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Medium Sudoku for 16/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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7:09...Well I was going to ask what is a jacaranda, but looks like many beat me to the punch. Now I don't feel so ignorant. I have not the green thumb at all, the main flowers growing in my yard are hibiscus and jonquils and I don't do anything to them. Anyone know how to get rid of bamboo? The previous owner planted some and now they are taking over the fence line.
Billy from Perth-What is 'footy tipping'?
A jacaranda is a tree!

It blooms purple flowers at this time of the year and they fall just before Christmas and the summer leaves appear.

Here's a not great pic but shows the tree http://goaustralia.about.com/cs/ntsightseeing/l/blpicgr01.htm

Just had to set the record straight, the climbing vine is wisteria (similar colour though).


Didn't time myself, but felt it went quickly. Nevertheless, I know it was slower than most of the times posted. Oh well, I love it anyway. It is cloudy and chilly out today.
6:35 - Zoe - where is Ingerson? Here, we buy marigolds that are already 6-8' high, plant them after the 24th of May weekend and hope we don't get frost before September!
I like the son rise ;)
YES In Australia- the jacaranda is definately a tree with purple flowers. Christmas dinner in 30 degree heat under the jacaranda tree is a bit of a tradition in our family. No white Christmas here - a purple one perhaps.
7:46 at 8:22 pm Sat nite here (10/15) and trying to distract myself from Notre Dame-USC college football (American football) score!!!
Ugh...kept getting interupted, like these people really need keys to their rooms!! (hee hee, okay maybe the hotel owner wouldn't take sudoku as an excuse for ingnoring guests--but he should!)
10.34 ....not good,but no aids either, its a beaut morn , sun shining , no wind . sense a lazy sunday huh ....
Phew..got it done eventually
I'm not going to admit my time. So Sloooowww, but hey I'm new at this. Billy from Perth, please educate us about footy tipping.
3:12 -- tied for best.
footy tipping is a competion amongst a group ( friends, social clubs, workplace etc)to pick the winners in a football season. at the end , winner usually gets a prize usually money.
and more on jacarandas - Check out
good game - head must have been screwed on right today! Billy, you silly, jacaranda leaves come out after the flowers are gone and they should be out or coming soon as the (UGH!) blank mind forgot name of tree with orange flowers not stringy bark but another Aussie native flowers that at same time. More...
Thanks to those who have enlightened people to what a jacaranda tree looks like. Thanks con re footy tipping. I have to admit to not knowing too much about footy, so when I won the footy tipping last year at work - about $500 - it proved you could be a complete airhead about the game - which i was.
Jacaranda trees are natives of South America and look bare most of the year and make an awful (but pretty) mess when they drop their blossoms. I had never seen or smelt a Magnolia till I moved to Sydney. Zoe what hugh marigolds you have in Ingerson (wherever that is) but then I am partial to the More...
6:07-the jacarandas are out in queensland...loved the pic (and a good rioja)
Sweetie (us) I'm with you 9.07. Propita (CA) I thought you were going to study. Pam (Canada) what kind of terrible people do you work for? Andre are you thing of bouganvillea?
thing was supposed to be thinking
Yea!!!I got a picture on this one, didn't get one on the easy puzzle, have to go give it another try. Nice picture.
Pat do you mean the poisianna tree with the bright orange flowers and the big long flat pods that make great musical instruments?
OOPS! Poinciana! The girl can't spell!
6:10 my best in medium level----great
9:01, concidering it took me well over 6 to do the easy I am quite pleased with this one, :o)
No flowers on my jacaranda yet. :o( I am loving this lovely cool change that a bit of rain has brought. Only thing is will be hotter and more mozzies once the clouds go, & my air con is broken. :o( For the 4th summer in a row the blasted thing brakes and it takes the landlord almost all summer to fix. waaaa!!!!
Is this dog a relation of the Easy one. Hello. my name is Tessa and I am an alcoholic...
Pat in Sydney - do you mean the banksia

Don, how is your granddaughter getting along?
9:28 -- maybe my best for a medium
4:44 love the doggies jewellery
23:21 Interesting what time zones do. Different puzzle, different pictures but same comments. Nice though - keeps the flow.
Hi K(Brissie) Thanks for rescuing me yes i did mean bouganvillea thank god someone knows what i'm talking about! Hi everybody only quickly popped in going to have lunch now x
14:12 A bit slow for the medium puzzle, but soooo satisfying all the same!
did the puppy get a treat for being good
I know this isnt a gardening forum, but... thanks for the jacaranda info. Seems they are everywhere but in Canada. Funny - some sites say it iriginated in India. Here is the great shot found on Google. http://www.hellohello.com.au/Jacaranda.html

Pam from Canada.. This pic made me want to More...
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