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Easy Sudoku for 1/January/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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OK, I know what I'll send you. Hope it makes it there in one piece. BTW, I am secretly enjoying the vegemite on toast. It smells awful, but for some reason I seem to like the taste. Guess its kinda like stinky cheese. It stinks but tastes yummy.
Just rang work, Loza - they are quiet at the moment, maybe later....
ok I'm off - nite all

and have a great one wherever you are.
stay safe.
Thanks, tricia - I love salsa too!! But really, you don't have to send anything.
Youngest grandson is having a non-proper food eating phase and has practically eaten nothing but a vegemite sandwich for breakfast, lunch or dinner for the last 10 days!!
I'm off too. Goodnight all.
Good Maen and Happy New Year to those on the other side - we are just getting the party started here - as you recover from your nite's fun. Little Luke is the New Year's Baby - still old Father Time here in the States. Be safe and have a good day.
Woohoo it's the New Year herex!!!!!
I wonder who the girls are on the 6x6 Easy kids puzzle?
Welcome home Anne and
Mo: Anne posted from Wickham. Her post yesterday said she is flying home tomorrow.
2:20 Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, may it be peaceful for all of you x

Thought for the Day:

Be gentle with the earth.
Thanks Greg - I thought I was a bit early. Enjoy the rest of your New Years Eve.
We have got permission to park our motorhome next to the golf club where we shall be dining with 160 others. 7 courses, with wine. Bottle champagne per couple at midnight. Didn't think driving home was an More...
Mo, you may have other guests in your motorhome overnight from the sounds of it. Enjoy your New Year's Eve!
I too have had a quiet one, we've got a sick pup who needed TLC
All the best everyone have a rewarding safe new yearxxxxxx!
It's two minutes to go to countdown.

Hi Greg, Mo, Steve
Just got back from the fireworks on Sydney harbour with our UK visitors who were overawed.
hi all....
abt one and half hr more to go..welcome 2007...
Hi all! There's some photos of the sydney fireworks on the newspapers sites www.smh.com.au and www.dailytelegraph.com.au and www.skynews.com.au
Happy New Year's to everyone. It is the 31st here. I hope I get to stay up.

Tricia: I may only be ten but I love hot sauce.
Kate, wish I could have been there. Had heard they are about the best in the world and the photos certainly look that way.
Off to paint my nails, my night has yet to begin we still have 7 hours to go.
AP: An early happy new year wish to you and yours, but you have more then an hour and a half to go. You're rushing us Western hemisphere people. Think you have still got your time zones mixed up my friend. 12 plus hours, and counting!
Kaye. Thanks for the link and sharing the pictures!
R.I.P. former U.S. President Gerald Ford.
1.55 under 2:00 excellent!
I can feel the spirit of a Happy New Year coming my way. It will get here in about 12 hours and 5 minutes.Thanks for pushing the celebration our way. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all from Maryland, the land of Blue Crabs(with Old Bay spices) and Pleasant living.
Happy New Year !
Wishing everyone Health,Happiness and Peace
Hi everyone,What a cute little boy.Hope everyone has a safe and heathly New year.
Luke makes a wonderful Baby New Year.
Happy Still-New-Year's-Eve-over-here Maen, all!

Steaks are on sale at Ralph's market this week, so I will probably pick up a couple for Hubby and my dinner tonight.

He already picked up a bottle of sparkling alcoholic something or other [I'm too lazy to totter downstairs to look in More...
Beautiful baby,congratulations.That is Gods present to you.
2:54. I always feel so behind! I just woke up on New Year's Eve. I've got more than 12 hours before I start drinking bubbly.
Happy Hogmanay to all the Scots around here - or am I the only one???? Surely not - here's to you!
Bonne Année, Fiona. I'm not Scots but my father was northern Irish so, only over the water.
Happy Hogmanay to you and your family.
I think we are in the centre of things - New Zealand and Australia already done and dusted. USA still around the lunch table and us building up to it.5 hours to go to what I hope will be the best year yet.
1:42 today, not to bad.
Happy New Year to those who are Down Under. We still have to wait for 12 hours and 5 min. for our celebrations!!!
Party on!!!
Luke is cute, but was much cuter the first dozen times we saw his picture.
Sorry to be thick but where is Regina are you well west?
Good Maen to all. 1st time posting, love the site. Happy New Year (we still have 14 hours left of 2006). Best wishes for a peaceful 2007.
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