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Easy Sudoku for 1/September/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Weeeeeeeeeee, over the top, even though I am not getting my work done, this is more fun.
01/Sep/07 1:03 AM
to Cyndi and Wagdy, and Happy Anniversary to Glenn! Celebrate heartily with those dearest to you.
01/Sep/07 1:17 AM
Wagdy! Enjoy your day with the family!
Cyndi! Hope it's a good one!
01/Sep/07 1:17 AM
A new, different, same YouTube.
01/Sep/07 1:18 AM
Wow! I never get the top!
01/Sep/07 1:19 AM
Happy Anniversary to you and your lovely bride, Glenn!
01/Sep/07 1:22 AM

Emels ---- thimble story I love it.

01/Sep/07 1:22 AM
to everyone celebrating.

Kathy -

Maybe I will play and work today since it is my last day for a while (except for weekends)
01/Sep/07 1:23 AM

Canuk Greg --- that's a sad song for a weekend

sniff sniff

01/Sep/07 1:27 AM
Don't you just love those big, solid old trees.

Wagdy, it is an honor to share birth dates with you. Have a great day, celebrate!
01/Sep/07 1:27 AM
Anti-hot-spot town trees; and for summer shade.
I hope they still drain water to their roots.
They can get thirsty
01/Sep/07 1:28 AM
Linda, Good luck in your new job. Drop me an email. I have missed seeing your happy face around here.
01/Sep/07 1:37 AM
And to Cyndi and Wagdy
Happy Anniversary to Glenn! Wishing you a speedy trip home to your loved ones.
01/Sep/07 1:41 AM
Thanks Dave, I have missed being around more. Hi to your Linda!
01/Sep/07 1:43 AM
Jano, Tinkerbell, and San Diego Judy--bless you all for your kindness. When there is darkness, people like you are the light that shines on.
01/Sep/07 1:44 AM
Emily just called, she is coming home from college this weekend! Her first trip home
01/Sep/07 1:51 AM
Eve...be careful of the Oregon State wildlife biologists. They may want to come out and orphan your little deer fawns.
Here is the rest of the story folks. Picture new houses being built in this particular area of So. Oregon. Two of the new residents complained to the Oregon State Fish and More...
01/Sep/07 1:53 AM
Happy Anniversary Glenn, have a good one
01/Sep/07 1:59 AM
Dave, can I share your soap box? I don't understand why people want to move to the country and then complain about the animals.
01/Sep/07 2:01 AM
Dave and Sue, you are so right. If those people stay in the cities there are more then enough 'animals' to complain about!
01/Sep/07 2:18 AM
Skootch over Dave and Sue, I live on the bluffs along the mississippi river and we have a lot of deer around. I love to watch them, especially with small fawn. You won't hear any complaining from me. The biggest problem around here is over population, and "Chronic Wasting Disease". More...
01/Sep/07 2:19 AM
Fiona, nice to see you posting!
Linda: You and Emily can go out on the town this weekend, pat some butts and raise cain! (And she's bringing your headphones home!)
01/Sep/07 2:22 AM
A Happy Birthday to Wagdy and Cindi , and a Happy Anniversary to Glenn.

andré, a beautiful thought today.

A joyous spring to Australia, and the rest of the southern hemisphere. One of the fascinating things about this site is staying aware of the changing weather More...
01/Sep/07 2:22 AM
And you would know about being an animal Greg?
01/Sep/07 2:22 AM
Nicki (FLA): I promise a more cheerful song tomorrow!
01/Sep/07 2:23 AM
Greg - for reminding me, I will tell her to grab them if she rides with a friend, if not I will get them out of the car when she gets home.
01/Sep/07 2:25 AM
Only a party animal Linda!
01/Sep/07 2:25 AM
I knew it, I just knew that about you Greg!
01/Sep/07 2:26 AM
And these idiot city people move out to enjoy the quiet country life and are jolted awake by farmer Brown working his fields that his family has worked for over a hundred years. Idiot city people complain, hire an attorney, get an injunction and force farmer Brown off of his land. And you thought Bambi had problems.
01/Sep/07 2:30 AM
01/Sep/07 2:31 AM
Keith, I think there are some rodents, we could do without. I also think there is some balance that we need to achieve and a deer coming into your backyard and eating a few of your prize winning More...
01/Sep/07 2:35 AM
EMELS: Great joke!

STELLA: The picture comment makes sense because it includes 250 year old houses on the street with a brand new building in the background.
01/Sep/07 2:37 AM
LINDA: Deer overpopulation is indirectly caused by people. It's because we both are prey to the same predators so we kill off or remove the predators (bobcats, coyotes, mountain lions, bears). Then the deer population explodes.
01/Sep/07 2:39 AM
Keith - and I will have to make time for here or I will go through withdrawal! I am glad you can handle mice in the house, I am not that tolerant.
01/Sep/07 2:42 AM
Just got this in an email and thought I'd pass it along.

01/Sep/07 2:58 AM
The fawns are out there drinking right now. They are so cute. About 20 min. ago the 5 Wild Toms were out looking for the corn and had to settle for a drink. No food no fighting between them.

If you know there are deer in the area - you plant appropriately.
01/Sep/07 3:00 AM
Regarding the discussion of city people moving to the country and complaining about nature, many years ago my husband and I lived in rural Bucks County, PA in a tiny cross-roads village. It was heavenly! Then some city folks built a McMansion "upfield" from us and installed floodlights More...
01/Sep/07 3:06 AM
Stella - LOL
01/Sep/07 3:09 AM
Jane, that is why some communities have CC&Rs that restrict intensity and direction of outside lighting. Trouble is, people like those you just described, being inconsiderate.
01/Sep/07 3:12 AM
Jane - Around here that would be considered "shining for deer" which is illegal!
01/Sep/07 3:14 AM
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