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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Ding Ding Ding

Updated my U-tube (from 1956):

Jim Lowe - "GREEN DOOR" .

Anyone else remember this song, besides me? I use to play it on the piano.
10/May/08 2:07 AM
Mt Hood it is! No doubt from me. I have some other Photos of it. I will see if I can put them on my page. everyone
10/May/08 2:10 AM
Cathy - How long was the project suppose to take?

Good thing you have a sense of humor!!

Can you keep it for another 2 months?

10/May/08 2:11 AM
Eve, What's that secret you're keepin'? I heard it on the Lucky Strike hit parade. Opps that would give away my age. LOL
10/May/08 2:13 AM
We do have mountains in Oregon. Mount Hood, may be one of the best known.

Then there is Mt. McLaughlin (my avatar) 9,495'

Then there is the mountain (volcano - which Hood & McLaughlin are) that blew it's top) Mt. Mazama (aka: Crater Lake)

Oh yes Sisters and many other's in the Cascades and Siskiyous (Mt. Ashland).
10/May/08 2:21 AM
Auntie Di - Lucky Strike - Don't strike back! Do you remember that?
10/May/08 2:22 AM
EVE, and Aunti Di, have any idea what the door in the song refers to? what is behind the Green door? and did you know, the actual door refered to (it was a real place) was YELLOW? But yellow did not rhyme, so poetic liscense, changed to green.
10/May/08 2:22 AM
Miz T - What is behind the yellow door?
10/May/08 2:25 AM
10/May/08 2:33 AM
Lovely mid-60s a.m. here--the cloud cover hasn't burned off yet. But should be a lovely Friday! TGIF at that!
10/May/08 2:33 AM
Eve, we were told the project would take six weeks, but we didn't believe it. Most renos like this can go 8-12 weeks--how long can I keep laughing? All I can say is, keep those jokes coming, Sudoku friends!
And I remember the song "Green Door," but only because I have a sister who's a decade older than me ... sorry, couldn't resist!
10/May/08 2:35 AM
EVE, I do not know, but I was told . . .

I was in a high school Eenglish class, when a former student of my teacher returned from New York for a visit to the school and her classroom. She invited him to share what he was doing in New York with the class. He was an aspiring song writer and More...
10/May/08 2:37 AM
JEB, so round, so firm, so fully packed!
10/May/08 2:38 AM
It's great that Jimminoregon told me about Mt.Hood, I could stick around all day and play with you my friends but I have work to do. will come back later. Have a great time!
10/May/08 2:43 AM
How Many Dogs Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb

1. Golden Retriever: The sun is shining, the day is young, we've got our whole lives ahead of us, and you're inside worrying about a stupid burned out bulb?

2. Border Collie: Just one. And then I'll replace any wiring that's not More...
10/May/08 2:59 AM

Well enough play, time to do some ironing. I've got a pile of ironing, that if it were to avalanche, could be serious trouble to small children and animals.
10/May/08 3:02 AM
Eve & Cathy, do I need to know something here? We're starting a room addition to our house next week... 8 to 11 weeks...
But when our house was built, he was done on the day he said he'd be done!
10/May/08 3:46 AM
10/May/08 4:10 AM
Shiela - When did you have your home built? Can you get the same guy to build the addition?

This can't be done till that is completed, it hasn't been completed because, they were still on another job that was delayed by inspectors, probably the same ones that delayed some facet of your own More...
10/May/08 4:10 AM
Green Door was recorded in the late 50s in the UK by Frankie Vaughn.
10/May/08 4:13 AM
Paddy was feeling depressed and decided to end it all.He accumulated 200 paracetemol,took himself off to a quiet spot,took two tablets and felt much better.
10/May/08 4:15 AM
Finally got up. Just couldn't sleep last night. It's been a long time since I was in Oregon. and saw Mt. Hood.
10/May/08 4:30 AM
2:23 Beautiful picture.
10/May/08 4:35 AM
Yes, Eve, the same guy is building our addition! ...Twenty years later! We've got the permit inspection requirements out of the way, but the rest will certainly be about scheduling things: weather (uh-huh!) and coordinating supplies, subcontractors & inspectors. His next project is in August... More...
10/May/08 4:40 AM
Jano - hasn't posted yet today. Hope all is well.

This was the message from Win on the 8th


thanks to all my friends here who worry about me and care for me.
I'm here again safe but the whole city has been damaged. Imagine with the wind 120/ hr. haven't More...
10/May/08 4:43 AM
Jano - glad to hear you are fine - hope the problems stay away from your area.
10/May/08 4:49 AM

Hello every one , thank you for your concern , i am fine , and sorry to post so late .
10/May/08 4:51 AM
Hi Jano!
So glad you're okay. Stay safe!
10/May/08 5:13 AM
Hi All....Jano, When ever you can post is fine...Glad all is OK thus far...pray that the trouble stays away from you and yours.
Sad day here as the city of Philadelphia has just buried its second police officer, killed in the line of duty, in the past 6 months.....too much gun power in the wrong More...
10/May/08 5:15 AM
Shiela, I feel your pain! Keep us posted on the trials and tribulations ... I just watched the installer and designer set the farmhouse sink in place; interesting to watch, but glad I didn't have to lift that thing into place--it's a monster!
I vote that our next Sudoku party take place on board Eve's trolley ... I really want to ring that bell.
10/May/08 5:28 AM
all in Sudokuland! My third day of unemployment. I definitely mean for all the little jobs I have been putting off to get completed while I recuperate. Son #2 graduates from High School in 20 days. My first step today...the litter box. Then off to finish Bergen's quilt.
10/May/08 5:31 AM
Mamacita - consider what is happening in Mexico. Yesterday the "acting" chief of police of Mexico City was assasinated - making the 10th assassination of a federal police official in the last TWO months.
10/May/08 6:48 AM
"Knocked once;tried to tell 'em I'd been there"
10/May/08 7:10 AM
Eve - kinda makes our problems seem a bit tiny dosn't it? Be grateful we live where we do,.
10/May/08 7:13 AM
Yay I got the riddle correct. The hole in the bucket I didnt get, but the lightning was quick to me. At last my brain worked.
10/May/08 7:19 AM
Yes Eve.....The lack of respect for those charged with peacekeeping duties in today's world is a difficult life......not one I'd want! Day after day these men and women continue to put their lives at risk and do a wonderful job.....My heart goes out to all who have lost the battle....they are heroes!
10/May/08 7:24 AM
I'm sure the problems in Mexico are hurting the tourism. I have had wonderful trips there to the Copper Canyon and Aztec/Mayan ruins, but I'd think twice about going now!
I'm off to play tonight.
Have a good everyone!
10/May/08 7:26 AM
Hello everyone..
for those of you who are interested, i've put 3 comments up on my page. detailing my recent past life, and where i've been, what i've been up to.
Just a warning, some of it is a bit racy, and I share some personal information, mainly for those of More...
10/May/08 8:42 AM
10/May/08 8:49 AM
ding ding

Let's take the trolly over the top
10/May/08 8:52 AM
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