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Easy Sudoku for 1/June/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Repeat post, please skip if you’ve already seen it:
It is obvious that our Sudoku site is constantly evolving. Some of the changes are for the good. Other things that are happening are not so good. We can all play a part in improving and strengthening the site. We can and should express our More...
01/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Good Morning Worldly People.
01/Jun/09 12:00 AM
Good morning world.
01/Jun/09 12:02 AM
Greetings right back at you Karen, Keith, Dorthea and everybody else that follows...think I did enough yabbering yesterday to last you all a lifetime! I think I had best bid you all good night. Have a great day.
01/Jun/09 12:06 AM
G'Mo - God never gave me the six babies we had hoped for when we got married. Here I am, menopausal and my mothering instinct isn't used up yet. "Gramma" is starting to sound good.
01/Jun/09 12:12 AM
Keith, I have expressed my opinion here before, but will certainly send a message to Gath. This site (for lack of a better word) needs to be nurtured. It upsets me when there are personal attacks. There is no need for it, and I More...
01/Jun/09 12:14 AM
Nice picture. Keith, I like the site, but I don't read all of it. I come back sometime in the evenings and try to read at least some of the posts. I would like more jokes, but if I don't post more myself I can't complain.
01/Jun/09 12:16 AM
Good Maen to everyone. Sweet dreams, Bean!

I love this picture! Good Maen, Sandra!
01/Jun/09 12:16 AM
Oops. That should be: ...needs to be, (for lack of a better word) nurtured.
01/Jun/09 12:16 AM
Good morning all! Last day of May here. The 4 kids are all home, for now! Hope everyone has a great day!
01/Jun/09 12:18 AM
Keith - I appreciate your efforts, but in my opinion, the site will continue to shift and morph and adapt, and I think that's good. People come and go for a multitude of reasons. Sudokuland is in effect a microcosm of the real world, with good and bad in both. Obviously, if an individual More...
01/Jun/09 12:19 AM
Friday I was in Costco and saw a Shark steam mop. Well I bought it and yesterday my new daughter-in-law help me use it. Wow. I know I'm not the best housekeeper, but we went through 3 pads and they were very dirty.
01/Jun/09 12:32 AM
Keith, as to your query re our opinion of this site... It is still my favorite place to come and post. I don't come to Easy usually during this half of the year because the time change makes it later in the morning than I'm around. I usually post on SA and am perfectly happy there. I'm unaware More...
01/Jun/09 12:32 AM
Boudreaux and Fontenot were walking down a street in Houston when they saw a sign on a store that read, "Suits: $5.00 each, Shirts: $2.00 each, Trousers: $2.50 per pair." "

Boudreaux said to his pal, "Look here! We could buy a whole gob of these, take 'em back to More...
01/Jun/09 12:39 AM
Keith, you are complaining that hours go by between posts but give no thought to the fact that people may just be busy and not on sight. I have seen in the past that if somenone is being negative, people will usually tell that person. I try to live by the rule, if you can't say something nice, More...
01/Jun/09 12:39 AM
How weird. It happened again. A post from yesterday "jumped" over here on its own without my doing anything. I just came here first time this morning, and there was a rerun of yesterday's comment. Weird.
01/Jun/09 12:47 AM
2:08 Oh, well, I guess it is a reminder that our words never truly "go away."
01/Jun/09 12:48 AM
One more post to set everyone up for the race to 22 and then I'll step back so I don't get trampled!
01/Jun/09 12:49 AM
01/Jun/09 12:50 AM
Pulled the trigger too soon!!!!
01/Jun/09 12:50 AM

Well, if people are waiting for 21 so they can post 22...

01/Jun/09 12:53 AM
This site is my favorite site. I look forward to it each day. Some days I have more time than others to stay. Gath has done a wonderful job and has made it very user friendly, especially for people like me with "dial-up." I
I have met some very special people through More...
01/Jun/09 12:55 AM

What? No takers?

01/Jun/09 12:55 AM

Thank you, Debby.

01/Jun/09 12:56 AM
That picture is wonderful! 2 beauties!
01/Jun/09 12:57 AM
Did I really do that?????

It was a chilly 48° (F) this morning, but sunny and breezy. We have a Graduation Open House this afternoon. I think it will be a cool one!

Have a great day everyone!
01/Jun/09 12:57 AM
Good Morning, Ian. How is your weather out there?
01/Jun/09 12:58 AM
Debby - when are you leaving for Florida to meet up with Fiona? I just had an idea ...
01/Jun/09 1:04 AM
I like it when the site is laid back. There's enough stress in the "real world", and these regular discussions about old timers, newbies and what is wrong with the site are a turn off to me. But I don't like personal attacks, either.
Well, off to do the puzzles.
01/Jun/09 1:06 AM
Cute lamb!
01/Jun/09 1:11 AM
I unfortunately have a hectic life and as much as I love being able to visiting this site, I can only do it before and after work. Well after caring for my dad and beginning teachers. Mostly I enjoy reading everyone's posts and laugh over some antics which I know are More...
01/Jun/09 1:11 AM

A man went to apply for a job. After filling out all of his applications, he waited anxiously for the outcome. The employer read all his applications and said, "We have an opening for people like you." "Oh, great," he said, "What is it?" "It's called the door!"
01/Jun/09 1:13 AM
when the timer goes off, I'm dragging my 2 boys upstairs to put their things away - 1 son home from college with clothes EVERYWHERE ! things will be put in their place - so any fireworks you see over Chicago is coming from my house. We need to take up the dresser, re-arrange the rooms.. get the things out of my laundry room.... wish me luck...
01/Jun/09 2:29 AM
The world will then be back in correct order and I will be at peace once again -- don't stand in the way of a women with a mission.
01/Jun/09 2:30 AM
Good afternoon to all! Sandra had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow....
01/Jun/09 2:31 AM
Daplap, good to see you posting again.
01/Jun/09 2:34 AM
Keith, I do not always get here to read the posts, but have been a long time reader and participant. I think this group is a dynamic group, always changing. It will never please everyone. I do not know what happened this time to upset the applecart, but it has been upset many times before and the More...
01/Jun/09 2:37 AM
Police Officer Quotes:
"The handcuffs are tight because they're new. They'll stretch out after you wear them awhile."
"If you run, you'll only go to jail tired."
"So, you don't know how fast you were going. I guess that means I can write anything I want on the More...
01/Jun/09 2:37 AM
I incorrectly mentioned yesterday that today was an Australian holiday. In fact it is only a holiday in Western Australia, as it it Foundation Day. Still, Billy's WA friends do get an extra day to get over their hangovers!
01/Jun/09 3:10 AM
2:13. Hi to all. Nice picture Sandra.

Thought for the Day:

I'm wearing white linen trousers specked with Eton Mess (nicer in a bowl), two half glasses of red wine (nicer in glasses), one small glass of champagne (nicer in a champs glass) and two bits of bbq chicken bits (nicer on a More...
01/Jun/09 3:15 AM
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