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Easy Sudoku for 9/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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09/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people. The migratory loons are visiting a nearby lake for a few days on their way north to their nesting grounds. Almost every year we can hear the sound of their 'laughter' in the early morning hours during the first week of April.
09/Apr/18 12:02 AM
TftD: Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.
09/Apr/18 12:05 AM
And its corollary, Hal ... Always be doing something acceptable on the computer that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it ...
09/Apr/18 12:35 AM
Good morning to all! Great capture of the wildhorn sheep Vici.
09/Apr/18 1:11 AM
09/Apr/18 1:28 AM
09/Apr/18 1:29 AM
09/Apr/18 1:34 AM
Hello all - don't be run over by the rush to post today...
09/Apr/18 2:36 AM
Will try not to, Joyce!
Sun seems to be coming and going today.
Hope it stays shining for you all day!
09/Apr/18 3:13 AM
Art show reception went well.
Hanging the paintings seemed a bit more work than usual for some reason - maybe too many 'critics' and not enough 'helpers'! Coupled with more paintings (70) than usual. At times I felt like hanging myself instead! But all's well that ends well. Right?
09/Apr/18 3:21 AM
Tried to solve the puzzle and when I clicked on a square a capital letter E tried to place itself. Of course the square flashed red and the E was removed. HUH?
09/Apr/18 3:31 AM
What ever the 'problem' was, it resolved itself when I submitted my previous comment... Ah, one of the great mysteries of life.................
09/Apr/18 3:33 AM
Lovely photo of the Mountain Sheep, Vici.
09/Apr/18 3:42 AM
What a relief to be into the 'admiring and receiving compliments' part of your Art Show, Shiela!

Happily you chose to not 'hang yourself' & still have your sense of humor in tact as well!

09/Apr/18 3:49 AM
Is the show juried? - Is that the correct term for enlisting judges to determine awards in varied categories.
09/Apr/18 3:52 AM
Oh, I'm full of questions, Shiela: Are you responsible for arranging folks to be in-charge of the viewing space for the entire month?
09/Apr/18 3:53 AM
Plum - I was treated to 5 visits of sandhill cranes this spring first time seeing them more then once. Saw them in the fall for the first time also. I can hear them in the house! Which helps
09/Apr/18 4:22 AM
1:37, got myself a little confuzzled half way through, that should have been quicker. Good morning everyone.
09/Apr/18 5:31 AM
Thx, for the little push, Chris.
09/Apr/18 5:37 AM
09/Apr/18 5:37 AM
09/Apr/18 5:37 AM
Sent Wombat my answers (?) to his 1&4.
09/Apr/18 7:46 AM
Morning all,loving Vici's nature photos.
Sorry Wombat, didn't get to your poozle yesterday had visitors all day and more coming today.
09/Apr/18 8:24 AM
Brothel Parrot

A woman went to a pet shop & immediately spotted a large beautiful parrot. There was a sign on the cage that said $50.00. 'Why so little?' she asked the pet store owner.

The owner said, 'Look, I should tell you first that this bird used to live More...
09/Apr/18 11:46 AM
Any particular reason you used the name 'Keith', DoA?

Thanks for not using 'Hal'.
09/Apr/18 12:17 PM
Nope - just a copy n paste from an email...
09/Apr/18 1:06 PM
Spent the evening with Starr and Quill and we are all now just headed for bed and it's after midnight! Still, I'm wide awake so I will work on Wombat's 1&4. Another treat for me.
09/Apr/18 2:30 PM
Well it's nine nice people who submitted largely correct answers. I made at least 2 errors. I changed a OO to OT, an ET to an ED. So TOOLBOX was hard to get, but RAMJET was impossible. It is possible that many people had never heard of Roger Ramjet the head of the Jetson family in a 60s TV More...
09/Apr/18 4:19 PM
On the theme of parrots the first school at which I taught was a one teacher school at Boning a little farming and timber town 60 miles (!00kms) from our nearest Victorian town. Our only public connection with the outside world was an old style omnibus. It ran from Bendoc to Orbost via Bonang one More...
09/Apr/18 4:36 PM
Of course that should have been toilet. I don't think it was Spellcheck or that it was too rude to be allowed, so it must have been me.
09/Apr/18 4:40 PM
The sun is just on the point of setting and the lower it gets the more it streams into the front of the house. Unfortunately there is a tall enough hill to block a view of the sunset, and my mobility problems stop me from walking up the hill to see it.
09/Apr/18 4:45 PM
Lo and behold we are at number 33, which is beer o'clock. Some people have chosen to nominate a drink other than beer, but that's okay, whatever floats your boat, but I thank I'll have an Asahi. That makes a CP.
09/Apr/18 4:49 PM
I was able to sample a couple extraordinary craft beers yesterday afternoon. This certainly seems to be a Golden Age for brewing. One wonders if this has been possible why they have been making and selling and drinking such boring brews up to this point.
09/Apr/18 10:18 PM
Wombat, I can't believe there was a series such as Roger Ramjet that I have no memory of. I will have to look for a way to acquaint myself with it. I remember several very obscure cartoons but not Roger Ramjet. Thank you for the reference.
09/Apr/18 10:28 PM
I miss sunsets, too. Sometimes I see them when out driving but at home my entire view to the west is blocked by trees. Well, I can see how a sunset affects the sky to the SW but not the actual sunset.

And I can only enjoy winter sunrises through an area that because of slopes and tree removal has fewer trees to block the view.
09/Apr/18 10:36 PM
Shiela - congrats on a successful show opening! Answer Joyce's questions. I'm curious. Also, check your inbox. I'm going to ask you where your show is on display. I may be passing by and able to look in.
09/Apr/18 10:38 PM
It sounds as if my family is stirring, finally, 8 hours after 'bedtime' because we were up so late visiting. Time to pull out breakfast then board games for an impromptu Monday holiday with my visitors. When we are all working weekends this is our break time.
09/Apr/18 10:41 PM
Heck, let's get to page two at least....
09/Apr/18 11:06 PM
All set?
09/Apr/18 11:07 PM
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