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Easy Sudoku for 1/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Page 2???
01/May/16 9:38 AM
Yes! Welcome.
01/May/16 9:38 AM
Just finished a big bowl of watermelon, so nice and sweet.
01/May/16 11:31 AM
This afternoon turned fairly warm. I did some cleaning up of the back patio, it was a mess after last nights storm.
01/May/16 11:34 AM
1:48 Good morning one and all!
01/May/16 11:39 AM
Here again tonight to wish all of you a lovely day ...or night!
Will soon retire for the night!
01/May/16 11:44 AM
Another day arriving late in our top-sider's day - hope everyone has been enjoying this day.
01/May/16 11:53 AM
Well, the old clock on the wall says that it is my bedtime again. So I wish you all a good night.
01/May/16 1:05 PM
01/May/16 1:24 PM
Big calamity! I was doing some gardening and fell over. I will have a nice bruise on my thigh where I fell on some rocks But the worst part was I fell onto my yellow (Vascoe) hibiscus and snapped it off near the base. The one I use as my avatar. My Mum bought it for me not long after we moved into More...
01/May/16 3:18 PM
How sad June, and glad you were not more injured!! Hopefully it will strike again, fingers crossed, else it is a nice time for a holiday in WA!!!
01/May/16 5:41 PM
Thanks Bluey.
01/May/16 6:24 PM
Good Maen, good people.
01/May/16 11:36 PM
Sue - warm days and watermelon sound like a dream come true.
01/May/16 11:36 PM
June - I add my delight to bluey's that you were not hurt worse, though I can imagine you might get sorer before you completely heal.

If the hibiscus isn't grafted the root stock may push new growth? Try applying a fertilizer and mulch and maybe it will rally?
01/May/16 11:40 PM
Another cp to end the sudoku day. I won't compete to open the new page. I need to finish getting ready then I'm off to church where, after some musical praise, communion and about an hour of studying 1 Thessalonians we'll enjoy a potluck and fellowship that includes a baby shower for a soon-to-be-born fourth child (third son).
01/May/16 11:46 PM
G'day all.
01/May/16 11:58 PM
hi folks
02/May/16 12:00 AM
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