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Easy Sudoku for 9/April/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Happy weekend to you all!
09/Apr/17 12:00 AM
09/Apr/17 12:01 AM
Good Maen, good people. Good morning, Shiela.
09/Apr/17 12:01 AM
And HalT. I had a last minute idea to submit a new avatar of palm fronds for Palm Sunday. But I must have submitted it after the work week was done down under.
09/Apr/17 12:02 AM
I shall be waving some greenery anyway this weekend. Today should be our first day of spring, weather-wise. So I may take a crack at some yard clean up.
09/Apr/17 12:04 AM
Vestiges of this cold are still hanging on with me. Now Skye has the same wicked sore throat I started with 17 days ago.
09/Apr/17 12:07 AM
I suspect I will have to reschedule her Monday dentist appointment and alert the club VP to take over chairing the 4-H meeting for her Monday evening.
09/Apr/17 12:09 AM
Hubby volunteered to paint picnic tables at a botanical preserve this morning. At 40 degrees F it's a bit too cold for painting. Wonder what they'll have him do instead?
09/Apr/17 12:15 AM
Plum, it sounds like what my grand-kids had. Theirs was diagnosed as Influenza A.
09/Apr/17 12:17 AM
Thankfully, there have been no body aches or fevers with this cold. I'm glad it wasn't the flu!
09/Apr/17 12:59 AM
09/Apr/17 1:21 AM
Happy Saturday!
09/Apr/17 1:31 AM
Plum, good luck on getting an avatar accepted. Or, a smilie, for that matter. I have waited weeks, or longer. The old days of quick acceptance are long gone.
It's been a trying few days for me. My little great More...
09/Apr/17 1:36 AM
Be vigilant with the sore throat, Plum. I had one that turned out to be strep.

I have just seen Wombat's new poozle! I am going to work on that while I wait to hear from my son. After that, I clean. I don't know why I do that when I'm stressed. Must be my German gene.
09/Apr/17 1:46 AM
09/Apr/17 2:35 AM
Kathy, Same son? If so, your son will certainly have his hands full. I hope all goes well for all of them.
09/Apr/17 2:44 AM
Good morning.
09/Apr/17 3:21 AM
Looks like I am on my own here.
09/Apr/17 3:22 AM
In both places.
09/Apr/17 3:22 AM
Mr P is fast asleep I hope. Sometimes I wake him up when I get up. I try very hard to be silent, but usually bump something, and make noise.
09/Apr/17 3:25 AM
Any gallumpers around?
09/Apr/17 3:25 AM
09/Apr/17 3:25 AM
3:03. Personal best.
09/Apr/17 3:32 AM
No, Shiela. The 4 year old is my granddaughter's little girl. She is doing well today. My son's wife is in surgery right now. He said it would be 60-90 minutes. I'm waiting to hear how it went....
09/Apr/17 3:45 AM
I know I'm not the only one....but, I hate how my family is so scattered. I just want to BE there to help! Argghhh!
09/Apr/17 3:47 AM
Prayed for your hospitalized loved ones, Kathy, and for and and your scattered family that wants to express love and support.

Starr tore a hernia about the same age. Twenty-plus years later we wish we had had it taken care of, but the doctor said it would reduce as she grew. And it hasn't.
09/Apr/17 3:58 AM
Did the kids catch any?
09/Apr/17 4:17 AM
Its raining in Argentina, just thought you might like to know. MotoGP is always exciting in the wet. Well I'm off to bed, nite nite poozlers
09/Apr/17 4:41 AM
1:53, should have started from 9 on this one I think. Good morning all, been up for a while preparing for the Canberra marathon, starting in a little over an hour - eeeeek!!!
09/Apr/17 5:13 AM
Morning all, hope the kids caught some fish.
Good luck Chris, probably finished by now.
09/Apr/17 9:26 AM
Kathy, hope it's all good news from your family.
09/Apr/17 9:28 AM
Sorry about the YOEMEN/YEOMEN spelling mistake. I was so sure YOEMEN was correct that I didn't check the spelling. I was wrong.

Here is a corrected version.

8 APRIL 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first More...
09/Apr/17 9:56 AM
2:19 Slow today and feeling very lethargic.
Good morning one and all!
09/Apr/17 1:11 PM
It has been a lovely sunny weekend but we are about to be hit with a big storm.
I have felt well over the weekend but back to the big stuff (6 hours worth) tomorrow.
09/Apr/17 5:39 PM
Good on yer! June. I hope all goes well for you.
09/Apr/17 5:58 PM
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