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Easy Sudoku for 1/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful 2013!
01/Jan/13 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Happy New Year to all my fellow sudokuists. May 2013 be the best year yet!

Now, Here's today's medical daffynition:
Bandages - The Rolling Stones

...and here's today's factoid:
Size of the smallest man alive, 54.6 cm (21.5 in)
01/Jan/13 12:00 AM
Hi Kayo, Happy New Year!
01/Jan/13 12:00 AM
Happy New Year Sudokuland!!!
01/Jan/13 12:01 AM
Happy New year.
01/Jan/13 12:01 AM
5 kittens for the New Year!
01/Jan/13 12:01 AM
01/Jan/13 12:02 AM
01/Jan/13 12:03 AM
Luna Park from under the bridge...bet this is all lit up right now!
01/Jan/13 12:04 AM
1:48 for my first puzzle of 2013. Good night all.
01/Jan/13 12:08 AM
01/Jan/13 12:15 AM
Was off watching the fireworks.
01/Jan/13 12:16 AM

I'm really not feeling the New Year thing right now. Fortunately I have another day before it hits here.
01/Jan/13 12:17 AM
Though I think I slept through the last feew minutes of it.
01/Jan/13 12:17 AM
01/Jan/13 12:17 AM
And now it's goodnight from me.
01/Jan/13 12:18 AM


01/Jan/13 12:19 AM
01/Jan/13 12:20 AM
I thought i was here early.
01/Jan/13 12:38 AM
But I'm right on time.
01/Jan/13 12:38 AM
For me to get
01/Jan/13 12:38 AM

For those that asked there are some new pictures on my page.
01/Jan/13 12:39 AM
my number.
01/Jan/13 12:39 AM
Curses ... foiled again.
01/Jan/13 12:39 AM

Well there ya go. 22
01/Jan/13 12:40 AM
Very cute baby pictures, Mr Cee. Everybody took a turn.
01/Jan/13 12:47 AM
That we did Keith.
01/Jan/13 1:02 AM
to everyone on the other side!
No to start YOUR New Year...
Probably won't need them tomorrow at ours!!!
(It'll be night!)
01/Jan/13 1:03 AM
Beautiful granddaughter, Mr Cee!!!
01/Jan/13 1:04 AM
How long since we've seen a picture with no comment on Easy?
01/Jan/13 1:05 AM
Time for me to go to bed (1.04am here!), goodnight, God bless ''see'' you all later!!!
01/Jan/13 1:06 AM
01/Jan/13 1:10 AM
You are right, Keith!
(Love the color of that catamaran!)
01/Jan/13 1:26 AM
all. And to each of you as it arrives in your time zone.
01/Jan/13 1:27 AM
Happy New Year down under!!
01/Jan/13 2:04 AM
Best wishes to all for a Wonderful New Year filled with peace, joy and good health. Enjoy this festive time with family and good friends, with a thought and prayer going out to all who find it difficult to rejoice right now. Blessings!
01/Jan/13 2:20 AM
Dropping in to wish you all a very Happy New Year - hope your year finds you on the up road - and may blessing find you on your journey. Wishing you a healthy safe year - Enjoy your day ! Mary
01/Jan/13 2:21 AM

01/Jan/13 2:25 AM
Yoo Hoo! Sue! Are you there?

They did it!

NFC East Champions!
On to the playoffs!
01/Jan/13 2:29 AM
Well said, Cathy.
(Hello to your cats.)
01/Jan/13 2:30 AM
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