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Easy Sudoku for 1/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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That is a busy background.
01/Sep/13 4:40 AM
We went to Elijah's football game this morning. The scoreboard wasn't working but he says it was a tie. Who knows. There was a train that stopped and sat on the track for a while. I swear they stopped to watch the game. I took a picture. Give me a couple minutes and I'll put it in my gallery.
01/Sep/13 4:43 AM
Unbelievable day today! Had to pick someone up at the airport. Exit from highway to airport was closed. Sign said detour. That was the last detour sign. No road to airport. Made U-turn. Bypassed airport again. Got back on highway to next exit heading north. Made first exit, no entry south. Made More...
01/Sep/13 5:01 AM
Half time score: Texas A&M 28 - Rice Owls - 21.
But Johnny Manziel is back in the game.
01/Sep/13 5:18 AM
End of 3rd quarter: 38-21.
01/Sep/13 5:49 AM
Hello Serena, DotCom, HalT & everyone else on page one!
01/Sep/13 6:03 AM
Sounds horrible, DotCom! You have my commiserations!
01/Sep/13 6:05 AM
Thanks Kathy, but that still doesn't explain how ho fits with skank.
01/Sep/13 6:07 AM
Never mind. I found the slang meaning of ho. Cee does get around doesn't he?
01/Sep/13 6:10 AM
Final: 58-31.
01/Sep/13 6:36 AM
Morning all, cute kitty.
Wishing all dads a Happy Fathers Day where ever you are celebrating.
01/Sep/13 6:47 AM
Happy Father's Day to all those celebrating today.
(I wish the rest of you a 'good day' too.)
01/Sep/13 7:05 AM
I am doing MUCH better at Mr Cee's puzzle today, than yesterday's miserable effort.
01/Sep/13 7:08 AM
Dottie, all of Brisbane will be sharing your experience today. We have the Bridge to Brisbane Fun Run on today. They have CLOSED the major Brisbane by-pass for half a day. No clues as to HOW to get around the closure, just lots of 'FIND ANOTHER ROUTE' signs. Basically all strangers passing through will be trying to find their way through the CBD. (An impossibility at the best of times!)
01/Sep/13 7:16 AM
Gee Greg, I woulda figured a 'southerner' like yourself would know ebonics. (Ya can't get much further south, in Canada, than Ottawa.)
01/Sep/13 7:32 AM
I have had more than my share of bad road, detours, construction experiences. When Sarah Beth and I were leaving DC after meeting CP, I had so much road construction it even had the GPS confused. It is not fun when you know the road but even worse when you don't know the area.
01/Sep/13 7:36 AM
I am feeling much better after having a nap, at least my head ache is gone.
01/Sep/13 7:37 AM
Time to fix something to eat, the natives are getting restless.
01/Sep/13 7:39 AM
Good morning everyone. 'Ho' is a term quite commonly used in Aus as a short form of 'whore'. I have also heard 'skank' used - not very nice!
01/Sep/13 7:43 AM
Well, it is Mr Cee's puzzle, Sacky. What else would you expect?
01/Sep/13 7:52 AM
Happy Fathers Day to those celebating to day and fond memories for those whose Dads are no longer with them.
01/Sep/13 7:53 AM
I know Hal. A bit telling isn't it!
01/Sep/13 7:57 AM
Lovely first day of Spring coming up. Off to a winery for FIL's Father's Day lunch.
01/Sep/13 7:58 AM
Just joking Mr Cee!
01/Sep/13 7:59 AM
I am a bit disappointed with my inability to make my own smilies. Is anyone else using an Apple computer to shrink their images. Submitting photos and avatars is not a problem, but the smilies need to be too small for what I can achieve. Paint.net is windows based and I can't find a Mac More...
01/Sep/13 8:04 AM
CP and out if here!
01/Sep/13 8:05 AM
Sacky, you are welcome to any of mine. I'm afraid I don't have a lot. Just copy & paste.
01/Sep/13 10:23 AM
Thanks Grass-hopper I might just do that. I haven't given up, but I can't get them down to 3kb yet.
01/Sep/13 10:43 AM
Now isn't that nice? Someone from the mainland being polite and helpful to someone from Tassie.
Sure beats the banter we normally hear.

01/Sep/13 11:06 AM
Just kidding, guys. I know you love each other.
01/Sep/13 11:27 AM
LIKE! I meant LIKE each other!!
01/Sep/13 11:29 AM
Found out, one of the wonderful things about having children, tonight. Well, actually the last two nights. I can enjoy roasted marshmallows, without being out in the heat, by that fire, feeding the skeeters, just tell my darlings, 'two please,' and within minutes, I get four perfectly roasted More...
01/Sep/13 11:57 AM
Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.
I Hope you offspring show due and rightful homage, accolades and whatever else it takes to rock your boat.
Enjoy day.. you should weather wise if you are in downtown Melbourne.. glorious sunny day..
01/Sep/13 12:39 PM
And to everybody else.. have a wonderful day..
01/Sep/13 12:40 PM
Good night all.
01/Sep/13 12:49 PM
I have always been leery of GPS ever since one told me to make a right turn on a street that didn't exist! There was only a farm field for miles! Another time it told me to exit the toll road and there wasn't an exit ramp!
01/Sep/13 1:33 PM
Both of those incidents were in North Carolina. So the next time I used the GPS in my phone but that was in Arizona.
01/Sep/13 1:34 PM
The GPS in my phone was more accurate. But since my grandie fell asleep, I decided to use the bluetooth earphone. Problem was I didn't know the batteries in my earphone was very low in power. So I missed my exit.
01/Sep/13 1:36 PM
so close . . .
01/Sep/13 1:36 PM
01/Sep/13 1:36 PM
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