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Medium Sudoku for 27/December/2005


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Submitted by: Gath

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hello everyone
Hellow there too.
5:02. Saw Narnia today, was a tad disappointed in it. Anyone else seen it yet? Loved King Kong but some holes in it like - how did they get the ape on the ship back to N.Y and why didn't the ice break when the ape sat on it in Central Park - am I being too picky do you think???
interesting about Narnia - I'm re-reading the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in preparation for the film, but if it's not brilliant...
4.52 Looking forward tot the new year. May it be a good one for all.
Don't let me put you off...I've been hanging out for this film and may be my expectations were too high...Not sure if i liked the casting of Peter, he didn't do it for me, let me know what you think when you see it, I'd be interested..
heard Peter Jackson say that they made sure that it was actually possible to move Kong on that boat, but they couldn't show us on film because the movie was already so long. And I can't remember what he said about the ice. I've been disappointed with the Potter movies but ONLY because they can't fit everything in from the books.
On to difficult...
Saw the Narnia movie with the 3 teens -- they 'liked' it, I left the theater filled with hope because good won over evil.
Hope to see Narnia on Wednesday. Don't like the fantasy part of it, but like Lisa said, have to keep the good spirits up!
Merry X-mas
wishing all a happy 06
4:37 - I think Gath is being easy on us, post-christmas!
An easy Medium, seven minutes for me, no guessing. I agree with Zann, the HP films can't have everything, but the Goblet of Fire seemed thinner than the previous ones. I missed Dobby and Winky. Why not just make two films: Part 1 and Part 2?
2:02 Seemed like an easy one today
Narnia was very true to the book, however, battle scenes are enhanced to compete with HP. I loved the beavers - kids voted me Mrs. Beaver.
I need to read HP but enjoy the movies. I agree with Cat Lady - the Goblet of Fire just do it for me. I think 2 movies -
Hard Medium today, or brain just wasn't in gear.
Agree, Narnia was following the book quite well. I liked it and so did my daugher (7). My question is, why were all the ugly guys on the 'bad' side and all the hunks and cuties on the 'good' side?
And this makes two from France
I've also just read the Lion, Witch & Wardrobe and immediately wanted to get the other 6 in the series. Can't wait to see the movie! Jan - ugly guys are bad because ugly is perceived to be evil - hunks & cuties are always good because pretty/handsome is perceived as 'good'. Hence the saying 'all that is beautiful is not good...but all that is good is beautiful'.
4:55 nice photo... ocean, or just a large body of water?
I've seen both Narnia and Kong - loved them both, but maybe I'm being a bit patriotic because they were 'New Zealand made'. I want to go see Joyeux Noel next.
Turner said:'Sun is God'
Why the sudden rush of NZ-made movies? First the LOTR trilogy, then Kong and Narnia ... we'll have to call it Kiwi-wood!
I guess the NZ movies are cos Peter Jackson and Roger Donaldson (Narnia director) are both NZ'ers, and they know what the country can offer in terms of locations, workforce, technology etc.. (capital city of NZ is called Wellington, nicknamed Wellywood by some because it's had a few 'world premieres' of movies.).
I just got back from seeing Narnia and no, I wasn't disappointed at all. In fact I loved it. The acting of the young people was especially believable and the scenery and CGI superb. A worthy successor to LOTR for NZ. Tilda Swinton was cold and cruel - just as she needed to be. A fine performance.
hi fraz how are you doing? glad you liked narnia, I was looking forward to seeing it until Billy put the dampner on it a bit!
Forgot to put the timer on.

Another lovely sunset today.

normal time for me

off to hard

Hi Paul! Re: if I think you should apologise - I avoid shoulds and oughts as much as I can (thougt that might've come through from the debate about capital punishment) so all I offered was my opinion....btw, still interested to know why you're grudgingly missing PCY?
I didn't want to put any one off seeing Narnia!!!
It's just that the film had EVERYTHING there...it's just that there were certain scenes/characters were left wanting for me, personally - especially the Aslan scene- I remember being close to tears when he was being humiliated by the White More...
Why can't I get my Tough today?
I did love Goblet of Fire, but missed Dobby and Winky - they provide much of the humour in the books.
What is going on between HH, Paul(s/m?)and Fraz? is there a love tryst happening??!!!
Rosemary - the tough just isn't happening...
re love tryst - and Fiona!
Hi Billy - all I know is that I started chatting to Paul a while ago and still do, he's also Spellmaster and I think the technical term is 'has the hots' for fiona. This New Year party could be wild! :)
HH is right. Don't know how I got there (in your question!)
Agree with you on Goblet of Fire. Missed the house elves. But Fred and George did a great turn.
But where was Mrs Weasley?
Sorry Fraz - it's just that your name was mentioned a lot!!
Have to go as the sales are about to kick-off in less than an hour...
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