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Medium Sudoku for 23/September/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Yikes! Not fond of snakes!
23/Sep/08 12:07 AM
Sorry, snake. I am sure are loveable to someone!
23/Sep/08 12:13 AM
Oh my, what a shot! Brough my mongoose!
23/Sep/08 12:19 AM
I'm with you, Shiela. St. Patrick had the right idea ...
23/Sep/08 12:28 AM
2:42 Maen! Yum... rodents :)
23/Sep/08 12:28 AM
I am glad it is a while until MY lunch!
23/Sep/08 12:47 AM
I love snakes (unless they attack my goldfish), they keep the population of disease carrying rodents down.
23/Sep/08 12:52 AM
maen all! coolo! yeah, even garter snakes will do a number on goldfish ponds. luckily they don't eat a lot or often.
23/Sep/08 1:10 AM
"Would you like fries with that?"
23/Sep/08 3:03 AM
I know, deptz.... I saw a garter snake grab one of my goldfish last week. I saved the fish, fortunately.
23/Sep/08 3:07 AM
23/Sep/08 3:08 AM
Hmmmmm - Snakes are not a favorite of mine either........
23/Sep/08 3:48 AM
Good afternoon to all! I this this snake is having 'take-in' today!
23/Sep/08 3:53 AM
We have kept a tally of how many snakes we have seen on our i acre and its up to 68.Had 1 year when we didnt see any at all.I'm not fond of them either.
23/Sep/08 4:30 AM
I don't think this is an Eastern Brown, looks more like a Tiger Snake to me. Both are deadly.
The important thing about snakes is NOT to hang around trying to identify it - that only becomes important if it bites you!
23/Sep/08 5:29 AM
Doesn't anyone feel bad for the mouse?! I don't like mice or snakes, but poor little mouse!
23/Sep/08 5:42 AM
Like you Ian, I did not think it the deadly brown snake but googled it and some do have similar markings to this.
23/Sep/08 5:59 AM
Eastern Brown juvinile is striped with black head. Stripes disapear towards maturity. Don't know that I can identify. Definately leave alone to enjoy it's lunch! Tiger has been known to give chase when annoyed! When my daughter was 3 she went to the back yard to play, came in to tell me there was a More...
23/Sep/08 6:13 AM
Grass-hopper, I bow to your greater wisdom (or better research).
Thank you for your contribution.

Kathy, the poor little mouse would be beyond caring by the time this photo was taken.

I really must go! Seeya.
23/Sep/08 6:20 AM
It is about dinner time for me --
23/Sep/08 7:45 AM
23/Sep/08 9:23 AM
Much amused by the GoogleAd on the left - 'Rules for a Flat Stomach'
I don't think so, snake!
23/Sep/08 10:02 AM
Great capture by someone!! Hope it was a zoom lens, although it was probably to pre-occupied to bite anyway! Had it's mouth full!!
23/Sep/08 11:31 AM
Yep me and snakes have a deal, I stay away from them and they stay away from me....fair deal?
4:36 good time for me
23/Sep/08 1:02 PM
Cool! A snake picture, I love reptiles. Snakes get a bad rap for being biters, but they kill so many rodents they need to be conserved. I saw an astounding factoid which said that more than 90% of Texans bitten by rattlesnakes were drunken men in their late teens and early twenties. Seems to me the More...
23/Sep/08 2:36 PM
23/Sep/08 4:55 PM
Love it, Jim. I've always felt that Rattlesnakes are honest snakes. They give you fair warning, so you can avoid encroaching on their space any more. I'm sorry to hear that through human stupidity, we are changing their evolution to remove their rattles. It cannot be good for them. The rattles helped them conserve their venom, so they would have sufficient for their prey.
23/Sep/08 9:24 PM
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