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Easy Sudoku for 9/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Morning.
09/Aug/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
09/Aug/09 12:00 AM
It's here!
09/Aug/09 12:00 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Steve!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

09/Aug/09 12:01 AM
Day changed while I was catching up from where I left off yesterday.
09/Aug/09 12:02 AM
Good Morning Ian, John and rest of the world!
09/Aug/09 12:03 AM
Not at work tonight - not long home from watching a play "Elling". It was very good , one I'd recommend you see if you have a chance.
09/Aug/09 12:04 AM
Hi Ian, John, shosho and Debby.
09/Aug/09 12:04 AM
About to head to bed again. Slep from 0830 to 1645 when Mr P woke me to get ready to go out.
09/Aug/09 12:06 AM
And had a few microsleeps during the play.
09/Aug/09 12:06 AM
Good Morning! We are finally getting some rain... Enjoy the weekend.........
09/Aug/09 12:07 AM
But now I can sleep in my own lovely bed - goodnight!
09/Aug/09 12:07 AM
09/Aug/09 12:19 AM

09/Aug/09 12:21 AM
Good morning. Did anyone else have trouble posting on yesterday's easy before changeover?
09/Aug/09 12:22 AM
Looks like the "new day rush" is over...
09/Aug/09 12:23 AM
This rain is hard on the Art Fair in Milford, but it was needed very bad! It is good for the lawns and the gardens and my flowers are very happy this morning!
09/Aug/09 12:24 AM
I'm still getting a palpable rush by posting, Jerry ...
09/Aug/09 12:24 AM

Have just watched the concluding episode of Foyles War. What a great show.
09/Aug/09 12:26 AM
Love Foyle's integrity.
09/Aug/09 12:26 AM
Cane Toads have reached Darwin.
09/Aug/09 12:26 AM
It has taken them a while ... ugly brutes that they are. I remember them in North West Queensland in the early 80s
09/Aug/09 12:26 AM
I've set cane toad traps but in several months haven't caught a single toad.
09/Aug/09 12:26 AM
I have caught a few angry blue tongues though.
09/Aug/09 12:26 AM
Good night all
09/Aug/09 12:30 AM

As the cane toad excretes bufotenin in small amounts, and other toxins in relatively large quantities, toad licking could result in serious illness or death.

Don't be lickin' those critters, fii!
09/Aug/09 12:51 AM
HI all! Still in the soup here time-wise, but have had minute to post some photos on my page for those still interested in the fionafest weekend! Have a good weekend all and catch up later!
09/Aug/09 12:58 AM
I'm re-posting yesterday's riddle to give you a chance to show your brilliance.

What word/phrase is described by the following?

Julio Iglesias
Lana Turner
Dinah Shore
John Wayne
Robert Redford
John Ireland
Elizabeth Taylor
John Travolta
Barbara More...
09/Aug/09 12:59 AM
I utterly promise that I will not intentionally lick any toads Kathy. And those lizards ... well they are just far too grumpy after their time in the toad traps. As a small child, I saw a blue tongue grab my sisters toe (of her shoe) and not let go despite her efforts to shake it off. There's no More...
09/Aug/09 1:10 AM
As much as I would like to "stay and play", work beckons...
09/Aug/09 1:21 AM
Fiona - your pictures (Eric's) are SUPER! What fun to revisit Fionafest 2009!
Good Maen everyone.
09/Aug/09 1:25 AM
Happy Birthday, Steve!
09/Aug/09 1:25 AM
Kathy - what's with the bat? Is that avatar in reference to you being a bat or is it for Judy????
09/Aug/09 1:25 AM
Kathy is the Old Bat, Vici! I just come and hang out with her!
09/Aug/09 1:28 AM
Eric and Fiona's photos are magnificent! I just can't believe that those cheap ladies wrangled free, professional portraits out of Eric! The portraits will look wonderful enlarged and framed!
09/Aug/09 1:30 AM
Hahaha! I can see you both now - what fun!
09/Aug/09 1:31 AM
09/Aug/09 1:41 AM
Grats on 22, fii ... hidden in a CP.
09/Aug/09 1:58 AM

Is a cricket bat an aging, slightly crazy, female cricket?
09/Aug/09 1:59 AM
Shall I turn the page?
09/Aug/09 3:55 AM
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