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Easy Sudoku for 9/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
09/Jan/19 12:00 AM
I'll bet it was stinking hot there too on the day.
09/Jan/19 12:04 AM
2:00 Lovely blue sky.
Good night!
09/Jan/19 12:17 AM
and goodnight everybody!
09/Jan/19 12:33 AM
another hour or so 'til sunrise. Yawn
09/Jan/19 12:56 AM
2:05. Good Morning, everyone.
09/Jan/19 1:20 AM
09/Jan/19 1:53 AM
or goodnight whichever applies!

Hubby is off running errands that I was slated to do so I can go to a last minute planned luncheon with friends. I can't say that he skipped out of here with a smile on his face, but, he went. I think I'll keep him.
09/Jan/19 2:37 AM
About that potato chip bark....one word. YUM!
It was difficult to not devour the whole bag yesterday. Yes. Potato chips and chocolate are a good thing.
09/Jan/19 2:46 AM
🙋🏼good Maen ☁️⛄️off to the pool for class !
09/Jan/19 2:54 AM
Good morning - haven't seen a sky so blue in a very long time - gorgeous!
09/Jan/19 3:42 AM
Everybody. It's been awhile since I said the Morning part on here.
09/Jan/19 3:51 AM
& Some sun.
Better than none! Glad Joyce got our yesterday's blue skies today!
09/Jan/19 3:53 AM
Kathy, I missed your discussion about potato chip bark, but our fantastic local chocolate shop started making chocolate covered chips a few years ago for special times of year, like Christmas. They now make them in milk, dark or white chocolate. I agree with your assessment. Yum!
09/Jan/19 3:53 AM
Everybody!! Another major sleep late event! Didn't rise til 8:30 pst.
09/Jan/19 4:12 AM
That's late???
My definition of 'late' is much, much different, Denny!
09/Jan/19 4:43 AM
09/Jan/19 4:52 AM
Don't believe I've ever tried potato bark. I hesitate because potato and chocolate seem strange bedfellows.
09/Jan/19 4:53 AM
However, hot cocoa with a bit of chili is good and chicken adobo is good, too. Sooooo, I guess if given the chance I shall try potato bark.
09/Jan/19 4:54 AM
Now I'm off to farmers market!
And KEITH!!!
09/Jan/19 4:55 AM
Um ... yes?
09/Jan/19 4:59 AM
Thx for the setup.
09/Jan/19 4:59 AM
I've never tried potato bark ... never even knew it existed, but I'd give it a shot with no hesitation.
09/Jan/19 5:02 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
09/Jan/19 5:25 AM
Looks like a lovely place.
09/Jan/19 5:29 AM
Morning all,another place I've yet to visit in this big country of ours.
Potato bark is something new to me also, not sure if I would like it.
09/Jan/19 5:56 AM
09/Jan/19 6:21 AM

Potato chip bark is actually the chips crumbled in chocolate. It looks like tree bark, hence the name, I suppose.
I tried something new at the luncheon. Whiskey shrimp. It was shrimp in a semi-sweet whiskey sauce. Really good. I am going to grazing on grass for the next week.
09/Jan/19 7:54 AM
Good mAen, good people. Post 29 for the second time this year!
09/Jan/19 8:52 AM
All I need. Another way to combine salt, fat and sugar with empty calories.
09/Jan/19 8:55 AM
Today's Easy was a blazing fast solve until I got to the 5s.
09/Jan/19 8:56 AM
Im done with Wombat's puzzle. Now I need to type it into a message box for him to receive.
09/Jan/19 9:16 AM
I'm getting kinda squirmy sitting and working on the website overhaul. It's been days solid. I was up until 3 am last night. I'm actually pulling stuff away like peeling an onion -- saving old AND new stuff for later in case we need to put it back in, but this new site will be lean and clean and much more manageable to navigate through and maintain. I hope!
09/Jan/19 9:20 AM
Plum, I'd suggest you check out Peter's Post of 31/Dec/18 3:17 PM. He has a suggestion how to more easily post a 'pm'.

There were a couple of others that followed... It may make it easier.
09/Jan/19 10:30 AM
too much snow removal to stay longer...bed's calling... have fun
09/Jan/19 1:45 PM
DorA - Thanks.
09/Jan/19 2:38 PM
Well folks here are the results of Saturday's POOZLE. There were 12 responses with few disagreements. I think that is a record for this type of puzzle and everyone is becoming very good at them. Keep up the good work. The totally terrific twelve are:
Sarah, Hal, Peter, Joyce, Judy, Kathy, More...
09/Jan/19 3:40 PM
Are we going to turn the page or not. Rage are you going to stop your way there. Hal sometimes sneaks in late, and of course Peter is always around.
09/Jan/19 6:39 PM
It is far too early to claim LPOTD. With daylight saving there are too many late night/early morning lurkers who are in a prime position to get that.
09/Jan/19 6:42 PM
So I will just have too concentrate on ending page one and maybe being first on page two.
09/Jan/19 6:44 PM
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