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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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And welcome to page 3. TOPP
10/Jan/13 9:49 AM
I just telephoned that number you gave.
An automatic answering machine bellowed:
'I am a giant 22'
10/Jan/13 10:45 AM
Yes Keith:
999 deaths instead of 99 deaths -
unless either or both would-be survivor(s) had been fatally wounded and died later on.
10/Jan/13 10:48 AM
Hello everyone!
Thanks again, Kayo - this one has definitely got everyone very amused.
Over a hundred firemen working down the coast, some of them from Victoria. There were also Victorian firemen in Tasmania.
10/Jan/13 10:48 AM
Rayray - That was hilarious. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that.
10/Jan/13 11:03 AM
There are some photos (7!!) in my gallery of the trip back from Hobart to Sydney, if anyone is interested.
Got to get packed for the river now! catch you all again when we return in a week or so!
10/Jan/13 11:49 AM
Have a great time Kate.
10/Jan/13 11:53 AM
And have fun, Kate. Having fun is very important.
10/Jan/13 12:18 PM
Hi everyone. Just to add to Kate's comment, not only are there Victorian firies, but New Zealand fire fighters who specialise in remote area fighting. The New Zealanders are fighting a large fire in the north-west of the state near Montumana. Since the beginning of January there have been 200 More...
10/Jan/13 12:19 PM
That last sentence of yours, Sacky, threw me through a loop being that here that's the coldest month of the year! I'm sure when we have our heat wave and fire danger in July through September, you'll be suffering the coldest weather there and remember, who was it, who said it's colder in Antarctica than in the Arctic!!!
10/Jan/13 12:32 PM
Pretty pink.
10/Jan/13 12:33 PM
Yes Shosho, I find it hard to imagine the topsiders who are being soaked by rain or smothered by snow at the moment, though apparently there was light snow on some of the highest Tasmanian peaks yesterday. We had a much cooler day yesterday, but it is starting to warm up again.
10/Jan/13 12:36 PM
There was a BBC TV news item this evening about the Oz bush fires.
They interviewed a family who described their experiences of 'vast tornadoes of fire'.
Made my hair stand on end.
10/Jan/13 12:54 PM
Here in UK, we are bracing ourselves for a 3-week freeze-up, as they are predicting temperatures of 15 below with blizzards and all the frills.
Looks like my heating bill, and everyone else's, will be through the roof this winter.
10/Jan/13 12:56 PM
Some of the stories and vision Rayray have been horrifying. The upside in Tasmania at least is that they are reasonably hopeful of no human loss of life. There are about 100 people unaccounted for, but think those people have just not registered. Thousands of sheep have died or need to be destroyed and the number of native animals dead is bound to be huge.
10/Jan/13 1:00 PM
I think I like spring and autumn best - they lack the extremes of summer and winter.
10/Jan/13 1:02 PM
Anyway I'm making the most of summer and am off to pick raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and mulberries from the garden. I made raspberry ice cream this morning - yum!
10/Jan/13 1:05 PM
A problem with Spring and Autumn is that they tend to be very unpredictable.
At least in the 'extreme' seasons one can take steps to ameliorate the conditions.
Another elated problem here is that the seasons appear to be changing - at least that is my own impression.
In that, Spring is More...
10/Jan/13 1:08 PM
10/Jan/13 1:09 PM
True, true Rayray. As one of the wild life, I often feel that way in the Spring and Autumn.
10/Jan/13 1:25 PM
I think that's enough for me today. Night all.
10/Jan/13 1:28 PM
You are both right, I don't think we'll ever be satisfied. Have picked the strawbs, now for the rest.
10/Jan/13 1:30 PM
Everybody. I also watched a news story about the Holmes family near Dunalley. I of course thought of all my Sudoku friends. I'm glad you're all safe so far. But Peter's son and family have definitely been affected by the fires.
10/Jan/13 2:09 PM
Kayo for the really funny daffynitions and the Kite Flying video. It was marvelous.
10/Jan/13 2:10 PM
Hi Dottie.
10/Jan/13 2:12 PM
To all Washington Redskins fans - I was sorry to hear that RG3's knee was so seriously injured. At least he had a superior surgeon and should have the best recovery therapists as well.
10/Jan/13 2:17 PM
Hi, Sacky. I'm glad you live away from the current fires in Tasmania. Hopefully, you stay safe all year and years to come! What's the latest on wildlife on your property?
10/Jan/13 2:20 PM
Back from a delicious Mexican dinner. Stuffed...both meanings.
10/Jan/13 2:24 PM
Jamie, I would be the preceptee.
10/Jan/13 2:27 PM
Sarah Beth - Enjoy your mini vacation. I'm glad your testing went well and I'm thinking positive thoughts for you that you get the results in 8 weeks or less instead of 10 or more!
10/Jan/13 2:28 PM
Another situation with my Aunt...riding in the car with her! Fortunately, she lives in a small town. She bemoans her glaucoma, describing it as like someone smearing Vaseline on her glasses. I would hate losing my sight.
10/Jan/13 2:30 PM
Sarah Beth - You might want to find out how severe her glaucoma is and decide if she should still be driving. I have glaucoma, but it is kept under control with daily eye drops. My great aunt did go blind in her 80s due to glaucoma. I also inherited it from my mother and grandmother, so I wasn't really surprised when I was diagnosed at 52!
10/Jan/13 2:37 PM
I’m working on this poem just now. It’s still a bit ham and clumsy and needs polishing. I’m a bit out of practice. As you can see - I don't like militant atheists or religious zealots !


Religion is alive but at an enigmatic time;
where God is cast aside; More...
10/Jan/13 3:08 PM
Dottie, there's lots happening on the wild life front. There are a group of about 9 magpies around the yard and in the paddocks. The grey fantail is sitting on a new clutch of eggs. The green rosella parrots and the yellow wattle birds are attacking the apples. This is very early for that because More...
10/Jan/13 3:09 PM
To conclude, Dottie. I was able to photograph a tiny bird called the Tasmanian Scrubwren the other day. They scrabble around under the bushes and are very hard to snap. I'm feeling retry good with that little conquest. 3 Yellow tailed Black Cockatoos were in our native garden yesterday, but they More...
10/Jan/13 3:14 PM
Retry = very.
10/Jan/13 3:16 PM
Very well said, Rayray. I'd love to read it when you give it its final 'polish'.
10/Jan/13 3:19 PM
Oh, I need a thrill.
10/Jan/13 3:37 PM
Rayray - I agree with Sacky. I'd also like to read your final version, but I don't know how you could improve it. Thanks for sharing it.
10/Jan/13 3:37 PM
Two girls, that do not want to go to bed, really wears a person out.
10/Jan/13 3:37 PM
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