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Easy Sudoku for 10/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Oh no, does that mean you are still coming Broni?
Better start cleaning up then!!!
Haven't put the invite up since you were in hospital but if you are still coming, the party's still on! YAY
10/May/08 1:30 PM

10/May/08 1:31 PM
Now you you have more mess to clean up Gail
10/May/08 1:32 PM
Broni, so good to see you posting! Now let's not overdo it the first day out of the joint! Nice and easy should do it.
Jaime congrats in 4 weeks!
Maylinn, hang in there, life will get better when you're determined to make it so. The good Lord doesn't give more than what we can take. I just wish He didn't think I was soooo gifted!
10/May/08 1:33 PM
An invitation to celebrate the visit to Melbourne of
Broni from Brissie

WHO: Any Sudokuists and their family who happen to be in Melbourne at the time!

WHEN: Saturday 31st May 2008 12pm

WHAT: A Buffet lunch
(BYO a fav soup, casserole or curry etc. More...
10/May/08 1:34 PM
Check out my tribute on my page.
10/May/08 1:37 PM
Well tomorrow morning I shall get up at 5AM, pick up my niece and then the both of us will be running the Revlon 5K! Then I have to go grocery shopping for the week, and after that take care of my dad. Which I must hurry through because my older son and his wife will be taking me at for a birthday/Mother's day celebration. Then at the appropriate time I shall collapse!
10/May/08 1:38 PM
All the best Shosho for tomorrow's run.
Certainly sounds like a big day.

Birthday...did I hear somebody mention a birthday?
10/May/08 1:40 PM
Oh Gail, I do wish I could join you and Broni! But I'm too far away, even my broom couldn't putt putt that far! So how about a tray of my shrimp and vegetable tempura and a biiiigggg bottle of wine. Tell me when you will begin the toasting and I will lift my and wish you good health!
10/May/08 1:41 PM
Gail, post some pics! So that I can vicariously enjoy the affair as well!
10/May/08 1:43 PM
The last 5K I was able to run was four years ago before my bone graft surgery on my ankle. I fell and was brought to the first aid station in the Coliseum. There was the most gorgeous hunk of a paramedic! Since I was the only one injured, he lavished all of his attention on little ole me! droool!
10/May/08 1:45 PM
Yep, Shosho is having a birthday.. next Wednesday
10/May/08 1:46 PM
If it weren't for the 3 months of teaching in a wheelchair and the hobbling around on crutches and my PT - physical therapist (really I thought PT meant personal torturer!) I might seek medical attention again!
10/May/08 1:49 PM
I'm playing 39 like an accordion!
10/May/08 1:50 PM
shosho - have a great run and a great day.
10/May/08 2:05 PM
By the sounds of it Shosho you should fake an injury just to see it the same hunk medico is there. Just faint into his arms or something.

10/May/08 2:05 PM
Hi guys!
how are you all?
just got back from a big shop at Castle Towers and i am SO hungry!
i was wondering if one of you could tell me how you make avatars with your name on it.
if you could tell me that would be great!
10/May/08 2:26 PM
if any of you are wondering what casle towers is its a great big shopping mall!
10/May/08 2:28 PM
Thanks to Amelia and Shosho for the warm welcome :). And encouraging thoughts.
My hubby and I also just returned from running some errands, including picking up some tasty healthier pizza and other stuff.
10/May/08 3:01 PM
Broni, welcome home. I am delighted to see that you have escaped from the clutches of the doctors. Not easy, is it?
10/May/08 3:13 PM
Broni, So glad you've been sprung! Now take it easy for a while at home so you don't end up back there.
10/May/08 3:41 PM
2:16. all.
10/May/08 4:05 PM
Marylinn -yes I'm still here (groan says the rest of Sudokuland). In fact, I've just posted on your page.
Welcome back
10/May/08 4:20 PM
10/May/08 4:23 PM
Ariane, I took your advice and googled Sudokuland for images...fascinating.
Thank you, it was fun.
10/May/08 4:27 PM
Hi Guys
Long time between drinks, but cheers to all.
10/May/08 5:17 PM
Girls, you may have heard this one but it is so funny I am putting it on anyway.
The Facecloth

This has to be read, laughed at and passed on. There is not a woman alive today who won't crack up over this!

I was due for a smear with the doctor later in the week. More...
10/May/08 5:27 PM
where you been girl?
glad you are home but try and take it easy
10/May/08 6:19 PM
Hey Crissy

You still doing any palm reading?
How's "THE BOX"
Mothers Day tomorrow........hmmmmmmm......i say no more (going visiting are you?)

Too Long Girl.........get back here!
10/May/08 7:32 PM
Welcome home Broni.
Oh! Just a minute! There's something missing ----
----Oh! It's only your appendix.
10/May/08 7:56 PM
Hello Chrissie,
I dont think we have been introduced as yet.
My name is Sharlene, from the Gold Coast. Stay at home mum of 3.
How about you? I read you read palms.. is that fun?
10/May/08 7:57 PM
I am surpised you advertise you have escaped hospital. They will be sending out a van with little men in white coats and gauntlets trying to re-capture you.

Early morning - forgot -
10/May/08 7:58 PM
Oops that was meant for her home page...
10/May/08 8:00 PM
Palms don't grow easily in UK. I have to go to the hot-houses in Kew Gardens to read palms.
10/May/08 8:00 PM
I saw the little men coming past our house. They must have known our link and were looking for accomplises... (bad spelling i think)
10/May/08 8:02 PM
What kind of palms do you like to read RR?
10/May/08 8:02 PM
How are you doing RR?
10/May/08 8:03 PM
Anyone wanna chat - I will be in there in about 10 min - just gotta put the kids in bed with kisses and such...
join me then for a chat
10/May/08 8:05 PM
whose gunna do it???? go on you know you wanna
10/May/08 8:06 PM
OK then it shall be me

10/May/08 8:06 PM
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