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Easy Sudoku for 8/February/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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1:53. Good Morning, all!
08/Feb/20 12:04 AM
2:06 Good morning Tom, Good night all!
There is a very big cyclone heading straight for the town where my daughter lives up north. It's supposed to hit tomorrow afternoon. I hope everyone stays safe.
08/Feb/20 12:15 AM
Hi Anne,
My son says it missed him in Hedland but will hit Ktown overnight. Batten down and wait for it to pass
08/Feb/20 1:12 AM
tom, Arachnid & all who follow!! Sleep well Anne! First fire, now cyclone?!
08/Feb/20 1:52 AM
08/Feb/20 3:08 AM
2 hours ago we had high winds, heavy rain and tornado warnings. Now we have blue skies, puffy white clouds, and sunshine. That's Maryland weather for you.
08/Feb/20 3:29 AM
to Pam on the birth of her first grandchild! Get ready for some of the best times of your life!
08/Feb/20 3:32 AM
Speaking of grandchildren....

A grandmother is walking home with her granddaughter after church.

“Did God make you, Grandma?” the girl asks.

“Yep! He certainly did,” the old woman answers.

“And did he make me too?” she asks next.

“Of course he More...
08/Feb/20 3:45 AM
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, (or it could be good depending on your point of view), but it seems like Me Cee has dropped his joke book in the dunny.
I think Batty must have found it, even recycled one he told last week. That book should go the way of the dodo.
Hells bells! We haven't More...
08/Feb/20 3:47 AM
Was that going to be a CP that I stomped all over Kathy? You ain't having much luck.
08/Feb/20 3:49 AM
To make up for my plagierism....

My little daughter couldn't get to sleep last night so I repeatedly said, ''Bursary'' until she nodded off.

It was the only nursery rhyme I could think of.
08/Feb/20 5:21 AM
No stomping involved this time, From. Thanks for caring about my comfort, though.
08/Feb/20 5:25 AM
The Lone Ranger woke up to see his tent blown away by a tornado.
He turned to his companion and declared,

''Tonto, we're not in canvas anymore.''
08/Feb/20 5:30 AM
One more...

What do you call a Filipino contortionist?

A manilla folder

08/Feb/20 5:33 AM
08/Feb/20 5:34 AM
Lovely boats in that harbour1 [thankyou.bm] Kate.
08/Feb/20 5:37 AM
I LOVE Batty's jokes! Gentle, kind humor is ALWAYS welcome in my day! It's the best kind!
08/Feb/20 6:16 AM
And Phanty HAS been here ... at least in spirit ... I can sense him ... Maybe even smell him ...
08/Feb/20 6:20 AM
08/Feb/20 6:21 AM
1:37. Good morning everyone.
08/Feb/20 6:47 AM
Morning all,must have missed this spot when we were in SA.
Kathy's jokes might not be ROTFL but still put a smile on my face.
08/Feb/20 7:01 AM
Good one, Judy !😂😂
For Keith !
08/Feb/20 7:03 AM
08/Feb/20 7:05 AM
This boat would have not stand in here... Been snowing non stop since middle of the night ...well my night meaning for the past 12 hours I have to pull up snow over my shoulders to through it away...no gym needed
08/Feb/20 8:23 AM
have a good day all ...
08/Feb/20 8:26 AM
Thank you! Kathy
Thank you! Amelia
08/Feb/20 8:27 AM
Here ya go from,

Two Aussies are drinking together. One says, “When I die, will you promise to pour a beer on my grave?”

The other replies, “No worries mate, but I’ll have to pass it through my kidneys first.”
08/Feb/20 8:58 AM
You know you’re a hipster Bogan/Redneck when your coffee machine costs more than your washing machine.
08/Feb/20 8:59 AM
Your taxi driver was a surgeon before arriving in Australia.
08/Feb/20 8:59 AM
Two politicians go out to lunch together. In the middle of lunch one of them jumps up and says, 'Bugger. I forgot to lock the office safe before we left.'

The other politician replies 'No worries. We're both here.'
08/Feb/20 8:59 AM
What’s the last thing a bogan says before they pass away?
“Hey mate - Hold my beer!!”
08/Feb/20 9:00 AM
Maaaate.....are you a Bogan????

What are the only two seasons a Bogan can name?

Football and cricket.

Asking for a friend
08/Feb/20 9:03 AM
See Mr Cee stopped there so he didn't have to buy!! Tight a$$ Queenslander So even though it's breakfast time here I'll have a Corona on my weeties. Join me?
08/Feb/20 9:42 AM
The quiz is coming with my next post. Be warned, you may find it challenging but all are solveable. Read the intro for the clue to get you going. Happy puzzling
08/Feb/20 9:43 AM
Here is this week's puzzle. Enjoy
The common thread here is the date but not the year. It is a 3&4 quiz. You will need Google unless you intend to claim genius status.
VI__ Queen who died in 1901 after a 63-year reign
BL__ Sparked Russia’s first revolution in 1905
BL__ More...
08/Feb/20 9:45 AM
I was telling my granddaughter about my new nose, designed to replace the bruised and broken original.
'Where does the Doctor get the new nose?' she asked
'They have a place that manufactures them' I said. 'It's called the 'olfactory'
08/Feb/20 9:54 AM
And that's a CP

That's all folks
08/Feb/20 9:55 AM
Get your brains in gear and warm up Google because Arachnid has posted his latest quiz and it's a humdinger. I can guess a few of them but Google is in for some big queries from me.
08/Feb/20 10:32 AM
And while we are at it here are the results of my Wednesday. A number result with lucky thirteen responses. It is obvious more people are enjoying this particular form of puzzle. The solvers were Sarah, Judy, Peter, Lori (welcome aboard), Halt, Tom (another welcome addition), Joyce, Arachnid, More...
08/Feb/20 10:42 AM
The weather guessers are promising us quite a good amount of rain over the next few days. Our gardens are terminally thirsty, there are still fires around, so bring it on.
This is the bottom of page 1, so big cheers are in order.
08/Feb/20 10:47 AM
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