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Easy Sudoku for 8/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen⛈coats were shed yesterday! -
08/Feb/17 12:10 AM
08/Feb/17 12:44 AM
08/Feb/17 1:09 AM

Quickly, this morning....Poozle Time!

Using the grid below, how many words can you find? EACH WORD MUST CONTAIN THE V and no letter can be used twice, however, the letters do not have to be connected. Proper nouns are not allowed, More...
08/Feb/17 1:38 AM
I am off to run errands and meet friends for lunch.
Have a good day everyone!
08/Feb/17 1:39 AM
Hello mymare, Hal, Julia 7 all who visit throughout the day - have a good day!
08/Feb/17 1:43 AM
08/Feb/17 1:45 AM
20 years from now. Lots of questions amid pointless pondering, but...
Two years ago our local supermarket spent 2 or 3 weeks rearranging the entire store. One of the employees, I've known him for years, and I were heading down the same isle and I mentioned the frustration of having to learn More...
08/Feb/17 1:49 AM
Gray, gray, gray here, with freezing rain coming.
Jeb speaks the truth ... at exercise class, I heard of a senior who scolded a newcomer for standing in her 'spot.' Geez.
08/Feb/17 2:46 AM
Happy Tuesday!
08/Feb/17 2:59 AM
Dreary & drizzly here.
Guess I'll have to shine from the inside!
Have a good one!
08/Feb/17 3:46 AM
Oh, Cathy - that is a 'given' with some more 'mature' ladies at any exercise class I've attended... each has 'her spot' and don't request any scrunching together to accommodate an especially full class...... it is quite humorous though!
08/Feb/17 4:10 AM
Cathy, occasionally you've mentioned the healing progress of your hand; I don't recall what was the original ailment - please explain & how is it now?
08/Feb/17 4:12 AM
Morning all, and a special Hello to Julia , it's nice to see a new name in the comments.
08/Feb/17 4:50 AM
Mariane and Pam, have a wonderful day both of you.
08/Feb/17 4:52 AM
08/Feb/17 4:54 AM
My grocery shopping list has my dinner menu in one corner and the list of food I regularly buy arranged by the store aisle. I had to redo a little of the list when the store was rearranged. They couldn't move the refrigerated and frozen cases so they stayed put and the butcher and meat section More...
08/Feb/17 4:58 AM
1:38. Good morning everyone.
08/Feb/17 5:02 AM
My turn.
08/Feb/17 5:14 AM
Nobody seems to be around.
08/Feb/17 5:15 AM
So I'll go for it.
08/Feb/17 5:15 AM
08/Feb/17 5:15 AM
I went to Julia's page to see if she really is ''new.'' Sue left her a welcome comment 21/Sept/16, so she's been around for a few months at least.
08/Feb/17 5:38 AM
DorA, I am not sure if we missed the passing of Peter Sarstedt back in January, but a belated tribute to him on my page. Everybody will know this song.
08/Feb/17 5:54 AM
08/Feb/17 6:21 AM
Thank you Amelia! Dreary day here. Schools out because of the freezing rain. Hope it will warm up soon so I can venture out to the pottery studio.
08/Feb/17 6:35 AM
Look who showed up on her Aussie birthday, to start the 2 day celebration.
08/Feb/17 9:50 AM
To hear Peter Sarstedt:
08/Feb/17 10:38 AM
Uno hu has the same song on his page, and I find only that song upon initial search. How odd to be well known for just one song.
08/Feb/17 10:43 AM
1:53 I think I need to go to SpecSavers and have my eyes checked. I couldn't make out where the last four empty squares were.
08/Feb/17 11:02 AM
Happy Birthday, Pam! From our radar map it doesn't look as if you had many opportunities to safely make the trek to your pottery studio... in fact it appears as if the weather deteriorated. Hope you found birthday joy inside your heart today!
08/Feb/17 11:08 AM
Thank you Peter and Sarah, wow did that song bring back memories. Forgotten songs that I had forgotten I forgot
08/Feb/17 11:53 AM
A google search of one hit wonders reveals a longer list that I would have imagined...a rather pitiful list. What ever happened to the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater?
08/Feb/17 12:37 PM
Anne, you can zoom in on the site to make the squares larger. In my case, I lose the bolder lines between the nine boxes, but I can see the numbers more easily even at 110%.
08/Feb/17 3:13 PM
Here are the answers to the amended Monday puzzle. As always people coped with mycareless mistakes. Eight answers submitted, all 100% correct. They were: Judy, Joyce, Sarah, Peter, Kathy, June, Hal and Amelia.
TILE More...
08/Feb/17 3:18 PM
My older daughter and her family have moved to Canberra, and all those things you worry about, such as accommodation, good schools, a job, etc., seem to be working out well. Let's hope it continues.
08/Feb/17 3:24 PM
Jeb he joined a rock 'n roll band and played rock 'n roll music from the horn on his head.
08/Feb/17 3:59 PM
Anne, that what you get for being a one eyed Docker fan.......a limited view of the world.
08/Feb/17 4:02 PM
Not far to the next page.
08/Feb/17 4:03 PM
08/Feb/17 4:03 PM
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