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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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No Andy
Won't help me Mandy...you're in Melb I tink?
There once was a man from Great Britain
Who interrupted two girls at their knittin'.
Said he with a sigh,
'That park bench, well I
Just painted it right where you're sittin'.'
Dandy - Tassie
Well I hope I'm keeping you smiling in Tassie, Mandy. How come you're not working? Any equine suggestions for the big one today?
Mon: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i got it. funny

(sorry to break the rhyming rhythm)
I am workin
that is handy
what is with this rhyming
Don't know Mandy. Just having fun with it. No offence. I'm backing Mr.Ed at 100 to 1.
Hey everyone
I have turned a new leaf today
Hi Kerira, a new leaf? The turningh of a fresh page in your life?
This is my second day and first on line. It took about 15 min. I didn't know it was a race until I looked below and saw these comments. I just wanted to complete one of these before I died.
3:17,Happy Halloween To All. Happy Birthday to the newbie. Had a horrible day at work today but then I work in a horrible place. Several fights and a stabbing, my nurse's feets are tired.
Hello everyone!! more rain here - No Halloween over here but today is the Melbourne Cup!!! Who is every one going for ??
oh and the memories of Halloween's past. I think my favorite costume for my daughter was at about 3 y/o I dressed her as a Mummy. Brought home gauze from work, and wrapped her head to toe. Of course leaving the face open, put whie makeup with dark circles around her eyes. She won 2nd place in a contest, lol.
Ok you can die now David.
4:25, not too shabby. Been in the garden and off to do some more.
5:33 best yet.hope one day to get under 5mins.
David You help me!!!!
Hello a-one, andré, Ted, SweetRascal, Jim, HH, and all others as it would take entirely too long to list even the regulars anymore.
Happy Halloween all! Scooby is working down the street so I left my Velma costume at home...but I am still eating all the candy!
Pretty good jokes today (although took me awhile to get the cat one)
Took three tries to get my comment through (service unavailable) and when it finally does go through I spelled Michigan wrong!!! Ugh.
hi to all what do you mean youve turned over a new leaf? if i dont or cant reply later its that im having problems with my pc i keep getting a database error
hi to all, kerira what do you mean by turning over a new leaf? im having problems with my pc again it keep getting database error dont know why we only had it fixed recently to.
bloody pc sent me a message before that my last message wasnt sent give up. heres a joke from my son i apologise to anyone who might get offended. New Zealanders have discovered a new use for sheep. Wool!
cathy, cathy, cathy, cathy. Your breakfast is repeating.
Yeah I talked with a few people last night and now i'm better
Maybe she's gone to be a part of the Jerry Springer show??? Mandy, wasn't it you yesterday criticising me for my comments to Kerira, saying that I sound old enough to know better. If so, why today do you describe her as weird???
Julius, please quit the Princess of Wales jokes, I don't think any one of us find them funny.
has everyone gone? oh well heres another joke. i was nervous at first, it was big &long & went straight up! i had to try it, i eased myself on to it, i went up and down on it! i love escalators now!
No sorry i wasn't on yesterday i just read the archive form yeateray
Susan from ingham,Queensland is not the only state not to have daylight saving.Western Australia also does not have it.
kerira its good to hear, to answer your question from yesterday i was 20 when i had my eldest myn pc stopped workin yesterday
Im weierd u don;t know the meanin
Its getting spooky again.
2:41--way cute dog! wish mine was that good when he is given a bath...but nooooo...he has to run around the house like a mad man and knock over the plants so he can run through the dirt and make mud all over the place. But man, its cute :)
Yes Gill, I said the only EASTERN state not to have daylight savings. We already knew that Sudoku Land originates from an Eastern state because it changes at midnight Eastern time, and if it was from any other Eastern state or A.C.T. it wouldn't still be changing at midnight in Q. Does that make sense?
I just want to have lots more kids and not do anything with my life.
Well Kerira
How many kids do u already have
Too many Keriras
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