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Easy Sudoku for 9/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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09/Dec/09 3:13 AM
Quite the discussion yesterday.
09/Dec/09 3:32 AM
Snow flurries didn't last here. It's clear and crisp today, perfect for a walk (and a massage, which I'm going to later. Ahhh.) Until then, it's work, cat-care and more work.
09/Dec/09 3:40 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Off to pay some bills online, then gotta git to my dental appointment (boy, do I have a fun life, or what?) Oh, yes, then off to work...
09/Dec/09 3:44 AM
Oh, and Jim....here you go....

slip these on, go forth, and photograph!
We don't want you stepping in something you shouldn't
09/Dec/09 3:44 AM
Good Morning to Everyone!

Dark, chilly, damp etc. That is what it is like at my house today. Snow is expected this evening, turning to rain, then back to snow again. Thursday and Friday Blustery!!! (I have some water saved, just in case!)
09/Dec/09 3:57 AM
I always think of Jane when I see crocs!
09/Dec/09 3:58 AM
Good afternoon to all! It looks like they worship in the dark in that church.
09/Dec/09 4:20 AM
Debby, it's all in your perspective. Everytime I see or hear talk of crocs, I think of Billy, Jaz and several other Auusie ladies who were the first to bring them to my notice with their early comments.
09/Dec/09 4:24 AM
Tom had just been rejected by his long-time girl friend, but still hoping to reconcile, he dialed her telephone number and got the following message recording:
"I am not available right now, but thank you for caring enough to call. I am making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the beep. If I do not return your call, you are one of the changes."
09/Dec/09 4:28 AM
A question for all.... with the Winter Olympics coming up in British Columbia, Canada, are any sudokoists planning on taking in the Olympics live? I always admire all of the (mostly) amateur athletes who compete at the Olympic level.
09/Dec/09 4:34 AM
Today I have been asleep most of the time (deeply - from 1pm until 5pm).
Studying the lives of Classical composers on the Internet last night was too interesting.
09/Dec/09 4:53 AM
Debby - about Jane and the crocs -
you do mean foorwear, and not crocodiles don't you?
09/Dec/09 4:55 AM
*Of course, I do mean footwear
09/Dec/09 4:55 AM
2:11, all.
09/Dec/09 5:17 AM
I love the Winter Olympics, Greg. More so than the Summer. 'Fraid I'll be watching them from home, though.
09/Dec/09 5:56 AM
Don't think Jane would want to try these on for size....

Maybe these
09/Dec/09 5:59 AM
Oh my gosh!
7 pages of posts yesterday! Is that a record?
09/Dec/09 6:17 AM
Well after all the esoteric comments regarding the Wang extravaganza am I kicking myself not to slip over for a while!!!!! Probably was a good decision in the light of needing to have a clear head for the reports, but I'm envious! Sounds like an amazing night. Happy Christmas all you funny, irreverent people. Please do it again next year.
09/Dec/09 6:19 AM
It is so nice to see people who I first met a long time ago posting again. This is such an amazing site, with such a diverse group of wonderful people and, like a family, it is sad when people don't pop in for a while.
09/Dec/09 6:21 AM
HI all! Where were all the riddlers last night then? Not many correct answers at all, except from Keith (eventually!!!!), CG and Kathy. I was looking for a hot-air balloon. Lots of hot air on the site perhaps...
09/Dec/09 6:54 AM
Here's today's one - answers to the animal inbox please!
Can you find the eleven hidden colours in the following paragraph:

Many injured animals are invited to live at the 'Toronto Range'. Stop in kangaroo corner and marvel at the lovely creatures within. Dig over the potato patch to More...
09/Dec/09 7:01 AM
Daplap - thanks for the warning, but this little lady thinks that joke is not suitable for this page.
09/Dec/09 7:25 AM
In fact, I've asked for it to be taken off. Not usual for me, but I do speak up when offended - and no, Ian/anyone else, I do not want to get into any sort of discussion of what is offensive or funny or why. I also will own up to what I do, so everyone is clear about what I do and why.
09/Dec/09 7:28 AM
CP, are you back in the baby catching business? How goes everything? Also, I doubt very much whether Daplap will be overly concerned the that joke is removed. She's pretty flexible about the little things. C'est la vie.
09/Dec/09 7:36 AM
CP - no problem from me. I was of the opinion that it was "agreed" on a warning, so those who might be offended could skip them (and so parents would know to keep their kids from reading them). Sorry if I am mistaken.
09/Dec/09 7:37 AM
True, Daplap - guess I'm overprotective, for those who don't unclick the Joke heading, or who have independent children who just read what they want. As a nurse/babycatcher the jokes I indulge in/listen to cover a very wide range of subjects, so I'm not normally considered prudish, I just don't want this site to be that way.
09/Dec/09 7:42 AM
Have got one shift back this week, CG - either tonight or tomorrow night. Think I will be working, my spirits are a bit higher, thanks to wonderful thoughts of love and support from around the world, some R&R in Sydney and lots of rest!
09/Dec/09 7:45 AM
Kathy - are those green things with teeth crocs?
09/Dec/09 7:52 AM
I call them slippers
09/Dec/09 7:52 AM
Well hang in there CP. Positive thoughts are always coming your way from Canada.
09/Dec/09 7:54 AM
Crocs are foul, and those green things of Kathy's aren't much better!
09/Dec/09 7:57 AM
Newest thing, Ray. Croc slippers!

My two cents...I think that joke's a bit much, too.

Fiona, I have all but one! I can't find it!
09/Dec/09 8:07 AM
You're not the only one Kathy (who has one more to find!)
09/Dec/09 8:11 AM
I just forgot to type it Fiona. Check your inbox please.
09/Dec/09 8:17 AM
ok riddle update - so far Lonewoof, CG and Vici have found the colours; Kathy is dazzled by those green monstrosities and can't see past them.
09/Dec/09 8:18 AM
Okay, one more time. Sentence by sentence, word by word, letter by letter....
09/Dec/09 8:20 AM
I bet I know which one you haven't found!
09/Dec/09 8:23 AM
She called my foot ware monstrosities!!
I'll have you know, worn with these lovely socks, they are high fashion!
09/Dec/09 8:27 AM
AHA!!! GOT IT!!!
09/Dec/09 8:28 AM
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