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Easy Sudoku for 8/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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08/Aug/15 12:01 AM
, y'all! Snagging #2 for Keith!
08/Aug/15 12:23 AM
Thanks to those who asked about my absence. Everything's fine... just a lot going on at work (closing out our fiscal year end) and domestic stuff at home - I've just not been able to get back here.
08/Aug/15 12:25 AM
08/Aug/15 12:26 AM
Silverteen was going to meet a friend who's moving in a few days, so I gave her the use of the car. She drove me to work and will pick me up!
08/Aug/15 12:26 AM
Good morning, Hal and all who follow. Too late to do Serena's puzzle - now I'll catch-up with whatever else I've missed the past few days. Ta-ta...
08/Aug/15 12:27 AM
So, that Rebus from last weekend, now that I've got a breather and can post first thing in the morning. The puzzle, in case you need a refresher, was on http://sudoku.com.au/5E2-8-2015-sudoku.aspx

breakfast / fast break
overwhelming odds
for a change (upper case 'delta' in math means More...
08/Aug/15 12:33 AM
Good morning to all! Fly me to the moon!
08/Aug/15 12:46 AM
Silvergal, in case you didn't see my message a few days ago, I will be posting a weekend puzzle tomorrow morning my time.
08/Aug/15 12:47 AM
Greg, happy to step aside for this weekend for one of your puzzles, and will attempt it! We've got back-to-school shopping (tax free weekend starting today), and a day trip in the works.
08/Aug/15 12:54 AM

I hope to attempt CG's puzzle this weekend as well. Silvergal, it's good to know it was just life in general that kept you silent a few days here.
08/Aug/15 1:10 AM
Keith - I enjoyed your anagrams on Pg. 2 yesterday. Thanks for posting them. DoA - I'm not so sure about yours. Earlier in the day, it could have started a few disagreements.
08/Aug/15 1:11 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not hope its on the improve soon.
08/Aug/15 1:14 AM
Happy Thursday!
Hubby is going to take me out to breakfast, so it's a good start to my morning
08/Aug/15 1:24 AM
Trying to do a little mending this morning. I am not an accomplished seamstress, but, I can do buttons and loose hems. If it doesn't involve a sewing machine, I'm willing to give it a try. I often think about taking a sewing class and buying a simple machine, but I just never get around to it, so, it's hand sewing for me.
08/Aug/15 1:43 AM
Kathy, even knowing how to sew and having had a machine all my life, I now hate to sew. I always have several tings that need mending. Since I have no designated room here for sewing it makes it harder to do the mending.
08/Aug/15 1:57 AM
while it still is here,
beautiful day in OK
08/Aug/15 1:58 AM
Blast off!
08/Aug/15 1:59 AM
All machines tell me it is 84F. After being out for several minutes it sure feels higher.
08/Aug/15 1:59 AM
I have been out in back painting a couple of things. I love the items but their colors were all wrong.
08/Aug/15 2:00 AM
One would think I would know more about what goes on in this neighborhood, wrong. There is a yard sale/estate sale 4 houses down on the other side of the road.
08/Aug/15 2:03 AM
I need nothing but I have to check it out!
08/Aug/15 2:03 AM

1) A
2) AT

1) A
2) AN, AT
08/Aug/15 2:17 AM
This puzzle made me think of little girl when I saw it. I'll tell you why tomorrow.

If the following is correct:

12:48 = 18
1:03 = 13
6:59 = 17

What would 9:37 equal?

Answer to my ‘’Salome’s Puzzle’’ inbox please.
08/Aug/15 2:20 AM
08/Aug/15 2:39 AM
Rocket into space?
08/Aug/15 3:22 AM
Sunny here!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
08/Aug/15 3:47 AM
Awww. My own little bat prize!
Happy dance!
08/Aug/15 3:54 AM
Dottie, I'm always up for a little verbal repartee. Face to face is better, though.
08/Aug/15 5:02 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
08/Aug/15 5:39 AM
I was so sorry to see DoA piggyback on my Anagrams. I couldn't disagree more with what he posted.
08/Aug/15 5:42 AM
Good Morning.
08/Aug/15 6:32 AM
I'm very tired, so may up back in bed once Mr P gets up.
08/Aug/15 6:35 AM
Went to a craft show yesterday - the biggest we have in Canberra - today my left shoulder is very sore.
08/Aug/15 6:43 AM
I knew that Keith. 99% of today's 'educators' would. Though it may be politically incorrect, that in and of itself doesn't, necessarily, make it wrong.

There are more than a few comments made on these pages which I do not agree with however I most often consider the source and go on about More...
08/Aug/15 6:46 AM
Morning all, up up and away. We will be doing that this morning only not in a rocket.lol
08/Aug/15 6:47 AM
Correction to my second post. I may end up back in bed once Mr P gets up
08/Aug/15 6:48 AM
Yes, DoA, it made me stop and think, ''Haters are going to hate....too bad it's on this site''.
08/Aug/15 7:28 AM
On a more pleasant note....I am off to dinner and a ball game.
08/Aug/15 7:30 AM
It's not just politically incorrect, it's a flat out lie. Repeating a lie over and over and over add infinitum doesn't make it magically become true.
08/Aug/15 7:31 AM
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