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Easy Sudoku for 10/March/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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22 to go
10/Mar/09 7:59 PM
We may not make 333 but we can certainly do 222
10/Mar/09 8:00 PM
We will have to yell out to Keith.
10/Mar/09 8:02 PM
I expect he is snoring away now
10/Mar/09 8:03 PM
I have just received a phone call from the people who are going to replace all our windows and doors. They say they will start(with the front door) next tuesday morning. Lets hope the weather stays good
10/Mar/09 8:05 PM
I'm off to Google night cramps brb
10/Mar/09 8:10 PM
How much money, in pennies, is lying on the streets of the world?
10/Mar/09 8:27 PM
There is a lesson to be learnt there.....stop looking at the view and watch where you walk
10/Mar/09 8:52 PM
Gannie - you forgot to brb
10/Mar/09 8:52 PM
I really should go get dressed and start my day
10/Mar/09 8:52 PM
Sorry I got waylayed talking to an old friend in a chat room. Actually it was her daughter. I introduced her parents to each other nearly 30 years ago.
She is now a very beautiful 29 yearold working in London.
10/Mar/09 8:54 PM
When we moved to France she was 9 and my last photo taken in UK when left to live here was with her and her sister
10/Mar/09 8:56 PM
"Are we there yet" Gmo that is what little kids say!
10/Mar/09 9:11 PM
Only 9 to go for Keithy but he is probably sleepy!
10/Mar/09 9:12 PM
What does the Q in Q-tip stand for?
10/Mar/09 9:51 PM
It's raining! What music to the ears in this part of the world, although I know our Queensland cousins are not too excited by it. I hope Hamish decides to leave you in peace.
10/Mar/09 9:53 PM
I'm back, dressed in gardening gear and have washed my Hoya Carnosa in washing up water as I noticed when watering that it is covered with what I would describe as bright yellow greenfly-ey things
10/Mar/09 9:55 PM
How does one google 'bright yellow greenfly-ey things'?
10/Mar/09 9:56 PM
I have also sprayed some persistant nasty things like brambles with Round up. I hate using it but these are beyond my strength and patience
10/Mar/09 9:57 PM
I can smell toast brb
10/Mar/09 9:58 PM
No toast hubby dropped my hot slice behind the freezer.....don't ask
10/Mar/09 9:59 PM
10/Mar/09 9:59 PM
Well getting 222 is better for my waistline than toast........excuse me while I go scream in the forest!
10/Mar/09 10:01 PM
I have made fresh toast with real butter and ginger conserve...slowly returning to my normal calm self
10/Mar/09 10:05 PM
do 9 cp's make me a super cper
10/Mar/09 10:06 PM
Oh go on make it 10
10/Mar/09 10:06 PM
Yay GMo You got it...

Where is Keith... not even a show. :(
10/Mar/09 10:11 PM
Mo, you must be going through a growth spurt! They sound like growing pains to me!
I used to rub my daughter's legs, then I taught her how to do it for herself.
I think Vit B is good for cramps.
10/Mar/09 10:14 PM
Hamish, so far, is still undecided as to where he wants to go and if his fury is waning or growing...

The waves are good for the surfers but thats about all its good for. Unfortunately we still have 2 missing fishermen. Hopefully they will be found as they did have their jackets on. It is not too late to find them alive. Fingers crossed.
10/Mar/09 10:14 PM
Gmo.. ask hubby if his new way of cooking toast is successful.. Does it taste nice?
10/Mar/09 10:16 PM
Rather torn...he has dressed and is working in the garden...without pulling out the freezer and recovering toast. He said it caught fire and when he forced the pop up it flew down the back of said freezer. I'll make a post it note and stick it to the freezer otherwise that toast could be there till I next take it into my head to have a thorough clean - which coud be a long time hence.
10/Mar/09 10:21 PM
Oh GMo, what a drama, do not let is spoil you day! hehe!
10/Mar/09 11:19 PM
nearly time for bed .... only 233 ho hum
10/Mar/09 11:41 PM
Sorry, Broni and Madby3 and Gail and Viv -- the chatroom screen was just freezing up and I missed your new comments and didn't see mine show up, so it was time to leave. Thanks for the visit.
11/Mar/09 12:02 AM
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