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Easy Sudoku for 1/February/2011


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Submitted by: Gath

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Up here.
01/Feb/11 3:28 AM
Neil, your poem was grand. Though, I am not a shopper either. My ideal shopping trip, is to browse the Internet or flip through a catalogue.
01/Feb/11 3:31 AM

Heavy cream is heavier than light cream. Light cream is heavier than milk. Milk is heavier than water.

Maybe you should ask your Man to get some heavy cream before he returns home for your gastronomic delights.
01/Feb/11 3:39 AM
That was on his list last week, before he came home.
I was actually hoping someone would tell me to boil regular milk, maybe add some butter until it thickens and, that would make heavy cream.

MIL generally makes me coconut cream pie, but she has not done that in a very long time. Wonder if I angered the MIL.
01/Feb/11 3:48 AM
maen all Y'all
01/Feb/11 3:50 AM
Without reading further,(I'm still high on the first page.) it would appear that some got up ".deb fo edis gnorw eht nO"
01/Feb/11 3:51 AM
Happy Monday!
How do you get the computer to type the letters backwards?
Judy/SD: I was keeping Hubby company on the sofa as he was watching "The Lost Valentine" Hallmark Hall of Fame and got sucked in to watching the whole thing! Teared up when the military escort arrived with Caroline's husband...Betty White did a great job!
01/Feb/11 4:10 AM
Heavy cream is at the store next to the half-and-half, Karen, in a little carton. Go get it!
01/Feb/11 4:17 AM
"Teared up", Aileen? I was sobbing and gasping like a blubbering idiot!
01/Feb/11 4:19 AM
That was the plan this morning Judy, but forgot to stop.
01/Feb/11 4:20 AM
Paula, just prepared a dish, that my mother made all the time when I was growing up. I thought it was just nasty back then. Now, we may have a carrot salad tonight for dinner. Paula added corn and raisins, I think I will leave that out.
01/Feb/11 4:22 AM
Speaking of assumptions, I always assumed 'half and half' was 50% milk & 50% cream.. that is until I read the ingredients and guess what?? Nowhere does it say what that stuff really is. Now let your imagination run wild!!
01/Feb/11 4:30 AM
Yasi looks like a bad one. Everyone in the path, take care.
01/Feb/11 4:32 AM
Karen, my mom put raisins in her carrot salad.
01/Feb/11 4:33 AM
Karen: Here is a nationally available brand of heavy whipping cream. It also comes in pints and half pints. Your store brand will look different. It may say just "whipping cream" or just "heavy cream."

01/Feb/11 4:37 AM
My mom did too. I am sure the girls would love it with raisins. I am sure, as a good mother, I will add the raisins.
Really, thought it was odd, since, I was thinking about my brother the other day, and how he liked the carrot salad. It was a strange moment. But then the carrot salad stayed in More...
01/Feb/11 4:38 AM
It would have been so much simpler if Man had forgotten the half and half, instead of the heavy cream. Since, I do know how to make half and half.
01/Feb/11 4:41 AM
Karen, think twice before sending a man to a grocery store. Need proof? Check this out:
01/Feb/11 4:45 AM
Oh, Captain J, that was great. I will keep that in mind, never to number my list.
Though that trip was not a list trip. I told him over the phone, when he asked me if I needed anything from town. He even kept me on the phone for the majority of the shopping trip. It was one of those times, I should have stayed on line the entire time he was at the store.
01/Feb/11 5:05 AM
I will be 100 today.
01/Feb/11 5:06 AM
Cap'n J - if the half & half package doesn't say anything else, it's half cream and half milk. If it's anything else, it must be declared.

01/Feb/11 5:30 AM
Just realized we have a 4-H meeting tonight.
On the other hand (while waiting for the paint to dry on the pine car), the puzzle today was lightning fast. Does this bode well for our car? Hope so!!
01/Feb/11 6:04 AM
Hey Plum, What kind of milk? 3.8%, 2%, 1%, Skim?

I have a friend that calls 1% "white water".
01/Feb/11 6:51 AM
01/Feb/11 7:08 AM
1:48 Morning All
01/Feb/11 7:21 AM
1/2 cream, 1/2 whole milk. Total milkfat between 10.5% and 18% (usually 12.5%).
01/Feb/11 7:45 AM
Still less milkfat than is given by a decent cow. The temperatures are starting to soar here already, and they are forcasting 50knot winds by lunch time so we have our first total fire ban for the summer. That cyclone is a whopper but who named it as I thought that they started with the begining of the alphabet. e.g. Anthony then Betty etc.
01/Feb/11 9:54 AM
A very fond childhood memory of mine is visiting a dairy at milking time. Automatic milking machines brought the milk to where it flowed over cooling coils. Right after the coils there was a spigot. The farmer gave me a glass of milk right out of that spigot, ice cold and just seconds out of the cow. It was the best glass of milk I ever drank.
01/Feb/11 10:08 AM
I saw a little bird go hop, hop, hop.
I told the little bird to stop, stop, stop.
I went to the window to say 'How do you do?'
He wagged his little tail and far away he flew!

01/Feb/11 11:00 AM
I worked on a dairy farm for 1 weekend during college when I went home with my sweetmate for the weekend - 60 head - milked twice a day - I had to remove myself from the milking shed for 2 cows that were to shy to "milk" in front of a stranger -- fun weekend - but it was work.
01/Feb/11 11:05 AM
.lla gninroM A cute little bird, liked your poem mymare.
I know what you mean Keith,part of my teenage years were spent helping Dad with the milking. Loved the cold fresh milk and I would always try to be first to the milk of a morning to have cream on my breakfast. Drool drool!
01/Feb/11 11:16 AM
Sadly, that was a one time thing for me.
01/Feb/11 11:52 AM
My first husband's mother had three cows. I never milked them, but I did put the milk through the separatater. Milk came in three grades then (65 years ago) Milk , half&half, and cream. All cream whipped. If you never had fresh buttermilk, you don't understand the best drink in the world. This stuff you buy in the stores is sour.
01/Feb/11 11:54 AM
Buttermilk recipes call for sour buttermilk. They were invented to use the stuff up.
01/Feb/11 11:57 AM
Good morning all!
When I was about 13-14 I used to get up before school and milk a cow. I'd get on my bicycle and go and round it up from the paddock first. One Sunday morning I was milking it and a fly was bothering it, so it swished it's tail and it went right across my face. You can guess what was on it's tail and it was usually a very clean cow.
01/Feb/11 12:39 PM
Tricia - if I remember rightly, they used to name cyclones after the wives of the men who worked in the weather bureaus but now also after the men's names.
01/Feb/11 12:47 PM
Good Morning
01/Feb/11 12:59 PM
We had our own cow some years ago and Warren would milk it daily. It was the only milk my son who has a lactose intolerance could drink. Don't tell me that whatever they do to it doesn't alter it and the taste is sour and yitch.
01/Feb/11 1:08 PM
Am I here in time for a page change?
01/Feb/11 1:15 PM
This one and...
01/Feb/11 1:15 PM
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