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Easy Sudoku for 10/April/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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everyone. Hope you all have a great break. A beautiful sunny morning in downtown Dwellingup.

The check-out chic yesterday was having a great conversation with the lady behind me in the queue re working through the holidays. She then turned to me and said "well at More...
10/Apr/09 10:46 AM
Hey - think this is the first time I've gone over the top
10/Apr/09 10:47 AM
Had to read the caption, thought for sure it was my dear departed pappy!
10/Apr/09 10:48 AM
Hey Jude, I have a Seniors Card - and I'm rather proud of it.
10/Apr/09 10:50 AM
ok Kathy...no "assorted" stuff and wimpy little choco eggs for you....one of the local coffee shops sells a mean hot chocolate...I think it is pure melted chocolate.... seriously YUM...
10/Apr/09 10:54 AM
True Karen. It could be worse! Cars is quite fun to recite actually.
10/Apr/09 11:05 AM
Just got to put on another load of washing and I'm off to the BBQ!
10/Apr/09 11:06 AM
Bean, forget the mug, I've got my Point the way to the local shop.....
10/Apr/09 12:01 PM
Ian - perhaps it's just my vanity showing through
10/Apr/09 12:09 PM
Forget the vanity! Love those senior discounts! Surprised how many places offer them without even being retirement age around here. I get both of my watercolour classes half price! Yippeee!
10/Apr/09 12:24 PM
Age is mind over matter.
If you don't mind,
It doesn't matter!
10/Apr/09 12:37 PM
Right on Kathy - my philosophy exactly
10/Apr/09 12:49 PM
Love the pic, makes me want to go on a cruise again! I just got my AARP card when I turned 50 last year and I saved $800 on my car and homeowner's insurance. I'll take any discount I can get!
10/Apr/09 1:06 PM
Good night worldly people
10/Apr/09 2:14 PM
Kathy, my stepdaughter had one of those chocolate fountains and guess where everyone crowded? Got so crowded that I got one cup for the pretzels and another cup for the chocolate, then calmly walked away with my stash!
10/Apr/09 2:15 PM
Nighty night everyone! Sweet dreams for all!
10/Apr/09 2:16 PM
My computer has decided to take an Easter break and I have had to get my small JVC Notepad up and running. So far so good. Cant touch type though cos all the keys are in different places.
The computer I normally use is the one with the Skype and webcam so probably wont be able to join in the fun today; Maybe to late anyway.
10/Apr/09 5:47 PM
Hello Suze...can't believe it is you xx
10/Apr/09 6:55 PM
99 - Is an ice-cream with a flake in it...well it is here in England.
10/Apr/09 6:58 PM
100...so it goes...
10/Apr/09 7:00 PM
Evening all!
The BBQ was wonderful, met some amazing sudoku people. About to put a pic on my page....
10/Apr/09 7:26 PM
I'm looking forward to it Suzy!
10/Apr/09 7:57 PM
Cheeky Suzy! Hiding behind k of brissie!
10/Apr/09 8:05 PM
Exactly what I said, Kate. Nice to talk to you on Skype today - and your daughter.
10/Apr/09 8:09 PM
Of course, Kate - somebody else who was there might have got a pic of Suzy when she wasn't hiding!
10/Apr/09 8:12 PM
10/Apr/09 8:16 PM
There certainly were cameras everywhere CynB - you can see we're all looking in different directions!
10/Apr/09 8:39 PM
Computer popped back in use so fingers crossed
10/Apr/09 10:24 PM
Hi all, hope all is well in sudokuland :)
10/Apr/09 10:45 PM
2:35 Well, this picture was a shocker after all this time off while my computer was being doctored back to health.
10/Apr/09 11:09 PM
Been to all the pages and tried to catch up on posts and such. Whew! Quite the oceanic theme today for spring break. Will change my avatar and name before "tomorrow" since it disturbs some.
10/Apr/09 11:47 PM
Happy Friday!
So looking forward to a day off tomorrow--what's the phrase--"too old to work, too young to retire"?!
Early Easter dinner tomorrow (with Easter egg hunt for the nieces/nephews) w/Hubby's family. Debating between carrot cake and fruit tart...decisions, decisions!
10/Apr/09 11:57 PM
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