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Easy Sudoku for 9/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Anne ~ everytime I think of a (M) & (M)'s I think of you! I saw those and hoped you'd be around to see them
09/Jun/07 1:34 PM

Dave - Britt is going strong - stepped out on my deck and could here Michael Franti & Spearhead - I had passed on this concert - it is loud and a raucious crowd. Sunday night I'm working the Greg Allman (Allman Bro.) concert, opener is Henry Manx (Canadian Blues). Also working Fri - Indigo More...
09/Jun/07 1:34 PM
Ian...We are sitting here in Reno/Sparks at a Motorcycle Rally selling our wares and watching the idiots you speak of. Motorcyling is dangerous as you are very aware. We just enjoy the freedom so much but are not putting on any where near the miles we used to. Enjoy your Yamahahahaha!!!...
09/Jun/07 1:37 PM
Eve...I have played most of the courses around that area including the Dragon. We have some friends (an old partner from work) that live on the mountain. Sounds like you have an exciting job a Britt, you lucky girl. Gotta go, we need to pack things away for the night.
09/Jun/07 1:41 PM

It is no laughing matter. My cousin who lived on Truck Is. (Micronesia) for around 35 years, was moving to the Hawaii (Big Island) planning on building a new home there, took his motorcycle, that he had built for one last spin - the island has only 1 main road & two blocks from his More...
09/Jun/07 1:43 PM
Dave: I....don't waaant a pickle.......
09/Jun/07 1:43 PM
Hi Gina, welcome welcome welcome. Become a member immediately, be it Supporting or Free, I promise you, you wont regret it. Your own page and an instant friend bank from all over the world.
09/Jun/07 1:43 PM
thanks, nancy. Nothing like an m&m. Wait a second... is one m&m just an m? I had an m not too long ago, anyway.
09/Jun/07 1:45 PM
7:01 - I am slow but the picture was cute. They grow up so fast.
Welcome to another Gina!
09/Jun/07 1:53 PM
No Anne its a smartie!
09/Jun/07 1:54 PM
Been a long time since I had them but when ti did, I had an M&M&M&M&M&M&M. . .&M Once you start can't stop!

GINA, welcome to Sudokuland. Once i worked the puzzles every day, did the jigsaws, and came back to do them the second time. That was before I discovered the chats. It does become More...
09/Jun/07 1:56 PM
what's a smartie, Gail? So much to learn on this site... egg scissors, smarties...
09/Jun/07 2:01 PM
Anne ...dono
09/Jun/07 2:27 PM
Yes Anne - it is acceptable, but my grapefruit spoon has a serated edge to it - it can draw blood if you linger...
if it is deemed unacceptable what will I use to peel my grapes if not with my potato peeler? or slice my apple with a cheese knife? or god forbid, I am unable to use my corncob More...
09/Jun/07 2:29 PM
Nestlé Smarties are a colourful sugar-coated chocolate confectionery popular in Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and other countries. They are similar to M&M's produced by Mars; in fact, M&Ms were based upon them.
09/Jun/07 2:34 PM
Billy, you forgot to mention that Smarties melt in your hand! Although why you would want to hold them that long, I am not sure!
09/Jun/07 2:42 PM
Anne from Vermont, 'Smarties' are the Auatralian equivilent of M&M's. Been around since Adam was a lad.
09/Jun/07 2:49 PM
never had that problem em. I also forgot to mention that the red ones are good for touching up your lippy.
09/Jun/07 2:50 PM
Oh Billy you gotta get a life! do not try to pass that off as legit research. Back to work.
09/Jun/07 2:51 PM
Gail - i have so many windows open - i thought 'what the hey, smarties over Lady Dorothy Wellesley? Rhubarb...no hesitation...
I think i'm losing it.
09/Jun/07 2:55 PM
I keep hopping around the site as tho my feet are on fire. Seem to spend most of my time in the SA room. Does that make me a SudokuaholicsAnonymousaholic?
09/Jun/07 2:59 PM
How about doing my report comments for me then Billy??
09/Jun/07 3:01 PM
er sorry - what was that em??? I'm trying to study here...
09/Jun/07 3:12 PM
09/Jun/07 3:32 PM

When an old man died in the geriatric ward of a small hospital near
Tampa, Florida, it was believed that he had nothing left of any value.

Later, when the nurses were going through his meagre possessions, they
found this poem. Its quality and content so More...
09/Jun/07 3:46 PM
Oh Hugh, that has put chills up and down my spine. How beautiful yet so sad.
09/Jun/07 4:14 PM

HUGH - Great Poem
09/Jun/07 4:17 PM
Hugh -

09/Jun/07 5:00 PM
2:12 Good Evening. Still raining. I am collecting wood for an ark. Does anyone have the specifications handy?
09/Jun/07 6:03 PM
Hi all, couldn't sleep, too many things running through my head and still upset that my son's principal read part of his valedictory speech to the school without his permission a week BEFORE graduation. Beautiful poem Hugh, thank you! It really hit home! Happy Anniversary Sarah Beth, and best wishes and cheers to anyone that was missed or just needs them.
09/Jun/07 6:13 PM
Rose, your avatar is beautiful! Sorry, no plans for an ark, but I did see previews for a new movie about building an ark. Maybe they knew it was coming.
09/Jun/07 6:16 PM
everyone, just home from a Christening we were invited to today, had a wonderful day.

Have just updated my to
CCR - Midnight Special
09/Jun/07 6:21 PM
A quick hello and goodbye. Back from 3 days of golf on 3 of the best courses in France ( I won on last day and overall in Ladies comp.) Off now to practice for competition tomorrow sponsored by a local jeweller. The temp is already in the mid twenties celcius and it is 10.20 Thunderstorms forcast More...
09/Jun/07 6:23 PM
all been out for the afternoon at the local football in the sunshine.
sounds like you have been very successful, well done
Time to put my feet up for a while More...
09/Jun/07 6:35 PM
how did the operation go, hope it was successful!
09/Jun/07 6:37 PM
Rosemary, try not to work too hard over your long weekend. It must be tough to have the extra work on a holiday, but at least it's nice to know your place is successful!
09/Jun/07 6:47 PM
its all part of the industry and good for business. we enjoy what we do and we meet lots of fantastic people. bit like this site really ....
09/Jun/07 7:08 PM
During one of her daily classes a teacher trying to teach good manners, asked her students the following question:

'Michael, if you were on a date having dinner with a nice young lady,how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?'

Michael said, 'Just a minute I have More...
09/Jun/07 7:16 PM
Wow, sounds like we've got a golf pro in our midst.

Well done, Mo. Congratulations on your win and for tomorrow's game if it doesn't get washed out.
09/Jun/07 7:17 PM
GrannieMo and for tomorrow will keep my fingers crossed for you.
09/Jun/07 7:41 PM
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