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Easy Sudoku for 9/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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4:04 can't get quicker
3:06 - time for bed I think, never been the first to post a message...
pretty flowers
Damn - Andre beat me to it!!!
first time on puzzle great!
7:52 Need to improve...
Blast & damn. Thought I was doing well, got to end & no picture! Got there in the end though. Pretty flowers.
5:25 - too many cobwebs in my head this morning
3:30 mins rainy ugly day here today
2:45! Best time so far!
4:12, a bit slow, but distracted by chocolate in the middle!
5:34 not my best time trying to watch football at same time!
Very slow today. perfect weather, sunny and cool, my type of day.
4.55 - not my best time either - I didn't find this as easy as many of the easy ones. Kelly, hope we're still winning!
easy peasy!
yep still 1-0
Finally under 4 mins.! Awesome blue-sky fall day here in beautiful Colorado -- not to rub it in!
45 seconds, Just thought I would make up a time like any of the people who say they do them in under 2 minutes. Just randomly putting different numbers in takes more then a minute.
Ci metto piĆ¹ per cliccare sui numeri che per pensare a dove metterli.. Quindi ho fatto 4.07
I'm still slower than most, but I love starting my day with Sudoku! It is a beautiful morning in California.
I think lots of us are slower but don't post times because the quick ones intimidate us. I'm in mourning with Red Sox Nation... have to get lost in another puzzle!
nice flowers bad luck to Beckham how unfair was that??
3:04..not too bad. Love the pic of the Zygote Cactus. Happy Sunday everyone. Go the Fords at Bathurst today!!!!
forgot to set timer - great pic.
beautiful weather in sunny Texas.
hey all, new here and love it!!! my time ??? 10:23...
4:10 My best so far!! (poss first under 5mins?) Im proud I broke my barrier! Or was it a really easy one?
4:21..but i was calm and realaxed throughout. happy weekend everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving
2:37, have to improve
i thought the puzzle in newspaper was on your site?
:)) got it in 4:14 - not bad as I'm pretty new
5:50 Go St. Louis Baseball Cardinals!
A Christmas cactus - beautiful! Got interrupted by a phone call, so I think I'll do the puzzle again later.
6:23 - still new to Suduku - love it!
WOW nice photo - no time - don't like to work against the clock, its distracting. Have a great weekend.
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