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Easy Sudoku for 10/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Happy Wednesday day off!
New page?
10/Nov/11 2:53 AM
My kiné gave me electrical treatment followed by massage - next session Monday as Friday is Remembrance Day and everything is closed except the local Fête de St Martin
10/Nov/11 3:03 AM
My family and I took a helicopter tour of Kauai and Wendy's photo is so much better than my poor attempts thru the 'copter window.
We opted to splurge for the DVD of our tour...
10/Nov/11 3:05 AM
I used to keep a polarizing lens on my film camera that would have been good in this situation. I'm fascinated with helicopters, but I don't know if I could stand the ride. I get car sick easily.
10/Nov/11 3:19 AM
10/Nov/11 3:38 AM
I have an idea ... since there is so much photo talk here, might Gath be able to add a camera to the freely available smilies? A comment prefaced with a camera could indicate that the comment is about the day's picture, plus I'm sure we could think of additional creative ways to use a camera smilie interspersed with our various comments!
10/Nov/11 3:43 AM
I am trying to gear up for the day. The rain has stopped and it is a beautiful day. We got a little over two inches. TM is wound up thinking of all the things he has to do before Saturday, and because he is not used to me being here and what I am capable of, he keeps encroaching on my More...
10/Nov/11 3:43 AM
That being said, I think I will start my tasks, or they will never get done. Have a lovely day, world!
10/Nov/11 3:44 AM
I love to fly ... in jets, props, gliders, 4-seaters, hot air balloons, etc. But for some reason, helicopters bother me.
10/Nov/11 3:44 AM
Shiela, airplanes and gliders are comparable to hawks and most birds of that sort. Try thinking of helos as the hummingbirds of the aviation world in that they can hover and fly backwards. (Except that they're a he|| of a lot noisier)
10/Nov/11 3:59 AM
Good mornng people of the world.
10/Nov/11 4:29 AM
Dear Santa Day.
10/Nov/11 4:29 AM
Just popped in for a minute and saw the posts regarding taking photographs from helicopters. There's a photo in my gallery that I took from a helicopter flying over the Iguaçu Falls in Brazil several years ago. It's in the 60th row. It might be easier to find it if you go to the bottom of More...
10/Nov/11 5:33 AM
Plum - it's good to see you survived the wedding!
10/Nov/11 5:34 AM
Morning everyone. How about this one Plum?
10/Nov/11 5:36 AM
Or this one?
10/Nov/11 5:43 AM
Good afternoon to all! Riding high in the sky were you Wendy.
10/Nov/11 5:53 AM
I like your idea Plum. Envision a camera before all of my first comments!
10/Nov/11 5:54 AM
Wendy, no offense, but your photo brought to mind an old traditional pilot saying:

"Helicopters don't really fly. They're so ugly the earth repels them."
10/Nov/11 5:56 AM
1:35. everyone.
10/Nov/11 5:57 AM
That sounds like it could have come from Ian, Greg.
10/Nov/11 6:03 AM
several years ago, I bought 2 of the GIANT leaf bags (I think they're 10 bushel size), and spent one Saturday raking up my front yard and filling both bags. Pulled them down to the curb, to wait for the Tuesday pickup.
When we came home from church the next day -- bags AND leaves were ALL GONE! More...
10/Nov/11 7:13 AM
10/Nov/11 7:33 AM
Good Morning all! It's sunny in Brisbane today.

Yoo Hoo Amelia! I'm visiting my sister and will be there for a week from the 18th.
10/Nov/11 7:59 AM
Canuk Greg's comment reminded me of the real reson that propellers are on air planes and that is to keep the pilot cool.

If you don't believe me just watch him sweat when it quits!
10/Nov/11 8:31 AM

The only time I've ever felt sick in a plane was in a helicopter. Hard to enjoy the sights when you have a barf bag situated in front of your face.
Gath would have to supply the photographer smilie. You can only use More...
10/Nov/11 9:04 AM
There are 2 and 2
10/Nov/11 9:08 AM
I don't know if anyone uses anymore? Do you?
10/Nov/11 9:09 AM

Oh my good friend Rayray,
You know I really can't say,
Weather teaching today,
Has gone far astray.

You could teach your mouse,
But it sounds like a louse,
That freeloads in you house,
And just causes you to grouse.

And the elf that you More...
10/Nov/11 9:23 AM
Thanks CG.
That's very touching !
10/Nov/11 9:52 AM
Posted a couple more rose pictures if anyone is interested.
10/Nov/11 10:19 AM
Love the photos saylz thank you
10/Nov/11 10:24 AM

Just before heading to Florida for spring break, a college student bought a skimpy bikini. She modeled it for her mother. "How do you like it?"
The mother stared in silence for a few moments, and then replied, "If I had worn a bathing suit like that when I was your age, you'd be four years older than you are right now."
10/Nov/11 10:41 AM

Why is Washington, D.C. so full of one-way streets?

So all the civil servants coming in late won't collide with all the ones going home early.
10/Nov/11 11:02 AM
Daplap, that should have come with a warning. I nearly choked on my sandwich.
10/Nov/11 11:03 AM
Kathy, Seems like "Sudokuaholics Anonymous" has taken the place of the chatroom. That & FB.
10/Nov/11 11:06 AM
It seems...
10/Nov/11 11:33 AM
... that it is time...
10/Nov/11 11:34 AM
... for a...
10/Nov/11 11:34 AM
... page change.
10/Nov/11 11:34 AM
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