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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Maen, all. Great joke, jeb. Sent it to my daughter in MN.
We're having snow flurries! Not really a rare event here but unusual enough to get the kids excited!
ap, I loved your joke - still laughing.
Jeb: I've seen a similar joke with Ohio in Minnesota's place - the punch line has the Browns winning the Super Bowl (which will probably NEVER happen!).
Cute little boy - has anyone claimed him yet?
Jeb: Love the MN joke! Ya shure ya betcha, just goest to prove what a hale and hardy bunch we are doncha know

Dot: What part of the great north is your daughter?
Great smile under that wonderful hat.
Jeb, that joke was off the hook!

Oh, Karen, my fellow Ohioan sister, 'all things are possible, if you only believe.' Don't sleep on the Browns. Their time will come. But while we're waiting, let's shift the loyalts down I-70 West if you can't get down I-95. GO COLTS!!
4:04 getting better not as good as the 2 minutes but I guess that comes with time for those who are wondering is's -1c with the wind chill it's -8c sunny with a few clouds. I really miss the clouds wind gusts are at 46 km/h not that bad but I don't want to walk in it.
How many of you have heard of Jimmy Barnes? He had a hit with a song called 'Working Class Man'. I would imagine mostly Aussies will have heard of him. Have you heard or seen the clip where 'Advance Australia Fair' (our national anthem) is sung to the tune of 'Working Class Man'? It is fantastic!!!
morning~! nice day for sydney!
Today I used my new toaster for the first time. It works just fine.
Glinda, I had toast today. It was delicious.
Just a little bit more on the recycled water. If it is distasteful to drink recycled water (for whatever reason) then drink bottled water. Wash the clothes, bathe, wash the dishes, flush the toilet etc etc with the recycled water from the taps but drink Evian, Mount Franklin, Cool Ridge (there are plenty of them).
Linda, please come backx!!!!!!!!
2.51 slow slow slow
cute smile though
great jokes
1.42....tweezy today...time to go
what about Cold Chisel Deb?
Now, this is a cut and paste excersize, I am NOT a female - God we went through that over 12 months ago!

The Lord and the Seamstress

One day, when a seamstress was sewing while sitting close to a river, her thimble fell into the river.

When she cried out, the Lord appeared More...
There was a young Scottish boy called Gordon who decided to try life in Australia. He found an apartment in a small block and settled in. After a week or two, his mother called from Aberdeen to see how her son was doing in his new life. ’I’m fine, ’ Gordon said. ’But there are some really strange More...
I would love some toast too
Still hanging on out here in the non supporting member area. Maybe Gath doesn't love me anymore?
2:24 Good morning everyone! Some of the best jokes for ages this morning have had me choking on my laughter. Thank you people.
Oh, and Deb, I so totally agree with you on the recycled water issue.
Good afternoon to all! Look at that smile on his face! 'Aye, ye land lubbers, I'm the master of this ocean!'
TONY from UK - hello Tony, no, I was up late and had just returned from playing badminton but I always try to come on here at change over time.

Good morning everyone
Baz: Good to hear from you. Is all well with you? Have missed your comments.
Glinda - you didn't say if you had toast? 'Fine' sounds like 'mediocre'- should be 'fabulous' for a new toaster, but then I think you do not give over to hyperbole.

Yodel doo?

Mo - Gath must be busy although I thought he was omnipotent...
Thank you for your good questions. My new toaster is a good toaster. I did have some toast and it was fine. I had it plain today, with some butter on it. I have never tried hyperbole. Is it like vegemite?
Thanks Greg, Yes all is spiffingly well with me. I have been giving it a bit of a rest of late, but gradually warming again. Problem is, not a lot of controversy at the moment. All could be considered a little dull???? Any chance of some spice and maybe a little spite! Nobody has called anyone else More...
Good mAen from the sunny Pacific Northwest.

We've got beautifully clear, blue skies, with a temp of 46F (8C).

...ora et labora...
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About bottled water - doesn't it add to global warming (energy used to bottle water, plastic bottles used, lots of freight miles in shipping it around the world by plane, truck, etc), which in turn adds to the whole drought situation?
1:58. This was, I believe, my first time under 2 minutes. Yipee.
Good one Baz! I think I'll go push my husband into a stream! Trouble is, all ours are frozen.
Guess what? It snowed today.
SARAH BETH - snow on Wednesday! Is it going to keep on into the weekend (going for seven?)?
Good to hear from BAZ - tho I am not here often enough to know when he is/isn't on anymore.
VICTORIA asked me to post our honest opinions once we had tried the Vegemite. We followed her explicit instructions, toasting fresh bread and then applying a layer of butter and a thin scraping of Vegemite. We toasted whole wheat bread first (I sound like Glinda!), but it obscured the flavor of More...
Judy ... lol
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