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Easy Sudoku for 9/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hope the day improves for Helena, Kathy and Ebony. When it starts bad, it should get better quickly...at least thats what I hope will happen for the humans. Dogs on the other hand seem to know things will get better, particularly when you have a mom and dad that are right on top of the important stuff. Hang in there folks!
09/Jun/07 3:40 AM
Rob, You've done a nice job with your avatars!
09/Jun/07 3:42 AM
Happy Anniversary
Judy and SaraBeth (and spouses)! Better late than never
Helena, when the day starts out that badly, it can only get better Hang in there!
Kathy: Like having kids all over again, isn't it? Poor puppy, hope she's back to normal soon
09/Jun/07 4:14 AM
Still can't get to medium.
It's really hot here today, mid 90's.
Unfortunately, I have to go out in it. Who ever invented AC in cars, has my undying gratitude!
09/Jun/07 4:25 AM
Judy: Happy belated anniversary! Sorry I missed it yesterday. Oldest son graduated last night. Very exciting for us, if not for him! Calvin also had his surgery yesterday and is not feeling well. First time I've ever seen him not want to eat anything.
09/Jun/07 4:56 AM
I'm out and about this weekend with my family from around te country. We're having a grand family celebration of all of the Gemini birthdays and a very special one for my sister. All three of my grands will be here, and I plan to have a blast! Hope everyone has a good weekend doing something More...
09/Jun/07 5:00 AM
Mamacita: hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating with those near and dear to you.
Helena: hope you're OK...don't worry about the car, things are replaceable, people are not.
09/Jun/07 5:29 AM
Good mAen everybody........Its nice to be back.
Computer crashed
09/Jun/07 5:29 AM
happy anniversary for yesterday judy xx
09/Jun/07 5:44 AM
mama~~~i have to admit that i had alot of help from miztricia on my avatar. but now i think i've got it down. enjoy your family and the reunion and the grandkids. all are priceless! i'm sure you WILL have a blast!
martha~~~congratulations to your son and you for his graduation last night. hope calvin gets better fast. i'm sure he'll eat you out of house and home when he's feeling better.
09/Jun/07 6:02 AM
Happy eastern to You too.
09/Jun/07 6:12 AM
I can't either.
09/Jun/07 6:17 AM
A little boy was in a relative's wedding. As he was coming down the aisle he would take two steps, stop, and turn to the crowd (alternating between bride's side and groom's side). While facing the crowd, he would put his hands up like claws and roar loudly.

So it went, step, step, ROAR, More...
09/Jun/07 6:38 AM
everyone. Hope your weekend is going as you planned and is a pleasant one for everybody.
Jim: that's a good one.

I need help: does any one of you clever people have a smiie that is a bunch of celebatory balloons that you More...
09/Jun/07 6:49 AM
That was supposed to be smilie, not smiie.
09/Jun/07 7:06 AM
09/Jun/07 7:14 AM
Helena, think of it this way - cars are replacable, people aren't, so be thankful you weren't hurt. The insurance company will deal with the metal bits.
09/Jun/07 7:19 AM
To whoever (or whomever) - OK, OK, OK so THAT'S what rain looks like, I had quite forgotten. But now that the ducks are swimming past our window I think I can safely say WE'VE HAD ENOUGH! Thank you.
09/Jun/07 7:22 AM
Cyndi, check your e-mail, I might have what you need, see if that wil work.
09/Jun/07 7:43 AM
Long time no post! Had a chance to read the comments today and Happy Anniversary to Judy and to Sara Beth. to all that I have missed over the last few weeks and Happy Anniversary to all I have missed as well.
09/Jun/07 7:52 AM
We had lovely rain here in Brisbane the last couple of days and the weather has turned quite chilly. Now, of course, I have a full blown cold and feel miserable but thems the breaks. Sydney and NSW certainly had a day of it yesterday so I see on the news!!!
09/Jun/07 7:54 AM
MizT: You are an Angel. I have already downloaded the ballons--don't have Ruby's address, sorry.
09/Jun/07 8:21 AM
Just dropping in and shooting right out again - worked all day and I have a class to teach tonight - Happy anniversay and take care to all. Mary
09/Jun/07 8:59 AM
I am in Denver visiting my new grand baby Casey. In the quiet afternoon when both grandchildren were taking naps I was able to watch some of the French Open. I always watch Wimbledon (I was born within 10 miles of Wimbledon) but listening to you all talk about tennis I thought it might be good to More...
09/Jun/07 9:16 AM
2.28 doesnt like a camera? most little girls love a photo taken.
thinking of those caught up in the floods in NSW,it is from one extreme to another but usually droughts end in floods. hope they find those missing people safe and well but not looking good.

09/Jun/07 9:18 AM
09/Jun/07 9:24 AM
Sheila from Malabar, Fl,
Welcome to Denver! Where are you? I am close to Southwest Plaza Mall. Congratulations on your new grandbaby!
09/Jun/07 9:33 AM
Ian, thanks for your support.

New Subject. I am now convinced of the power of Sukudo - within two hours of my plea it stopped raining and the sun is now out! Wow!
09/Jun/07 9:39 AM
hey Rola,see the amazing photo of the ship on the beach?...bit too cold and windy (and wet) for me.
09/Jun/07 9:40 AM
Thanks for the good wishes, Aileen, Cathy, Kathy, Martha, Fiona, and Deb! Remember, a hard man is good to find ... oops ... I mean a good man is hard to find! :)
09/Jun/07 9:41 AM
brain is not working this morning .... how unewsual ..
so a general
congratulations to those celebrating, visiting new babies and sharing special occasions.
best wishes to those who have issues to solve.
and hope everyone can enjoy your weekend coming up.
here in parts of australia More...
09/Jun/07 9:48 AM
Enjoy your weekend, rosemary. Hope it brings many customers but some rest time for you as well (is that possible?).
09/Jun/07 9:50 AM
Morning Mary...
I saw it on the news last night..
June/Epping has photos on her flickr page
and the newspaper, just looking at it now...
Too wild and woolly for me..
09/Jun/07 9:50 AM
Yep, and for those of us NOT having a long weekend...(sigh)
09/Jun/07 9:59 AM
Hi Anne
not much rest this weekend but thats okay as it goes fairly quiet after this weekend so time to catch up then.
did you have your long weekend last week? dont be greedy.....
09/Jun/07 10:05 AM
sshhhh you'll destroy the pathos!
09/Jun/07 10:05 AM
Morning all, feeling a little less droopy today, but still got the darn application to write.
09/Jun/07 10:07 AM
Col, job is still here in Canberra. I am acting in that position now, but have to apply for the permanent job. It is a Level 2 position in Delivery Suite.
09/Jun/07 10:08 AM
Everyone I hope you all have a great day where every you are.
09/Jun/07 10:10 AM
Sarah Beth and hubby...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
Helena From Pta, South Africa; your hubby will be back before long. Most of all, please do not feel bad about your car - you are not alone. I've crashed (or had someone crash into) the last three cars before the PT - and I just put a scratch More...
09/Jun/07 10:18 AM
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