 More...
Another beautiful Texas 'winter' day.
After we played we went & had lunch at the clubhouse & continued to laugh & talk some more. Then I came home, cleaned up, & went shopping for Valentines gifts for the grandchildren. I prefer to buy things other than candy so got the girls cute pajamas & the boys athletic pants & matching More...
Jaz, I absolutely love your QFTD by Robert Louis Stevenson!! He is a man I would love to be able to bring back from the past so I could meet & talk to him. He wrote so many wonderful things. I would like to know more about him. Guess I should look for a biography & read it. Wonder if he was married & had children??
2:41 - Not bad for hump day! Ree P saw your scans this morning. I think your baby is going to be bigger than mine hehehe.
Ed, I did not even have time to read the newspaper this morning, but I just now went to check out the lad in Section E. Just so you'll all know, this guy decided that since the girls at his high school get to wear skirts, he should be able to, also. The picture shows him wearing a kilt & a More...
To Anne from Albany: Our town is actually the closest to Australia, and it's where Kingsford-Smith landed after the first ever flight across the Tasman. I kept pointing this out to Queenslanders who'd never heard of it on my first visit there in September. Population about 60000, beautiful volcano behind - I live on the slopes of it.
2:59 equal best time for me.
have been unable to connect for a few days - monitor died.
SUZY/OZ, there are great plumbers in Sydney too - rang one a couple of weeks ago (almost 3?) for emergency repairs when a pipe burst, and although they were officially on holidays, he sent someone out. Still haven't seen a bill...
there is a store here in seattle that makes and sells kilts called Utilikilts. Seeing more and more men here wearing them. I have to admit that if a guy has great legs, they can look pretty appealing!
I am way 2 slow...but I still love this! Day 2 worse than Day 1???
Suzy & Tammy - We sure don't have any of those kind of plumbers around here!! Sounds like you both realize, though, that that kind of service is rare, maybe even in Australia?
Robyn in Adelaide - thanks for your comments yesterday about c-sections, short hospital stays, etc. at your hospital. Are you a nurse or dr. or in admin. or what?
I left the details out because you are so good at explaining the comments.
I will look for a Utilikilt to wear on Feb. 21st, when we get together. I have great long legs, as a matter of fact they go so far as to make an ass out of thenselves.
to Mary from Southern Ontario - small world, isn't it when you meet a dr. on this Sudoku site who knows your new dr.!! I would take that as a good omen
To Gigi from Alabama - checked the weather forecast for Cocoa Beach. It's supposed to be sunny to partly sunny with high's in the 60's & lows More...
Suzanne, Hit submit to soon was not able to add.
Cute Ed!! That will help us recognize you!!
Rod Stewert singing Maggie May (1971) his best song on Adult Aternative station on cable tv.
My wife Barbara, my dog Coal, my brother Scott, and you guys, I'm more fortunate than most.
It is a quote which I thought appropriate for this site. Yes, Robert Louis Stevenson, was married with one child. FYI try - http://people.brandeis.edu/~teuber/steve nsonbio.html
to CC from Columbus, GA - you will find that there is MUCH variation from day to day depending on many different factors, e.g. the puzzle pattern, how much sleep or coffee you've had, what you ate or DRANK the night before!!, whether there are distractions from phones, children, pets, or whatever. Just compete with yourself & don't worry about other people's numbers!
I need input on how to rejuvanate a community.
3:18 Hi Everybody
Thanks, Jaz. I will check that website. Yes, the quote is perfect for this site & for me personally. I also copied down something that our own Nan from west coast usa said on Feb. 6, pg. 2. She made the comment that this website is a 'snapshot of the world, thru the shutter of sudoku.' I think More...
to have you for a teacher!
To Barry i did a google search came up with this http://www.thewoodlandsassociations.org/ neighborhood/index.php?page=53 they seem to have some good ideas
I did it in 47 seconds...
Hi Eden! How are you today? I am going to visit my granddaughter Eden & her sister Asa & brothers Dane & Sten (rather unusual names, I know!!) on Thursday. I can't wait to see them again. They were here for New Year's Eve, but I haven't seen them since. The boys are having a program for More...
Hi everyone! chrissy are you here??
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