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Easy Sudoku for 8/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Shosho, You could always give the fire brigade the "heads up" when you are about to light the candles. Put them on notice. They'll appreciate the advance call.
08/Mar/09 5:14 PM
Goodness - another page!
08/Mar/09 5:15 PM
Shosho, he's a bit of a cheeky bugger isn't he!
08/Mar/09 5:15 PM
Oh dear Shosho, oh...oh...your last comment...oh
08/Mar/09 5:16 PM
You could soak the cake in a rum, brandy, liqueur, then no one will care what the cake's texture was! Or make an English trifle with it.
08/Mar/09 5:16 PM
Oh my did I do a faux pas
I am repenting!
08/Mar/09 5:18 PM
By the way. Hubby's shoulder op went quite well the other day. He had also damaged the tendons in his shoulder. He is in a sling that he is not allowed to remove for 2 weeks - not even to sleep. His shoulder is totally imobilised (his right side and of course he is right handed).
I'm now in More...
08/Mar/09 5:18 PM
Ladies, I must depart.
Nap time was a long time ago and the girl, gets up at the same time every day no matter what time I retire.
08/Mar/09 5:19 PM
Trifle was going to be my suggestion too.

Shosho - good answer!
08/Mar/09 5:19 PM
Also it is way past my bed time!
So I will hie myself to bed
Nighty night!
08/Mar/09 5:20 PM
Good night Worldly People

Don't for get to spring forward.
08/Mar/09 5:20 PM
We don't so daylight saving in Queensland. I love it when we travel south. There is so much more of the day to do things. It's starting to get dark here by about 6pm and that's only 30 minutes after I get home from work. Not enough time to do anything outdoors.
08/Mar/09 5:22 PM
Oh I'm sorry Vicki for you and BTW for your hubby too!
My dear departed friend once broke both his arms when he slipped on a rain slicked underground parking building. His poor wife even had to help him in the bathroom!
08/Mar/09 5:23 PM
Sorry that should read we don't DO.
I must remember to check before hitting submit.

On that note - I really must do somethings before it gets dark. Happy Sunday everyone.
08/Mar/09 5:24 PM
Shosho, I'm not doing the bathroom bit. #1 son has also declined his assistance in that matter.
08/Mar/09 5:25 PM
My goodness! I go and fold/put away washing for half an hour and I'm two pages behind!

I vote for the smother the cake in ice cream and soak it in liqueur options! I may do that tonight !

I broke my right arm when I was 12. I can still write quite well with my left to More...
08/Mar/09 5:35 PM
Good Night Karen!
Must be past midnight in Texas!
08/Mar/09 5:36 PM
Just checked the world clock for the time in Washington DC - don't think Mr P would like me to call him now at 0330!!!
08/Mar/09 6:28 PM
What was the best thing before sliced bread?

08/Mar/09 6:59 PM
That's why there's only Aussies on the site at the moment!
08/Mar/09 8:24 PM
Time testing on site ... my above comment says 8.24 but it's just before 8 right now!
08/Mar/09 8:57 PM
The site is an HOUR forward! It thinks its just before 9! it's running on a time zone between the Australian east coast and New Zealand! Does that mean changeover at 11pm for us????
08/Mar/09 8:58 PM
Maybe ...
08/Mar/09 8:58 PM
Yes it was last night. 11pm Gold Coast time
08/Mar/09 9:20 PM
Now says 7.20
08/Mar/09 9:21 PM
Gee whiz that is wrong... 2 hours diff
08/Mar/09 9:21 PM
So change over should be at 10pm EST aussie tonight...

Yay I may be able to get into the first 10 people.
08/Mar/09 9:22 PM
10PM standard time for you Queenslanders and 11PM summer time for us southerners. Tee hee! Unless there's some northern hemisphere insomniacs on today's site before changeover, they'll miss it!
08/Mar/09 9:37 PM
Rayray - I'll stand you a drink, my shout.
I've always enjoyed your poetic meter...and I'm not talking metric...
08/Mar/09 9:44 PM
I really have lost the plot...
08/Mar/09 9:51 PM
Are you having an identity crisis?
08/Mar/09 9:54 PM
Hi andre ...
08/Mar/09 9:56 PM
No I haven't lost my senses...

Hi Kate...
08/Mar/09 9:59 PM
I'm in two minds whether to have a cooked breakfast or cereal...
08/Mar/09 10:01 PM
What does the Q in Q-tip stand for?
08/Mar/09 10:04 PM
Cooked breakfast it is then...

Good morning all. What a beautiful day it is here.
08/Mar/09 10:05 PM
Does the weather ever influence you decision what to have for breakfast? I find I am more likely to have a hot breakfast if its raining ...
08/Mar/09 10:19 PM
About the site time changing - I seem to remember that last time, when Daylight Saving started/finished in US, like it is today(?), we had time trouble because the site is linked to something (host?) in California. Gath fixed it the next day.
Does that make sense?
08/Mar/09 10:47 PM
About as much sense as what I have been reading Cyn
08/Mar/09 11:03 PM
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