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Easy Sudoku for 8/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
08/Jun/16 12:00 AM
08/Jun/16 12:00 AM
I really don't understand how to 'retire'. I've been busy since 7am editing my newest book. Now I'll take a break and Sudoku.
08/Jun/16 12:23 AM
& It was sunny when I woke up, but it's cloudy now.
Whatever the weather... have a great day today!
08/Jun/16 12:28 AM
Should probably go move around a bit to loosen up my poor aching muscles. I moved landscaping rocks yesterday and am I ever feeling it today!
08/Jun/16 12:35 AM
08/Jun/16 12:55 AM
So close . . .
08/Jun/16 12:55 AM
08/Jun/16 12:56 AM
Hurried home from my morning walk because the sky looked like trouble, but so far, nothing.
Shiela, I feel your pain.
08/Jun/16 1:20 AM
Happy Tuesday!
08/Jun/16 1:21 AM
Good morning.
08/Jun/16 3:33 AM
I've been waking up hourly for the last 4, so decided it was time to get up.
08/Jun/16 3:34 AM
We're off on our quick trip to Brisbane, and slow trip home today.
08/Jun/16 3:36 AM
My Mind has been busy going over what's packed and what's not that we may need.
08/Jun/16 3:37 AM
Cute kid, but who's?
08/Jun/16 3:39 AM
Think we've got everything covered. and you know what they say, if we haven't - too bad!
08/Jun/16 3:40 AM
Greetings from NY! Day started out sunny...little overcast now. ooops! Here comes the rain...gotta go close the car windows! Bye!
08/Jun/16 3:54 AM
Who is my?
08/Jun/16 4:25 AM

45 feet.

Here's the solution they gave but the fill in a lot of numbers till you tire of it method works too.

The distance can be calculated as 9 + (9)*(2/3)*(2) + (9)*(2/3)*(2/3)*(2)+..., with the 2 accounting for the More...
08/Jun/16 4:29 AM
We had opposite weather today. It started off pouring and is currently nice and sunny.
08/Jun/16 4:30 AM
My, my, my... Where's Keith?
08/Jun/16 4:42 AM
Sorry, Keith! I had to grab it!
08/Jun/16 4:43 AM
But ... but ...
08/Jun/16 4:49 AM
Good afternoon to all! Raining here too, and more in the forecast.
08/Jun/16 6:17 AM
And the sun is back out!
08/Jun/16 7:13 AM
1:35 this morning. Hi all.
08/Jun/16 7:21 AM
Thanks Peter and all who have sent us supportive messages.
08/Jun/16 7:41 AM
Ghost post again!
08/Jun/16 7:44 AM
Morning all, cute kid.
When I came to check comments yesterday and my comment was still in the comment box. I deleted it then when I opened the site this morning it was still there ????
08/Jun/16 8:56 AM
Had a wild night at Shelly Beach van park, first it started raining that was fine , went to bed and the wind picked up to gale force . Both Bill and the guy next door moved their 4x4's to the front of the van to block the wind a bit , then we lost power till 5 am. Clear skies and sunshine with a slight breeze so far this morning.
08/Jun/16 9:08 AM
Hi folks
Hope everybody is drying out... seems so wet everywhere.
Where isn't it flooding at the moment seems to be the question.
Very disturbing shots / video from Tassie.. they seem to have had enough to contend with recently
08/Jun/16 9:39 AM
Good evening everyone - my days have been long lately contending with a one-armed life; now even typing seems easier. Just goes to show you: time, all it takes is TIME ...and also some patience!
08/Jun/16 9:58 AM
The extremes of weather seem to be giving the entire globe a chance to test their mettle - time for a respite! Hope you who are suffering have one soon!
08/Jun/16 10:00 AM
Good evening from Ottawa, Here from Abitibi for a few days...just long enough to cut the grass and collect a few bills!
08/Jun/16 11:23 AM
Seems quiet in Sudokuland?
08/Jun/16 11:25 AM
Like everybody is hiding waiting for the flip?
08/Jun/16 11:25 AM
Ok I can only do so much!
08/Jun/16 11:26 AM
Come on now, you can do it!
08/Jun/16 11:27 AM
Here do it!
08/Jun/16 11:27 AM
Is there now?
08/Jun/16 11:28 AM
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