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Medium Sudoku for 23/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good start to the day.
4:59 Going alright this morning, but haven't been out of bed long so I am wide awake.
happy thursday
i cleared the grid so fast 05:35 just for this eerie looking creature.what a day..
12.39 slow as always. Sigh.
Hard puzzle. 7:48. Where is everyone?
Quite dog, have we had him before without the towel?
merry xmas and happy new year to all
To Susan Valparaiso - everybody still in the shops :)
A dog waiting for a root re-touch?

very slow time tonight
This one was comparatively easy, especially considering that somehow the program reset itself to 'allow incorrect possibilities' and not 'auto remove possibilities', which drove me crazy until I figured it out and reset it.

Yes, cute dog - 'earless wonder'? Sorry, Edward Albee (the 'hipless wonder' in 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe')
A dog having a raging toothache?
Perhaps that pooch just had a sauna or steam bath.
Nun Doggie! What a cute dog. Time was over 14 minutes - horrible. On to abuse myself with the Hard.
did medium level first time.hooked to it i think
Interesting dog, wonder what time it is. Anyways, my time was 4:33, funny, last time it was 3:44.
poor doggie, i wonder what happened to it. anyway, i got 3:46 and cheated alot
6:32 pretty slow today
Freaking looking picture as it resolves.
12:15 my time
3:23 - - not the best time, even with 'allow incorrect moves' disabled! :(
Has the poor dog just had a bath? 8:29
doggy bath anyone?
only 3/4 times a year ,so we dont wash away there natural oil in there skin.
too long to say - with a lot of distractions
Everyone seems to be wondering 'what happened to that poor doggie?' Well, didn't anyone figure out yet that it just got washed!?! Natural no??
Sorry Diane and Joe, didn't see your postings when writing!
Not going to post my time this time! No pic, though.
17:10 scary picture
we figured it out. We were just workshopping a more interesting explanation. Have a go?
6:37 slow but at least it,s not to cold and it is sunny, Yea the days start getting longer now.
Really slow - thought this was hard for a medium - but what a cutie doggy!
Like the wrapped up dog - must be really well behaved.
Very so time today ...got there in the end....only to reveal 'dog in towel'....how about some jolly seasonal pics....would put some on site if I knew how!!
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