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Easy Sudoku for 8/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
08/Aug/14 12:00 AM
Maen all.
08/Aug/14 12:02 AM
The bright green background really stands out.
08/Aug/14 12:04 AM

1. The cut on his HEEL won't HEAL in time for the race, so HE'LL have to drop out.
2. The man was so upset about being BALD that he regularly BALLED himself up on the bed and BAWLED his eyes out.
3. I couldn't SENSE any of the SCENTS More...
08/Aug/14 12:09 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Twentfirst letter of the English alphabet
2) Objective case of we
3) Earth’s More...
08/Aug/14 12:10 AM
From NW SC. On I-26 headed for NC.
08/Aug/14 12:11 AM
In Ashland, Oregon, enjoying some high quality professional theater.
08/Aug/14 12:54 AM
Good morning people of the world.
08/Aug/14 1:33 AM
Yesterday, was a productive day, to have been a ho-hum day.
One brother became a Gramps, for the second or third time.
Another brother, who has been slumming for the last two years, got an actual job.
One sister, finished moving for the sixth time, in three years.
And I conquered going through one child's drawers and closet.
08/Aug/14 1:39 AM
All of that was done, as we remembered our mother. Hard to believe, it has been two years since she left us. All the things that have happened since then.
08/Aug/14 1:41 AM
Another thing that is amazing, is the amount of clothes, that is packed for Goodwill. I keep a running box, in the laundry room, which each time I wash, I seem to add to the box. I do laundry, two times a week.
After going through one child's clothes, I ditched the box, and got a 30 gallon trash bag, which is now bulging. Hard to believe this child never has anything to wear.
08/Aug/14 1:44 AM
Popped in just so I could say hello on the 1st page..
Goodnight all...
08/Aug/14 1:47 AM
I did attempt the other girl's closet. Took all her jeans and pants out. I returned one pair of jeans and two yoga pants.
This child, hates outgrowing her clothes and does not believe me, when I tell her something is too small. So, may have to wait till she is not home, to finish her clothes.
08/Aug/14 1:49 AM
Good night, Bean.
Sweet dreams.
08/Aug/14 1:50 AM
Entering Tennessee on I-40.
08/Aug/14 1:51 AM
Each girl has a tiny part of me, one could care less if she wore clothes or not and the other does not like going through clothes.
One way, they are not like me, at all, is that they both love to go shopping. That, they take after their father and both grandmas.
08/Aug/14 1:53 AM
OK, took Shosho's and Queen Anne's number.
Shall I continue?
More like, will I be allowed to continue?
08/Aug/14 1:54 AM
Safe travels, HalT.

Do I need to give a lecture on texting and driving?
08/Aug/14 1:55 AM
Since the other one is off gallivanting around, guess it is only right, I should take his number, too.
08/Aug/14 1:58 AM
08/Aug/14 1:59 AM
Looks like one of Nal's photos. Nice to see you chatting Karen.
Safe travelling HalT.
08/Aug/14 2:00 AM
The girls, have their heads together, playing on the iPad. Which, any minute now, they will be moaning, because, I need to take it away, and get some reading done, today. We have been slackers this week.
One girl, needs to finish her Summer reading assignment for school.
08/Aug/14 2:00 AM
Thanks June.
Chatting is a nice word to use, since I am procrastinating.
I really, should be getting to all my shoulds for the day.
Really, I should.
08/Aug/14 2:04 AM
So, Karen - JUST DO IT!
08/Aug/14 2:10 AM
Lovely photo today. White herons are so gorgeous.
08/Aug/14 2:22 AM

Karen, I know that feeling about cleaning out wardrobes. I cleaned out hubbys wardrobe and his words were 'you will of thrown out something I need!' to which I replied if you can tell me one thing that's missing you can have it back (as I had put all his stuff in two old suitcases under the More...
08/Aug/14 2:30 AM
One of those nights I cannot get to sleep. I generally make a warm milk drink but I am minding my daughters dog. She is asleep in the kitchen and I do not want to wake her up and go out in the cold winter's night to wait for her to do a wee. She is almost totally deaf but she might sense me moving around.
08/Aug/14 2:45 AM
No worries about me driving and texting. Daughter informed me yesterday that I would not be doing any driving.
08/Aug/14 2:48 AM
y'all! Nice photo.

Got Silverteen's HS schedule for next year, plus fees paid, locker chosen, yearbook bought, and text books checked out. Of course, she's in Florida with a friend and her family. I think she owes me lunch!
08/Aug/14 2:53 AM
Thanks to all who've offered feedback so far on the wallpaper choices. If you haven't and would like to see what we're considering, visit my photo gallery. Lots of great feedback so far in 3 different threads.
08/Aug/14 2:54 AM
What a smart daughter you have, HalT.
Must take after Saint B.
08/Aug/14 3:50 AM
DorA, I am doing it. I don't wanna, but I am doing it.
08/Aug/14 3:52 AM
Lizzy, last year when we were moving, I suggested, kindly of course, to Man, to weed out his clothes. He is one of those people, that believe, that one day, he will get back his school girl figure. No surprise, he did not listen.
Shockingly, last week, he went through his clothes and contributed a great deal to the donation pile.
08/Aug/14 3:56 AM
Jerry's number.
08/Aug/14 3:56 AM
That is a GORGEOUS egret! If it wasn't for the one out-of-place flight feather, I'd think it was a statue.
08/Aug/14 4:04 AM
08/Aug/14 4:28 AM
Thank you, Karen! Here's flying your way!
08/Aug/14 4:28 AM
My, I'm getting close to the bottom of the page . . .
08/Aug/14 4:29 AM
Here goes!!!
08/Aug/14 4:29 AM
08/Aug/14 4:29 AM
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