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Easy Sudoku for 1/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Where in the world is Hal?

Oh, evening all.
01/Nov/16 12:05 AM
01/Nov/16 12:08 AM
Once again, cannot get to tough...??
01/Nov/16 12:21 AM
1:55 Good night one and all!
01/Nov/16 12:31 AM
01/Nov/16 12:35 AM
01/Nov/16 12:44 AM
Good Maen, good people. Slept in this morning because I stayed up listening to Game 5 last night. Looks as if I have a Wombat poozle to do that was posted yesterday.
01/Nov/16 12:48 AM
Huh. Someone was just in the chat room but is now gone?
01/Nov/16 12:49 AM
Stayed up late watching the game, too, but had to get up bright and early. Our reupholstered dining chairs and 2 wingback chairs were delivered this morning! Yippee!!!
01/Nov/16 12:53 AM
Keith, Skye and I ate Saturday a Culvers. We ordered and were given a plastic order number to sit on the booth table we chose so the server could bring our order. Dull as I was, by the time I realized I should pull out my camera and take a photo of the blue 22 sitting on the tabletop, the waitress More...
01/Nov/16 12:55 AM
Now, all that is left to do of our renovation is rehang all of my paintings. The interior designor said she'd help - for a fee - but hubby & I won't spring for that. Unfortunately, the offer has made me afraid to trust my own judgement.
01/Nov/16 12:56 AM
*at Culvers

Skye's suggestion could work ... It keeps YOU coming back every day!
01/Nov/16 12:57 AM
I think you should, Plum!
01/Nov/16 12:57 AM
Hi, Shiela. Are you thinking of mixing them up and not putting them back the same way they used to hang?
01/Nov/16 12:59 AM
It was 34 F degrees when we got up this morning. Brrr!
(We have been on vacation in Myrtle Beach and the Smoky Mountains for the last 10 days and had 70+ F degree days every day.)
01/Nov/16 1:00 AM
I think I will have to, Plum, because we have color on our walls for the first time. Some of the paintings look really weird on the colors.
01/Nov/16 1:01 AM
Ha. Speaking of springing, it costs less to try for a 22 here than at Culvers. And we don't run the risk of a nut reaction here. (Well, at least not the kind of nut reaction that requires an Epipen.)
01/Nov/16 1:02 AM
There is something to be said for having all white walls when it comes to hanging paintings!
01/Nov/16 1:02 AM
It's just as cold here in Michigan for those of us who haven't been to points south, Shiela.
01/Nov/16 1:04 AM
I wondered if anyone used the chat room anymore.

What a missed photo op. Plum. I can't throw stones. I had a #22 paper pick up number at the pharmacy last week and didn't think to take a photo, either. I almost went back More...
01/Nov/16 1:05 AM
Nuts are awful because of the reaction, but just try to deal with a garlic and onion intolerance! Restaurants have pre-seasoned foods and many have no idea that their 'special seasoning' may have garlic!
01/Nov/16 1:06 AM
01/Nov/16 1:06 AM
Yuppee!!! A great way to start a week!
01/Nov/16 1:07 AM
I had a similar trouble when I put color on my walls. I decided which artwork I insisted was going to stay, then I chose colors that wouldn't clash without being to matchup-matchup.

A thought ... art gallery and museum walls are often painted. Do they have so much trouble?

01/Nov/16 1:08 AM
Wow. for you, Shiela.

Kathy and I deserved that for missing 22 ops.

Keith deserved it for stirring the pot for more comments/commenters then going back to sleep.
01/Nov/16 1:13 AM
Hello world, the sun is shining but it is chilly out of the sun.
01/Nov/16 1:15 AM
*too it's what comes from trying to type on a cellphone when Im not wearing my glasses.
01/Nov/16 1:16 AM
Thanks, Plum!
01/Nov/16 1:16 AM
Shiela, I have a friend who is allergic to onions. She was also told to stay away from flowers in the lily family, daffodils, tulips, and iris. Evidently, the sap can be a trigger.
01/Nov/16 1:16 AM
Yea!! Tomorrow our daylight saving time will be over and we will be back in sync with our friends down south!
01/Nov/16 1:16 AM
Hello. GannieMo! Sunshine here, too!
(Good thing! They are doing the finishing touches on the repaving of our street today. Nice that it's not raining.)
01/Nov/16 1:18 AM
Really, Denny? Our daylight saving time change happens on Nov 5th (Saturday/Sunday night) in Michigan.
01/Nov/16 1:21 AM
Did you see/find any devastation or encounter any inconveniences from Matthew Shiela?
01/Nov/16 1:22 AM
In some ways, I think the onion/garlic intolerance or allergy is worse than peanuts. It is in everything in powdered form. She has to read every label, and has pretty much given up going out to eat.
01/Nov/16 1:23 AM
Just had a warning screen pop up on said cellphone. Now every single electronic internet capable device I own needs charging. And I can't find the cube with a wall plug. I'll have to find a sufficient number of charging cords and hook up to the USB ports on the computer (which needs charging at the same time) and the clock next to the TV (which I must first set to the correct time).
01/Nov/16 1:24 AM
Oops!! Meant to talk about DST next week! Guess I had better get some coffee quick!
01/Nov/16 1:26 AM

Denny - You have me confused. (Not that that's too hard to do!) Where do you live that DST will end on a Tuesday or Wednesday? Next to your name, it says you're from Napa Valley, CA which changes time Sunday Nov. 6.
01/Nov/16 1:29 AM
I am not a fan of daylight saving time. I don't like it getting dark so early. When I was working, I got up in the dark, went to work in the dark, and came home in the dark. I felt rather light deprived.
Every year about this time, there is talk about doing away with it, but nothing ever comes of it.
01/Nov/16 1:29 AM
Hi, GannieMo.
Yes, I usually season our food with copious amounts of garlic and/or onions. Skye is also gluten free. Until we get her health insurance straightened out (it's been years and she hasn't had steady insurance we could count on) - or win the lottery - we don't know exactly how broad More...
01/Nov/16 1:30 AM
I hope some of the Michigan people are rooting for the Cleveland Indians rather than the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. The Cubs beat us last night.
01/Nov/16 1:31 AM
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