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Easy Sudoku for 8/July/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Sunny and mild!
Another 'windows open' day, maybe???
08/Jul/18 12:01 AM
08/Jul/18 12:04 AM
08/Jul/18 12:05 AM

We have a break in the hot and humid weather today.
The poor overworked AC gets a break, too.
08/Jul/18 12:14 AM
1:49 Lovely photo. Good night all!
08/Jul/18 12:21 AM
Already 75degF at 7:50AM PDT, expected high today of 98deg. Big jug of limeade in the fridge
08/Jul/18 12:51 AM
& up in the northern end of the state, 61F now, and expected to get to 81F this afternoon ... not bad.
08/Jul/18 1:04 AM
Everybody!! Only 60 this am. Forecasted to reach mid nineties by afternoon. Fortunately we have ac.
08/Jul/18 1:19 AM
& in the middle of the state at high elevation, 67* now, 78* this afternoon ... perfect!
08/Jul/18 1:20 AM
08/Jul/18 2:28 AM
Ack, Kathy! I think you pushed your hot weather over to here! We're on day 2 of our heat wave! Mid 90'sF/35ºC! But relief in sight starting tomorrow we'll be in the 80'sF/31-26'sC.
08/Jul/18 2:32 AM
& that concludes the weather report from California ... East Coast?
08/Jul/18 2:49 AM
Right now....sunny, low humidity, 75 degrees in good old Bowie, Maryland.
08/Jul/18 3:11 AM
Our heat wave ended today, also! It is now 23 degrees and no humidity!
08/Jul/18 3:12 AM
It's now cool enough here in western NY to even be doing Sudoku - & about time too!
08/Jul/18 4:28 AM
Aileen - I think I'd try surviving your heat just for a tall drink of your limeade!
08/Jul/18 4:30 AM
I might even spend time on Wombat's poozle too in-between some gardening now that's it's tolerable outside... have a fine day everyone!
08/Jul/18 4:33 AM
Lovely garden photo
08/Jul/18 4:37 AM
Morning all, looks to be a nice garden to wander through .
The sun is rising for a beautiful day ,shame about the cold gusty wind.
08/Jul/18 7:03 AM
We will have another great granddaughter soon ,granddaughter Ashlety was being induced yesterday because of her gestational diabetes..
08/Jul/18 7:14 AM
Keith, are you ready ?
08/Jul/18 7:15 AM
22 for Keith!
08/Jul/18 7:15 AM
Good morning everyone! Hope you're all well and happy!
08/Jul/18 9:34 AM
Thanks to Joyce for reminding people about the poozle. Have four successful responders so far and they are all correct. The only cause of confusion (not least of all in my head) is over the NORTHERN CYPRUS clue. I blame it on my bad writing - the OEA clue should be OSA. Apologies.
08/Jul/18 9:51 AM
1:53. Good morning everyone.
08/Jul/18 9:58 AM
Morning....off to do my washing while the sun is shining
08/Jul/18 10:23 AM
Gorgeous weather, a day God made, not one of his underlings. Cool breeze, warm sun, perfection. I spent a good deal of it outdoors at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. It was almost worth the horrid torrid days before this just to appreciate today all the more.
08/Jul/18 10:41 AM
FFS Wombat?
08/Jul/18 10:47 AM
I had the usual five magpies, two of them are young ones, singing at my door just now. It's absolutely gorgeous hearing them. Two of them walk inside when I leave the door open and I give them a small treat although I know I shouldn't. Other neighbours also feed them.
08/Jul/18 10:54 AM
There's only four there, Anne - What did you do with the other one?
08/Jul/18 12:07 PM
Whoops! He must have been out celebrating.
08/Jul/18 1:48 PM
Right now it looks like one of the ewes in the paddock is about to give birth. There's been about 6 or 7 born over the past week. They are also very cute.
08/Jul/18 1:50 PM
Peter is at his waspish best today. Perhaps it is because his Brumbies lost, or maybe because his Cats won. Poser for today, why are so many sporting teams named after animals (in a broad sense). Australia's netball team is named the Diamonds (their main sponsor is Argyll Diamonds) and another More...
08/Jul/18 2:01 PM
I inadvertently took 33. It is nice to see people posting at this time - I'll drink to that with a Carlton Light.
08/Jul/18 2:04 PM
Better to name teams with animal names than the unfortunate history in the US of naming them using references considered less than respectful to Native Americans, most especially the Washington Redskins. Several news outlets refer to them as the Washington Football Team to avoid saying their name.
08/Jul/18 3:46 PM
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