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Medium Sudoku for 25/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Evening folks! I just finished in 5.36 which is a record for me. Have a great day/night (depending on where you are of course)
forgot the timer..but I'm sure it was not worth it!!
its a dull day here. winter is surely on its way
oops forgot to set the timer! easy one though
4:49 first time in front. I'm sure it won't last long.
Pitiful, 6.16 Well little bit has just woken up screaming,so TTFN

Thought for the Day:
'Don't take life too seriously, after all no one gets out alive.'
andre, thanks for lol :)))
3:48 on to the hard one
4:51 with a little help from little Liam...
5:39 Nice Ferris Wheel if i go on one of that....lets just say i will never again go on one of that lol
3:44. Oh, that Ferris Wheel looks like fun!
6:16 maybe I'd better get back to work?
Great picture, any offers as to where the picture was taken....looks like a nice day trip out....all welcome!! :-)
What do you get if you cross an elephant and a kangaroo?

Big holes all over Australia!
never been on the comment board this early
nice wheel
sudoku is fun too
5:41, but man! this one is making me dizzy... the numbers are all over the place! am i old or just tired?
3.07 not bad for me!!
Andre (still cant put the ' in) love your thought for the day how true!
The best face lift is a smile :)
4:30; easy medium for once.
Yvette hold the 'alt' key down then type in 1 then 3 then 0 let go off alt key unless using superglue in which scream for help and hey presto an 'é'.
I like that the best face lift :) must go (with smile firmly fixed)
HH see you later too!
6:34 Not bad either for 0358hrs!! I just know if I go to sleep(Ha) I will probably dream of something prohibited by something or someone and I'll just feel guilty in the morning. Gath, see what's happened to me. Not my sort of Wheel, but nice just the same
Good morning,Ted.What IS your sort of wheel,I wonder?Cheese perhaps?Did this one in 6.24-only just beat you,and Ithuoght it wasn't bad for 4.16 am.I really should go home to bedbut must do the next puzzle first.Nighty-night.
8:19... Yippy kai yaye!
Kids will be walking in the door soon from school, must finish my Sudoku before they commandeer the computer. Having a great day, even for a Monday!
And ghost-riders in the storm to you too, Steve from Palmerston!
to di (mackay and all) just wanted to say that I'm sorry about my thought for the day, I posted it when the puzzle changed dates today and it was posted sometime before the comments made on the 'easy' section so if I have caused any offence I'm sorry. Much love to di and all.
6 minutes. I do this one cleaner than the easy one, most days. Gloomy day in New Jersey (on the road)waiting for the trailers from the last hurricane.

Take care, all you east-coasters!
morning all....bright & sunny Sydney morn. Time for you northerners to get some shut eye??
It's not monday! It's tuesday and my birthday and I made it just before going to bed so I can take the celebration in the morning ;-))
andré: ....or, you can do what I do. Copy and paste! Billy and the boys in Redmond sawme coming. LOL
Happy Birthday Michael!! 10.07 for me - very average. Time for coffee.
I can't see anything from Florida. Is all the power out? Hope they're all OK.
Vair slooow...but beautiful day in Lovett Bay - Sydney can't complain..
4:33 and I'm happy with it...
Hey, I just tried the é trick, has anyone else done the whole keypad in all the possible combinations? I just spent a good ten minutes discovering all sorts of fun and useless symbols. Give it a try. I did find it only works with the numerical keypad, not the one on the top.
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