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Easy Sudoku for 1/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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01/Jan/12 3:51 PM
Oh, grief, I was not paying attention.
01/Jan/12 3:52 PM
Surprised HalT, did not jump in there. He must have fallen asleep, you know people at that age.
01/Jan/12 3:53 PM
7 minutes.
01/Jan/12 3:53 PM
Yes, Karen, I do. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
01/Jan/12 3:53 PM
6 minutes.
01/Jan/12 3:54 PM
Cannot really say much, I have been yawning since 9 and I still have an hour to go.
01/Jan/12 3:54 PM
5 minutes.
01/Jan/12 3:55 PM
4 minutes.
01/Jan/12 3:56 PM
Onya, Jane. Missed that one completely.
4 minutes... going over to the TV. Until tomorrow...
01/Jan/12 3:56 PM
3 minutes.
01/Jan/12 3:56 PM
2 minutes.
01/Jan/12 3:58 PM
1 minute.
01/Jan/12 3:58 PM
Only 3 hours and one minute to go, for me...
01/Jan/12 3:59 PM
01/Jan/12 3:59 PM
Ok, I'm going to bed now. Nite all!
01/Jan/12 4:00 PM
Happy New Years, you two. Glad I could be with you to welcome it in.
Now, you two better get to bed or you will sleep most of the New Years day.
01/Jan/12 4:00 PM
In case I can't make it another hour, my wish to all is a healthy & happy New Year.
01/Jan/12 4:01 PM
OH, Jerry.
That time would ensure me that I finished all of my end of the year duties, but ruin my whole beauty.
01/Jan/12 4:03 PM
Come on Sue, don't be old like HalT, you can do it.
01/Jan/12 4:05 PM
Not all of are young like you Karen.
01/Jan/12 4:09 PM
I haven't been up to par the last 3 days, some kind of a bug has got a hold on me.
01/Jan/12 4:10 PM
Flying or crawling, Sue? I have spray for both...
01/Jan/12 4:15 PM

01/Jan/12 4:22 PM
Jerry, One that invaded my stomach.
01/Jan/12 4:22 PM
New photo. One of my feathery friends wishing you all a happy new year
01/Jan/12 4:25 PM
Oh, Sue, maybe all the gassy foods that are supposed to eaten tomorrow will help.
01/Jan/12 4:27 PM
Yeah, I know. I was being facetious...
01/Jan/12 4:28 PM
Two machines empty and one finishing the last load of laundry for the year and still have 32 minutes to go.
01/Jan/12 4:29 PM
Nothing like stretching it out to the last minute, Karen
01/Jan/12 4:30 PM
Woohoo. All end of the year duties done, machines empty and nothing pending, with minutes to spare.
01/Jan/12 4:57 PM
Not many minutes, but some.
01/Jan/12 4:57 PM
By my clock it is almost time.
01/Jan/12 4:58 PM
How you doing, Sue? Are you going to make it?
01/Jan/12 4:59 PM
I just finished taking out towels, so mine are done also.
01/Jan/12 4:59 PM
01/Jan/12 4:59 PM
Only Two Hours To Go...
01/Jan/12 5:00 PM
That was my last load too.
01/Jan/12 5:00 PM
The clock here is slow
01/Jan/12 5:00 PM
It is a new year in Texas.
01/Jan/12 5:00 PM
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